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Mudbound The International Bestseller Now a major motion picture from Netflix directed by Dee Rees nominated in four categories for the Academy Awards In Jordan s prize winning debut prejudice takes many fo

  • Title: Mudbound
  • Author: Hillary Jordan
  • ISBN: 9781565126374
  • Page: 295
  • Format: ebook
  • The International Bestseller Now a major motion picture from Netflix, directed by Dee Rees, nominated in four categories for the Academy Awards In Jordan s prize winning debut, prejudice takes many forms, both subtle and brutal It is 1946, and city bred Laura McAllan is trying to raise her children on her husband s Mississippi Delta farm a place she finds foreign and frThe International Bestseller Now a major motion picture from Netflix, directed by Dee Rees, nominated in four categories for the Academy Awards In Jordan s prize winning debut, prejudice takes many forms, both subtle and brutal It is 1946, and city bred Laura McAllan is trying to raise her children on her husband s Mississippi Delta farm a place she finds foreign and frightening In the midst of the family s struggles, two young men return from the war to work the land Jamie McAllan, Laura s brother in law, is everything her husband is not charming, handsome, and haunted by his memories of combat Ronsel Jackson, eldest son of the black sharecroppers who live on the McAllan farm, has come home with the shine of a war hero But no matter his bravery in defense of his country, he is still considered less than a man in the Jim Crow South It is the unlikely friendship of these brothers in arms that drives this powerful novel to its inexorable conclusion The men and women of each family relate their versions of events and we are drawn into their lives as they become players in a tragedy on the grandest scale As Barbara Kingsolver says of Hillary Jordan, Her characters walked straight out of 1940s Mississippi and into the part of my brain where sympathy and anger and love reside, leaving my heart racing They are with me still.

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    1 Blog on “Mudbound

    1. Hillary says:

      I wrote this book so I can hardly be expected to be objective!

    2. Will Byrnes says:

      A family tale set in the 1930s and ‘40s, Mudbound looks at the racial experience, divide, and struggle in the Deep South, from diverse points of view. Hillary Jordan - image from NPR Two families, one black, one white, tied to the land, to each other, and stuck in the muck of a racist world. Jordan uses multiple narrators to offer varying perspectives on the events of the story. Laura, a Memphis schoolteacher, is on the fast track to old-maid-hood after her 30th birthday, when she is introduce [...]

    3. Paromjit says:

      Set just after the end of World War Two in 1946, this is a harsh Southern novel that encapsulates the Jim Crow era. It is set in the Mississippi Delta on a cotton farm, where life is hard and the work is backbreaking, and the brown colour dominates the mudbound landscape. With a mother fearful that her daughter would be left on the shelf, Laura marries Henry McAllan, a World War 1 veteran. Soon after, he moves them to the farm. City bred Laura finds her new surroundings a shock, both demanding a [...]

    4. Cheri says:

      4.5 StarsThrough the eyes and ears and thoughts of these two families –one black, one white – with a total of six people, we get a small glimpse of life in the post-war 1930’s and 40’s living in the Mississippi Delta region. Life on a cotton farm with its never-ending physical demands. All the mud.From Laura we hear her thoughts a total of twelve times throughout this story. From Jamie, seven times, from Ronsel, five times, from Henry, four times. From Hap and Florence, four times each. [...]

    5. Eleanor says:

      I had sworn off any and all novels dealing with racial themes set in the South. There is only so much self-flagellating I can do in a year in penance for things in which I had no part. Certainly I realize that the theme is worth exploring, and that if you want to write a book set in the South, especially between the years covering Reconstruction through the Civil Rights era, race is going to play a part. This is all well and good, and admirable in that examining the past through the gauze of fic [...]

    6. Emma Deplores Goodreads Censorship says:

      Social justice (and literature) liteThis book and I hit it off at first. It’s a quick, easy read and I enjoyed the first 2/3 or so. But looking back, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.Mudbound is about two families living in the Mississippi Delta: one black and one white. It’s 1946 and racial tensions are high: the black GIs returning from WW2 are no longer willing to put up with being second-class citizens, but the white population is equally unwilling to allow change. The book is written [...]

    7. Saleh MoonWalker says:

      Onvan : Mudbound - Nevisande : Hillary Jordan - ISBN : 156512569X - ISBN13 : 9781565125698 - Dar 328 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2008

    8. Phrynne says:

      It is wonderful that an author can write something like this as their debut novel. I enjoyed it so much!I liked the way the author presented each chapter from the point of view of a different character. This way we got to discover what each individual was really like rather than seeing them only from another persons view. It was very noticeable that one character was never given this opportunity to speak and it was a good thing!The book opens in a very captivating way with a scene which is repea [...]

