Dramen. Zweisprachige Ausgabe. Griechisch/deutsch
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Dramen Zweisprachige Ausgabe Griechisch deutsch The dominant Athenian playwright in th century BCE Athens Sophocles left us seven powerful dramas that still shock as they render the violence that erupts within divinity humankind Oedipus the King

  • Title: Dramen. Zweisprachige Ausgabe. Griechisch/deutsch
  • Author: Sophocles
  • ISBN: 9783760816319
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The dominant Athenian playwright in 5th century BCE Athens, Sophocles left us seven powerful dramas that still shock as they render the violence that erupts within divinity humankind Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Kolonos Antigone trace three generations of a family manipulated by the inscrutably vindictive god Apollo to commit patricide, incest kin murderThe dominant Athenian playwright in 5th century BCE Athens, Sophocles left us seven powerful dramas that still shock as they render the violence that erupts within divinity humankind Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Kolonos Antigone trace three generations of a family manipulated by the inscrutably vindictive god Apollo to commit patricide, incest kin murder Elektra Women of Trakhis begin as studies of women obsessed with hatred desire but become dissenting critiques of the Greeks enthusiasm for revenge ego crazed heroics Two hard hitting dramas set in war zones, Aias Philoktetes, use conflicts among Greek warriors at Troy to thrash out political ethical crises confronting Athenian society itself.

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    1. Alissa says:

      Phenomenal and legendary.

    2. Alex says:

      Aristotle thought Sophocles the best of the Greek tragedians, and Oedipus the King the perfect tragedy. Sophocles wrote complicated, powerful plays - seven of them have survived, out of 120. He wrote about outcasts. My favorite, Antigone, is about fighting the power, and so are Elektra and Philoktetes. Robert Bagg and James Scully run down his common themes in their intro to this complete edition:- Sympathy for fate's victims- Hostility towards tyrants- Skepticism toward self-indulgent "heroes"- [...]

    3. Guillermo Jiménez says:

      Por alguna razón que no me explico, sentí la imperiosa necesidad de releer Antígona. Quizá fue alguna referencia directa en alguna película u otro libro. Algún eco. Cuando agarré el tomo completo de Tragedias de Sófocles y comencé a leer Antígona, me propuse releer todas y leer por primera vez Áyax.Fue un muy agradable viaje. En más de un sentido: mientras recordaba al Guillermo que leyó por primera vez a Sófocles en los primeros semestres de Letras, descubría que recordaba muy po [...]

    4. Omar BaRass says:

      ليست هذه قراءة حقيقية لسوفوكليس. ولكن نتيجة لقراءة عدة كتب للأدب الإغريقي كان اهتمامي يتزايد أكثر فأكثر لرائعة سوفوكليس "أوديب الملك" تلك المسرحيةالتي كتبت بعناية عظيمة وبقدر رهيب من الدقة،حيث لو أن فعل واحد لم يحدث لما اكتملت بذور المأساة فيها. القراءةمخصصة لتاريخ لعنة الن [...]

    5. Dragos C Butuzea says:

      dincolo de faptul tragic ca atare, la sofocle mai sunt prezente două elemente:poeticul - mi se pare ca sofocle are o poezie mai elaborată decât eschil (probabil și traducerea ritmată a lui george fotino - traducător al operei complete sofocliene - are aici un merit)un mod Aristocratic de a suporta suferința, în cazul antigonei, de pildă, prin sinucidere. căci, în cazul ei, principiile - încarnate în poruncile zeilor - sunt mai presus de poruncile (mai ales tiranice) ale puterii cont [...]

    6. Captain Sir Roddy, R.N. (Ret.) says:

      I finished this new volume of translations of the seven existing plays by Sophocles last night. I unhesitatingly recommend this new work of the translators, Robert Bagg and James Scully, as they really did an outstanding job of presenting these powerful dramas with lyricism and impact. For your information, I am providing a list of the plays in the collection and the primary translator--Aias (James Scully)Women of Trakhis (Robert Bagg)Philoktetes (James Scully)Elektra (Robert Bagg)Oedipus the Ki [...]

    7. Yair Ben-Zvi says:

      There's not much I can say about this collection that won't sound like hyperbole but, the fact is, it's all kind of true. What you see in these works is, in many cases, the early seeds of some of the greatest storytelling devices ever conceived by the minds of men. Much like how the Bible (or as Eddie Izzard would say the Biblee) is a cornerstone of the West in such a way as to partly explain our language(s), culture(s), beliefs, so to with these texts we find the Grecian mother to our Biblical [...]

