Chris Sasaki Arthur Conan Doyle Lucy Corvino Arthur Pober
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Following Sterling s spectacularly successful launch of its children s classic novels books in print to date comes a dazzling new series Classic Starts The stories are abridged the quality is

  • Title: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
  • Author: Chris Sasaki Arthur Conan Doyle Lucy Corvino Arthur Pober
  • ISBN: 9781402712173
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Following Sterling s spectacularly successful launch of its children s classic novels 240,000 books in print to date ,comes a dazzling new series Classic Starts The stories are abridged the quality is complete Classic Starts treats the world s beloved tales and children with the respect they deserve all at an incomparable price.No child is too young to appreciate tFollowing Sterling s spectacularly successful launch of its children s classic novels 240,000 books in print to date ,comes a dazzling new series Classic Starts The stories are abridged the quality is complete Classic Starts treats the world s beloved tales and children with the respect they deserve all at an incomparable price.No child is too young to appreciate the amazing deductive powers of the world s smartest detective These easy to read Sherlock Holmes stories provide the perfect introduction to the super sleuth and his friend and assistant, Dr Watson Among the intriguing tales A Scandal in Bohemia, Holmes s first encounter with the mysterious Irene Adler The Red Headed League The Adventure of the Six Napoleons and others.

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      295 Chris Sasaki Arthur Conan Doyle Lucy Corvino Arthur Pober
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    1 Blog on “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

    1. Gavin Burkhart says:

      You may think your smart, but someone can be smarter. A man named John Watson was recently married, and hasn't seen his roommate Sherlock Holmes in a while. You see, Sherlock Holmes was one of the smartest people around, and he was an expert in the Science of Deduction, and had written a book on it. Watson just thought he was doing something or other, when one day a mysterious letter came in the mail, and it was addressed to Dr. Holmes, so Watson intended to go find Sherlock to give him the lett [...]

    2. Alan 김 승 주 says:

      The greatest detective of all time in this great book.

    3. Moh'D Obai says:

      أعجبتني هذه القصة كثيراً و أنصح الجميع بقراءتها! إن هذه القصة تعطيك روحاً من المغامرة و الغموض، أيضاً عندما تقرأها، تصور الأحداث في عقلك، و تتشكل عندك صور للأماكن و الأحداث فقط من لغة الكاتب كالوصف و التشبيه و التعبير و غيرها من الأشياء. الكاتب في هذه القصة انسان ماهر و موهوب [...]

    4. Kerry says:

      The kids liked this a lot! Going to the Sherlock Holmes exhibit at the Science Museum earlier this year gave them good background for this. Grandma Marge would be proud!

    5. Vicki says:

      Overall, I really liked this book! A few stories were sort of hard to understand, but the rest were great. My favorite short stories were "The Speckled Band" and "The Adventure of the Six Napoleons"

    6. Kyohei says:

      1. STERLING CHILDREN’S BOOKS2. 80 min 11/13/20133. photograph, letter, scandal, king, love, room, hidden4. Q: Have you ever given letters women? A: No, I haven’t. But when I was a elementary school student, a girl gave me a letter then I was so happy.5. I bought this book in Singapore last year. This book has 9 stories. I read two of them, A Scandal in Bohemia and The Redheaded League. I like “A Scandal in Bohemia.” I didn’t know where the important picture was. The story was very inte [...]

    7. JooYoung says:

      The Adventures of Sherlock HolmesThis is a book review of the book “Classic Starts™: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” which is retold from the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle original and published by Sterling Publishing Co Inc.“The World is Full of Obvious Things Which Nobody by Any Chance Ever Observes.”-Sherlock HolmesIn the book, Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is a classic novel about the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his trusted friend Dr. Watson unravel [...]

    8. Corinne says:

      A few weeks ago my 10 year old son asked me to read him a Classic Starts book we had around the house called The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - a chapter book of stories told for younger children. Each chapter is its own mystery. There is murder in them, although not graphic, and some of the stories are a little complicated. However, my son loved it and always begged for more. You do get some sense of Sherlock's personality and they are told from Watson's point of view, as in the original. They [...]

    9. Lisa Wood says:

      ***Note: These short stories are abridged***These twelve short stories are told in a narrative from Dr. Watson's perspective. After reading the first two stories I decided this book moved a bit to slowly for my taste.1. A Scandal in BohemiaThis particular case involves the King of Bohemia, he needs Holmes to recover an indiscreet photograph with Irene Adler. This story was interesting, especially when Holmes uses different disguises in pursuit of finding out information.2. The Adventure of the R [...]

    10. Yolanda Yang says:

      This is an abridged version, it's much more easier than the original one. Its words are very easy to understand, even though you are not English native speaker,you can also read this book easily. Every story is a new chapter, every time I finish a chapter,I couldn't wait to read next one. The plot of story is interesting, you can spent your time to think about what will happen next and who is the murder. Lots of clues that you can use through the story to solve the problem. It feels like I am an [...]

    11. Umm says:

      This is a easy to read book, that does not lose the flavour of the original work. Both children and adults will enjoy this book. I really found that the dialogue between Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson will develop in the reader a keen interest in observing things around them rather then just seeing things, as the solve cases. Children will also see how the cases were solved in times when technology was not so advanced.This book includes questions at the end of the book, that will help comprehend [...]