    9. Tea Jovanović says:

      This wonderful books was a pleasant surprise for me Must read You would think that with Uncle Tom's Cabin and with Roots we had enough of such topics but no Unfortunately due to no marketing efforts from the publisher the book went unnoticed on Serbian market Pity, great book!

    10. Melanie says:

      I always find it odd to say I loved a book when the story told is unpleasant. Actually, unpleasant is not a strong enough word, horrific is probably more accurate. This story is about many things but I think the main focus is on bigotry and racism. It takes place just after WW II in rural Mississippi and is told by several POV's, all of them main players in what happens. I never summarize plots in my "reviews", just how a book made me feel and this one made me feel a lot. Highly recommend.

    11. Marleen says:

      Aren’t there times you wish you could give a book more than 5 stars? Like The Help or The Kitchen House, this is one of those books I guess which will continue to resonate, and linger in the mind. It's told by each character in turn, so we hear lots of different voices as the tale progresses, and we can witness the way they see the events unfolding. It reads a bit like a thriller, where the tension is building up and you know something bad is going to happen. It's set in the Delta (Mississippi [...]

    12. Jeanette"Astute Crabbist" says:

      There's a lot of depth here for such a fast, cleanly-written read. Several themes are woven into the lives of the various characters. First, the senseless intensity of the racism in the deep South of the 1940s. Second, the haunted struggles of men who came home from WWII and couldn't make a place for themselves back among their own people. Third, the frustration and loneliness of an isolated Mississippi farm wife, building into desperation and rage. The combination of these difficulties causes t [...]

    13. Diane S ☔ says:

      I first read this author's second novel, "When she woke" and being a Scarlet Letter fan I really enjoyed this modern day take on that novel. When I saw she had a first novel, I put it on my TBR and there it remained until as a New Year's resolution I decided to read at least two book from my TBR each month. This novel blew me away, I became emotionally involved in these characters and their lives. Two strong women, one white, one black, different circumstances but both with a strong love for the [...]

    14. Claudia says:

      Review folgt später, möchte aber dennoch kurz was dazu sagen. Es war für mich über viele Seiten hinweg eine nette Geschichte, die zum Schluss sehr dramatisch endet. Wirklich fesseln konnte sie mich nicht, dafür war mir manches zu oberflächlich. Ich hatte das Gefühl, die Autorin wollte zuviel hineinpacken (Liebe, Freundschaft, Ehebruch, Rassismus, Krieg etc.), sodass nicht wirklich eine gute Geschichte entstehen konnte.

    15. Laura says:

      This is a great southern work of fiction. I loved how the book is narrated by a host of narrators. I liked the surprises. I enjoyed being so mad about circumstances but then hopeful of others. Just an overall well-rounded book that I highly recommend.Note:movie due November 2017

    16. Lawyer says:

      Mudbound: Hillary Jordan's Debut NovelHillary Jordan, 2011JAMIE"Henry and I dug the hole seven feet deep. Any more shallower and the corpse was liable to come rising up during the next big flood. Howdy boys! Remember me? The thought of it kept us digging even after the blisters on our palms had burst, re-formed and burst again. Every shovelful was an agony--the old man getting in his last licks. Still, I was glad of the pain. It shoved away thoughts and memories." Henry and Jamie McAllan are bro [...]

    17. Howard says:

      Mudbound is a story set in the Mississippi delta country in 1946. It is about complex relations between a white family that owns the land and a black family that helps to farm the land. It is also about war and the Jim Crow conditions that existed in the South during that era.Hillary Jordan, in her debut novel, took on the daunting task of presenting the story through the eyes of six different narrators. That would seem to be difficult enough, but making it even more difficult is the fact that t [...]

    18. Carol says:

      Unputdownablespellbinding and sometimes, horrifying. Often, I would hesitate to read on because I knew something disturbing and tragic was about to happen. I was reminded of Sidney Poitier's movie from the 1960's, In the Heat of the Night and other similar, racially provocative and consciousness-raising films from that period. A compelling novel, written with eloquence. I look forward to other books by this author.