    8. Rosa says:

      Aias - 3 Stars Women of Trakhis - 5 Stars Philoktetes - 4 StarsElektra - 4 Stars Oedipus the King - 4 Stars Oedipus at Kolonos - 5 Stars Antigone - 5 StarsA beautiful, simple translation. I only wish more than 7 of Sophocles' 125 plays had survived.

    9. John Pistelli says:

      It is never a bad time to get right with the classics. After having read Oedipus and Antigone several times in multiple translations (Jebb, Arnott, Fagles) over the years, I decided to read all of Sophocles’s extant plays—a mere seven out of 123 (civilization is fragile; don’t let anyone tell you differently). I am here reading the version by poet and translator Paul Roche for Signet Classics. According to , Roche was a second-generation Bloomsberrie, enemy to Vanessa Bell and lover of Dun [...]

    10. Anders says:

      I like these translations.

    11. Caroline Beatle says:

      3.5/5Ya puedo decir que he leído todo Sófocles y todo Esquilo. El primero me gusta mucho más que el último, sobre todo porque la acción de la obra se centra en los personajes y ya no en el coro; de hecho, en las obras sofócleas existe un protagonista muy marcado y muy muy delimitado. Además, los conflictos de las obras suelen ser de entre dos poderosas fuerzas opuestas, que encarnan en personajes de la tragedia, y que provocan el desenlace trágico cuando son incapaces de ceder ante la ot [...]

    12. Keni Vásquez says:

      Primer libro que leo de los clásicos griegos , he de decir que me costó un poco adecuarme al tipo de escritura, es tan extraña. Pero una vez ya en ello, todo fluye naturalmente. Estas historias son en realidad trágicas XD, y entre mis favoritas están los temas Tebanos, Edipo Rey en particular me pareció precioso, y seguido de Antígona. Creo que todos deberíamos tomarnos el tiempo de leer los clásicos, ya no estos griegos, si no te gusta. Pero en general, más de alguno. Creo que por alg [...]

    13. Hayden says:

      This was my first true foray in Classical Greek literature (D.W.'s version of The Odyssey in Arthur not withstanding). I had seen a production of Antigone in high school, and Greek mythology is not exactly foreign to me, but I'd never read any original works of the time.While at first this translation seemed a little too modern to me, I soon grew to enjoy it; it was very easy to understand, and I was able to go through the plays quickly. Due to their somewhat depressing nature I only read one pl [...]

    14. Skyler Peterson says:

      Worth reading at some point to get a taste of Greek tragedy. It will provide some context to future western literature (and other forms of media) which is still heavily influenced by it. I would say that reading all of the plays in one go was a bit tiresome. At some point the plays become predictable and even a bit boring. This may be in part because of the translation process to English and I don't believe Sophocles himself would expect or wanted people to consume his plays in this way.

    15. Caitlin Kingsley says:

      The Scully plays, though scarce, were much more powerful translations. Aias was beautiful. Women of Trakhis (see: Robert fucking Bagg) was awful, in my opinion. Bagg did redeem himself with Antigone, however. Somewhat. If you squint hard enough. In all seriousness, Antigone was nicely treated. Overall, I enjoyed these plays - albeit because Trakhis was brief.

    16. Tomq says:

      I don't usually read theatre, I don't know any ancient Greek or Latin. I picked this up pretty much at random, and was amazed at how engaging the plays were. It's essential general culture; it is the foundation of western civilization as much as the Bible is; but unlike the Bible, the writing is beautiful and it's incredibly accessible. Pick it up!

    17. Leticia Martín-Fuertes says:

      Solo me había leído Antígona, Edipo rey y Electra, y me han gustado también mucho las demás, posiblemente porque el ciclo tebano nos es más lejano que el troyano. Creo que habría disfrutado más a Sófocles cuando lo leí en la carrera si hubiera leído alguna de las del ciclo troyano.

    18. Hyram Sempere says:

      Si se quiere saber sobre la historia de occidente aquí hay un pilar muy fuerte.

    19. Marisa Allende says:

      De las 7 tragedias que contiene este libro Me gustaron: Electra. Áyax y Edipo Rey

    20. Martina Amato says:

      Queste tragedie sono i prodotti più alti di quella complessa e stratificata istituzione sociale che è il teatro tragico antico.

    21. Tim Laas-Nesbitt says:

      Fantastic, great translation.