    12. Tajwar Rahman says:

      This book is a series of mysteries that Sherlock Holmes solves. Each story is told in the perspective of Dr. Watson. Dr. Watson is a friend and colleague of Sherlock Holmes. Holmes always brings his friend with him for every mystery. Each mystery would leave the reader in a shock.I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to read about mysteries. Although this book is short, it is enough to enlighten one's day. This book would leave you wanting more mysteries from the famous detective, Sher [...]

    13. Liam O'BRIEN says:

      Sherlock Holmes, written by Arthur Conan Doyle, was a very enjoyable book. In this edition of Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock and his trusty partner Watson try to solve a couple of different mysteries. One being, The Mystery Of The Blue Carbuncle. I am not quite sure which story is my favourite, but I do know that I really liked this book. I plan on reading more Sherlock Holmes mysteries in the future. I would recomend this book to anyone who loves a good mystery or suspence. I do not want to talk too [...]

    14. Becky F. says:

      This one really makes me want to read the original. The mysteries are interesting, a little too tough for how young my children are, but I think our 6 year old son enjoyed them. Each chapter is its own story, so this book could be put down and left for a little while without having to worry about forgetting plot details. But on the flip side, this format is not as engaging for my children because they do not have an overarching plot leaving them interested in what will happen next.

    15. Barry says:

      A retelling of the original, Mr. Sasaki faithfully passes on the essence of the stories. Because of the necessary shortening, some of the punch of the original is gone, but still, Mr. Holmes comes across as a genius, and the intrigue of the mysteries remains. Though much shorter, there still are a number of more difficult vocabulary words remaining to challenge young readers. This isn't as good as the original, but it's a job well done in the retelling.

    16. Manning says:

      The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes has many different cases, but my favorite one is The Adventure of the speckled band. In it, Holmes gets a mystery from a girl saying that she was in bed one night when she heard a scream and she went in the hallway and her sister stepped out of her room and said that she heard a whistling sound. The next night, the girl heard another scream and when her sister came out, the sister dropped dead. What will Holmes do next? Read and find out.

    17. Jose Alicea says:

      First set of chronicles of Sherlock Holmes. Unlike his novels, the short stories usually focus on the plot at hand, exploring different mysteries and how the methods that Holmes uses to solve each one. These stories are much easier to read as they are mainly about the duo's everyday occurrences with their client's problems. All of which range from robbery, kidnapping, murder, and even bank heists, etc.

    18. Emma says:

      I loved The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes--it is truly a classic! The tone, the intricate plot lines, and the intriguing, endearing character of Sherlock Holmes inspired me to love these true mysteries. I listened to them as audiobooks which by no means diminished their quality. Some of them were a little too dark for me after a while, but they are still well worth reading.

    19. Priscilla Park says:

      I gave 4 stars to this book because I felt some of the "necessary" details were left out to make the stories an abridged version. As for the story itself, well, Sherlock Holmes stories usually deserve 4 or 5 stars :)I loved the questions and afterwords in the book, though. They could be used for real discussions; they are thought-provoking, and one can gain some insight.

    20. Max Zabor says:

      This book did not have much plot structure, but it also was just a collection of short story's so it would be hard to build a plot. This book was wrote In an interesting fashion, because It was written long ago. It got me hooked on every different story even though it was somewhat repetitive.

    21. Becca says:

      Where I know most of the Sherlock Holmes cases I know from. I do have the original Sir Arhtur Conan Doyle books but I failed in having the patience to read even the first volume all the way through. Maybe now I can try again.

    22. Ebookwormy1 says:

      A fun read for children that captures the essence of the master sleuth. My little reader wants to read "the real thing" already! We will wait a few years for that. In the meantime, this book will satisfy as a wonderful exposure to classic literature for the elementary reader.

    23. Stephen McMullin says:

      This was an exciting book and like "The Return of the King" the old English still gets me but worthwhile. its a few adventures of Sherlock Holmes and written as if by Dr. Watson. Its a fun book to read.

    24. Jonathan M. says:

      I love this book so long and kept it possibly from fourth grade. Sherlock Holmes is my favorite mystery books. I want to read more, but this is my only copy. The end was when these statues of Napoloen was being broken. The real reason was to find a jewelry that worth a lot.

    25. Amy says:

      There are five stories in this one book. I read three of them. They were all predictable and uninteresting. I used the book mainly to put me to sleep, and even then, I couldn't wait until each segment was over.

    26. Nandini Goel says:

      Nandini's Review:::Adventures and stories present in this book are so interesting that a person may start feeling or wanting to become a real detective and have a friend like the Dr. Watson and himself as Sherlock Holmes

    27. Adil says:

      What to read next: More Sherlock Holmes. He's a fun character, so if you enjoy him I'd say read more. Perhaps something by Wilkie Collins, if you want a more in-depth and longer mystery story.

    28. Judy says:

      3 stars.

    29. Superreader200 says:


    30. Taylor says:

      This book isn't the best and isn't the worse. Yes, there are some very thrilling ones but some are boring. Overall this is a great classic and I think everyone should get a chance to read it.

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