Robyn Carr
The House on Olive Street
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The House on Olive Street Elly Sable Barbara Ann and Beth They have been drawn together by the sudden death of their friend Gabby and the favor she has asked of them For these four women whose own lives have become unhappy

  • Title: The House on Olive Street
  • Author: Robyn Carr
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Elly, Sable, Barbara Ann and Beth They have been drawn together by the sudden death of their friend Gabby and the favor she has asked of them For these four women, whose own lives have become unhappy works of fiction, a summer spent sorting through Gabby s personal papers offers the perfect challenge and the perfect escape.Elly the intellectual spinster who s hiddeElly, Sable, Barbara Ann and Beth They have been drawn together by the sudden death of their friend Gabby and the favor she has asked of them For these four women, whose own lives have become unhappy works of fiction, a summer spent sorting through Gabby s personal papers offers the perfect challenge and the perfect escape.Elly the intellectual spinster who s hidden herself within the walls of academia, afraid to admit that she s tired of being aloneSable her bestselling novels have made her a star, but the woman who has everything in fact has nothing except a past she s desperate to hideBarbara Ann the talent behind twenty six romance novels, who wakes up one day to find she s lost control of her career, her sanity and her familyBeth her popular mysteries have become the only way she can fight back against the secret tyranny of her abusive husbandIn the house on Olive Street, away from their menagerie of troubles, these woman will discover something marvelous themselves, each other and pieces of a dream that only they can make happen For in telling the hidden story of a remarkable woman, their own lives are about to change

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    1 Blog on “The House on Olive Street

    1. Catherine Anderson says:

      I loved the House on Olive Street. The characters leaped off the page and straight into my heart. Sable is particularly fascinating. Hiding a dark secret in her past and having been accused of a terrible crime she didn't commit, she is particularly sympathetic as a character, but each woman in the book brings to the page a different thought for a reader to ponder. I highly recommend this book to my friends!

    2. Darcy says:

      This one started out slow for me, but some all of a sudden as I was reading I realize that I had fallen for this book, these women, and the very idea of the house as their safe haven.All of these women are so very different, and some are hard to like at the start, but as the story goes on you realize they are just like you. Hiding things that they are ashamed of both in their past and in their current life, they are both jealous of their friends success and happy for them, and all of them need t [...]

    3. Joy says:

      This is closer to 4 and a half stars. A friend told me it was one of her favorite Carrs, and I agree. There is plenty of depth as four women deal with the death of a friend.The worst problems in their own lives are brought out into the open, and they find they can deal with them because they are together. These problems range from a buried past to a dangerous marriage to a humorous situation in which five big men are oblivious to the pressures they are placing on the woman in their life.This is [...]

    4. Mollie *scoutrmom* says:

      Unlike the other sixteen (yes, sixteen) books I've read by author Robyn Carr, this one is not a romance, even though there are some happily matched couples at the end. This is a book about the strength four women authors find in friendships that enable them to set their own lives straight and move forward into relationships. In some ways it reminds me of Debbie Macomber's book, Thursdays At Eight, or her Blossom Street series, though I think this one is better.The characters in The House On Oliv [...]

    5. Amanda says:

      Gabby, Elly, Beth, Barbara Ann and Sable, are five women with distinct writing careers who form a close-nit writers group. The five women meet once a week at Gabby’s house. One day when they arrive early at Gabby’s place to throw her a surprise birthday party, they find her dead. The women are devastated and torn apart with grief. When a letter is left with Beth for the women they realize it is more than a bunch of words written on a piece of paper. That letter is actually the courage they n [...]

    6. Marleen says:

      I understand that Robyn Carr wrote this book in 1999. Well, it’s certainly telling that this author delivered much better work before she started on the too-long standing Virgin River books, of which only the 1st book was excellent and had certain gravitas and depth. All the other Virgin River books after that 1st one are lacking in character-depth and a good supporting cast – in my opinion. On the other hand, I thought Robyn Carr’s Grace Valley trilogy was simply outstanding.Here in THE H [...]

    7. Jackie Lane says:

      What a departure from Carr's Virgin River series. In this book, the theme of coming together in a crisis as in the VR books prevails. This is the story of four women who come together after the tragic death of their friend. All of the women are writers and/or educators and they have formed a club and all meet at Gabby's house.There is Elly, who is the matriarch. She is a spinster who has made a life for herself within the walls of her own little home. She is a recovering alcoholic.Sable, who is [...]

    8. Sanhita says:

      May not be exactly the same dramatic way as in this book, but many of us have a friend, who does not make it obvious or apparent but she in a way holds the group together. Those of us who have a friend like that will be able to relate to this story more easily. The four friends of Gabriella move to her house after she dies suddenly, to organise her papers, manuscripts, books etc. It's the story of these four friends who have different problems of their own. Gabby though not there physically, is [...]

    9. Frances Brown says:

      Robyn Carr, a talented romance author, wrote this book back in 1999. Definitely not your classic romance, I believe the work would have gained much higher acclaim had it been marketed purely as "women's fiction" rather than romance. It is a hidden treasure.A writer's group of five women gather at one member's house to find she has died - unexpectedly, on her fiftieth birthday. The surviving four women come from backgrounds so different, it seems the story will be over before it begins. But a let [...]

    10. Joyce (Chloe) says:

      Loved it For my own info from book Elly, Sable, Barbara Ann and Beth. They have been drawn together by the sudden death of their friend Gabby—and the favor she has asked of them. For these four women, whose own lives have become unhappy works of fiction, a summer sorting through Gabby's personal papers offers the perfect challenge—and the perfect escape.ELLY—the intellectual spinster who's hidden herself within the Walls of academia, afraid to admit that she's tired of being aloneSABLE— [...]