    19. Karlan says:

      This is a fast paced moving novel with several narrators. Set in the deep south immediately after WWII, the story examines the lives of hardworking farmers, passionate wives, members of the KKK, and the returning soldiers both black and white. The characters are fascinating and seemed real to me. I didn't want to see the story end.

    20. Carol says:

      A fast paced read set in post WW2 1946 on a Mississippi farm depicting the on-going struggles of a black American family and the horrid prejudices and brutality they had to endure despite the friendship that grows between Jamie of the McAllan family and Ronsel, son of their black sharecroppers.Great debut novel for Hillary Jordan! A real page-turner that was over too soon.(view spoiler)[Glad Pappy got his just reward, but wish the rest of the KKK would have been punished too. (hide spoiler)]

    21. Melodie says:

      I approached this book with some trepidation. I knew this was going to be a raw read and wasn't sure if I was up for it. Within five pages,I was in up to my neck, totally engaged. YES, it was a tough read. I was angry most of the time, and when I wasn't angry, I despaired of the characters ability to escape the vortex of racism and despair that engulfed them. The story line revolves around the McAllans as they try to make something of a ramshackle farm in the delta and the Jackson family, one of [...]

    22. Tracy says:

      Sad little book :-( Was it really like that? Probably. People are so inhuman.I liked this line, from the midwife "When I met Laura McAllan she was out of her head with mama worry. When that mama worry takes ahold of a woman you can't expect no sense from her. She'll do or say anything at all and you just better hope you ain't in her way. That's the Lord's doing right there. He made mothers to be like that on account of children need protecting and the men ain't around to do it most of the time. [...]

    23. Cathrine ☯️ says:

      4.5 enthusiastic stars! What a great read. When you have read for as long as I have, certain subject matter becomes wearisome. So I was really surprised how much I loved this book. And because she sums it up perfectly, I share Eleanor's wonderful review./review/show

    24. João Carlos says:

      Fotograma do filme Mudbound realizado por Dee Rees”A Lamas do Mississipi”, no original ”Mudbound” (2008) é o primeiro romance da escritora norte-americana Hillary Jordan (n. 1963) – uma primeira obra literária que tem tudo o que mais me fascina ou o que mais me atraí na literatura contemporânea do séc. XXI. 1 – Múltiplos narradores com múltiplas perspectivas do mesmo acontecimento ou do mesmo episódio;2 – A imprevisibilidade e a improbabilidade do amor e da paixão;3 – Pe [...]

    25. Sue says:

      This is a very powerful, well-written novel, the story of life on a Mississippi delta hardscrabble farm just after World War II. It is presented in the format of alternating narrators who carry the tale from their individual viewpoint--farm owner, city bred woman-now farm wife, black farm worker's wife and also herbalist and midwife. Then there are the returning men of war--the airman hero brother of the farmer and the black tank squadron hero who served under Patton, who is the son of the midwi [...]

    26. Amy says:

      I simply could not stop reading this book! Combining several voices the story traces a tragic incident in post World War II Mississippi. Not only does this book address Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and the hardships of farming life, it also covers class issues, family issues, sexism and racism. These are characters I will not soon forget!

    27. da AL says:

      What a book! Much enjoyed. Bravo! The audio version is terrific!

    28. Ashley says:

      While Mudbond was an inspiring story about post World War 2 Mississippi, the reality of the content was hard to take in. Don't get me wrong, this was a great, action-packed book, but some parts were so violent and disturbing that I had to brace myself to read on. In the Delta, whites believed that they were better then their African American counterparts. The premise of the book was to explain the tension between races on the local scale, and how the war changed the way America worked. As a fell [...]

    29. Sarah at Sarah's Book Shelves says:

      This award-winning 2008 debut reminiscent of Pat Conroy (the story itself more than the writing style), begins with a city girl trying to adjust to a spartan life of backbreaking farm work and becomes unputdownable by the end. A sense of foreboding hangs over everything and I could feel the tension…in Laura and Henry’s marriage, between the McAllens and the Jacksons, between Laura and her hateful father-in-law (Pappy), and within Jamie and Ronsel upon their returns from World War II. Somethi [...]

    30. Paige P says:

      Mudbound is one of those books that in my opinion sheds a spot light on a dark time in America. Following WWII, African American soldiers returned home after defending our nation to undeserving prejudice and hypocrisy of the Jim Crow era. This historical fiction tale takes place on a farm called Mudbound, owned by the McAllan family, and worked by the Jacksons, an African American family of sharecroppers. The chapters are narrated by the major characters in the book: Henry (husband-land owner), [...]

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