    22. David Alexander says:

      I just finised reading all of Sophocles plays, except the 116 plays they have not found or have found only in fragments. There is a moral impulse in Sophocles which strikes me as commendable. The first thing I think of when I consider this aspect of his writings is not, "The savage!" but rather of how he, writing thousands of years ago, shared in common with the best of us moral sentiments we commend and recognize as good. There is a timeless good to certain moral acts of mankind. I would even s [...]

    23. Ray says:

      "Antigone" by Sophocles, (play read 20090807) ****. Antigone's two brothers have killed each other in a battle for kingship over Thebes. Creon, the new king, issues an edict that the body of the usurping brother, Polynices, should not be given the honors of burial but must be left out to the ravages of the elements and wild animals. Placing her duty to family and to the gods higher than her obedience to the state, Antigone refuses to heed Creon's command and buries her brother. Antigone's and Cr [...]

    24. Amiri says:

      أتممت "أوديب ملكا"، و يا لأوديب المسكين ويا لعبث القدر به، عمل عظيم شهد التاريخ بذلك للأسف ترجمة الدكتور بدوي ركيكة نوعا ما وتفتقر للمسة الأدبية .

    25. Leslie says:

      Sofocles escribe muy bien.Todas las tragedias estuvieron bellas, por decirlo así ya que en realidad fueron tragicas pero de todas formas me gustaron.El drama y yo nos llevamos muy bien y en ellas ahí mucho drama.Todas super recomendadas para cualquiera que tenga curiosidad de leerlas; no son para nada complicadas pero odio las partes en que salen los coros, esas partes en especial sí me fueron tediosas.Anyway, aplaudo a las tres tragedias de temas tebnos: El Rey Edipo; Edipo en Colono; Antogo [...]

    26. Rick says:

      Only seven of the 100 or so plays written by Sophocles have survived intact. Less than 10% of his creative output. It’s a ratio that could drive one to distraction—the odds are long that as great or greater plays as the seven survivors were lost.Better not to dwell on an unimaginable loss and focus on these seven dramas: Ajax, where the fierce warrior, second only to Achilles, is maddened by a god seeking to stop Ajax from slaying Odysseus, Agamemnon, and Menelaus in a rage over a perceived [...]

    27. LeDompteur says:

      Quelqu'un m'a dit que je me fait une grande injustice en choisissant Sophocle pour ma lecture de weekend, parceque, dit-il, grace a ces pièces je trouverai tous les autres ouvres de tous les autres ecrivains fanés. J'ai pensé qu'il exagère beaucoupis maintenant après avoir lire ces ouvres je peut comprendre ce qu'il disait. Ici on trouve tous les grandes questions éternelles de notre existence- justice, religion, mortalité, la vie après la mort, les faiblesses humaines, les liens qui for [...]

    28. Jordi Polo Carres says:

      Es dificil escribir sobre un libro que contiene 7 libros.Edipo rey - 5 Edipo en colono - 1 Antigona - 3Ayax - 4 Traquidias - 4 Filoctetes- 2Electra - 4 Algunas obras son mas interestantes que otras. Por ejemplo en Edipo en Colono realmente no pasa nada, es bastante aburrida pero Ajax o Edipo rey hay relativamente accion.Lo mas interestante desde mi punto de vista es conocer como se expresaban en aquella epoca y a la vez tener mas detalles sobre ciertos mitos.El mayor problema, que muchas cosas o [...]

    29. Michelle says:

      Antigone by SophoclesSophomore English III only read the Antigone portion in this compilation. Antigone was definitely a deep book, about the (short-lived) trials and tribulations of a girl who decides to go against the law in order to follow her beliefs. She does so to save her brother from eternal life as a ghost wandering on Earth (as the Greek beliefs go). There are many themes involved with this play, some including:1. In the olden days, no woman would dare speak out and criticize men.2. So [...]

    30. Phillip says:

      Updated Review: Sophocles is a great dramatist, the only play in this collection that I didn't enjoy is The Women of Trachis. Here are my blog posts about the individual plays.Ajax: atheniandionysia/Electra: atheniandionysia/Philoctetes: atheniandionysia/The Women of Trachis: atheniandionysia/Oedipus Rex: atheniandionysia/Oedipus at Colonus: atheniandionysia/Antigone: atheniandionysia/Original Review: I don't think most people ever read anything by Sophocles except the Oedipus cycle, or Oedipus [...]

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