    11. Kathrynn says:

      This book revolves around the lives of 5 women that are all authors of various genre's: struggling mystery novelist, successful romance novelist, journalist, etc. They are such a diverse group, but they "click." They meet regularly and share their friendship, offer guidance to the younger ones, but all have secrets. This book starts off with the death of one in the group. For various reasons, they each move into the house and become roommates for a summer. Per the will, they sort through the dec [...]

    12. Susan says:

      This is a wonderful book about the friendship of women. Four women, all authors and members of a small writers critique group, come together one summer to sort through the papers of another member of their writer's group after the woman unexpectedly and suddenly dies. This is the story of their summer and how they all come to terms with who they are, where they are and what they truly want out of life.

    13. Carol says:

      I thought this book might be depressing, four friends sorting through a recently deceased friend's things, but it was very uplifting. All of the women came to some realizations about themselves and their lives and moved forward in a positive way. There was gentle humor, intelligent dialoge and multiple heroines.

    14. Karen says:

      This is a wonderful story of women spending time together and finding a space in which everyone is accepted for who they are. Who doesn't want to have that in their lives? I enjoyed getting to know each of these characters and seeing them grow.

    15. Emily says:

      If this was my first book by this author, I wouldn't have read another. That being said, it was an ok chick-lit novel about a group of women writers. Thank goodness I've read other, better ones by this author

    16. Wendy T says:

      This was such an enjoyable book of true friendship. I just loved this story.

    17. Nedra Haymon says:

      Excellent! Four ladies who through triumphs and disappointments learn to love life all over again. I vividly see this as a movie one day!

    18. Teri Pre says:

      I really enjoyed this book. Different than her Virgin River books but in a good way.

    19. Lesley Moseley says:

      Probably 3 1/2 stars. Simple writing but the characters are very realistic, so I got quite invested. Basically chicklit, but I enjoyed it.

    20. Laura de Leon says:

      This was my first Robyn Carr book, but it won't be my last. This is grown up chick lit-- fiction that looks at four women, each at a crossroads in her life,drawn together by the unexpected death of the fifth member of their group.Elly is a college professor. She's now involved in a relationship that she's not willing to share with the world (including her friends) because it doesn't fit with her image of herself.Beth writes murder mysteries, but she is very shy in her everyday life. Part of this [...]

    21. Kris - My Novelesque Life says:

      3 STARS Eleanor, Sable, Beth and Barbara try to surprise their fried, Gabby on her 50th birthday are in for a shock when they find her dead on her couch. Gabby's death effects each women as she was the glue that brought these writers together and kept them together. Beth's handsome pilot husband won't give her a baby or his affection and uses her disappointments and anger to write her mystery novels. Barbara wants to be a bestselling romance author really badt just for the fame but for her famil [...]

    22. Suzanne says:

      My sister-in-law had commented that this book was one of her least favorites from Robyn Carr. If that's the case, then I have a LOT of books to add to my TBR pile!! I really, really liked this book, so can't imagine how much I'll love the Virgin River series.Honestly, the book did start off a little slow and I wasn't enthusiastic about the characters. Moving from Part I to Part II, things started picking up and I started to get really interested in Sable, Elly, Beth, and Barbara Ann. Somewhere a [...]

    23. Gillian Doyle says:

      The House on Olive Street by Robyn Carr was wonderful! Four friends, four authors, drawn closer together by the loss of their best friend. As an author of more than 30 years, I felt a kinship with all of the characters. So much truth about the publishing world. Surprisingly, this is my first time reading Robin Carr. Can't wait to read so many more!! Narrator Christina Moore did a fabulous job with the characters! I will definitely be looking for more audio books narrated by her.

    24. Jo Ann says:

      This isn't great literature/writingbut it's a good beach/summer book that I read for a small book club with close friends, and I enjoyed it. Sable, Elly, Barbara Ann, and Beth, come together in one home for a summer, to get their separate lives together, heal themselves after the death of their 50 year old friend, Gabby, and go through Gabby's memoirs, writings, etc. All writers, their friendship challenges them and helps heal their life challenges and hurts, while healing their pain of losing G [...]

    25. Jeannie says:

      I enjoyed reading about Gabby's love life with John Shelby and I felt that the love was not lost at all even though they didn't end up being together eventually.I liked how the 4 friends came together and became closer friends after the death of Gabby. How they brought out the courage to face their own fears and accepted each other for who they really were.

    26. Jess says:

      Not one of my favorites from Robyn Carr, I guess because I'm used to her romance books and this wasn't really romance centered. It was very much a book about women's friendships with eachother. I'm not saying it was a bad book, but it wasn't what I expected when I started reading it so it took me a little longer to get into it.

    27. Debflowers7 says:

      I'm not a Harlequin kind of reader, but I loved this story about four women writers who come together after the death of their dear friend. The characters were enjoyable, the writing witty and I found myself laughing at unexpected moments. As you move through this story it's like a snapshot of your own life; friends, marriage, raising children, and dealing with life's imperfections.

    28. Maeleah says:

      Normally I enjoy Carr's books. I absolutely love her Virgin River series. This one is about four older women who are drawn together after their dear friend dies. They find her dead on the day they were going to give her a surprise birthday party. However, I just wasn't connecting to the characters in this one.

    29. Cindy says:

      I normally really enjoy Robyn's writing, but I had a hard time getting into this book. I felt that the ending was rushed and that some of the characters weren't as well developed as I would have liked them to be.

    30. Lita Bouquard says:

      I was bored and got to part 2 and was still bored SO slow, so annoying I do like the Virgin River Series. Wow I can't believe anyone gave this 5 stars. I love a book about women friends but this didn't do it for me.

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