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Pat the Bunny
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Pat the Bunny Touch and Feel books enhance a toddler s sensory world with textured materials The materials are attached to durable pages and the toddler is asked to feel the material or to look in the provided mir

  • Title: Pat the Bunny
  • Author: Dorothy Kunhardt
  • ISBN: 9780307444059
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Touch and Feel books enhance a toddler s sensory world with textured materials The materials are attached to durable pages, and the toddler is asked to feel the material or to look in the provided mirror.

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    1 Blog on “Pat the Bunny

    1. Alex says:

      One day you're going to open a box of your childhood toys and smell this book. You'll know it immediately. Oh, it's those horrendous flowers of Paul's, you'll think. The book is non-gender-normative. Paul likes flowers. (He seems to gravitate towards ones that smell like grandmothers.) Daddy iswell, daddy, is pretty.Bunny is big. How big is bunny? Soooooooo big! Bunny is vaguely menacing, especially in Judy's book within a book that, like Arabian Nights or If On a Winter's Night a Traveler, expa [...]

    2. Chris says:

      I don't know if one can review this book. It's Pat The Bunny. You get to pat the bunny. How cool is that? All the activities in the book are things kids do -- except patting the bunny. Is that a normal childhood activity, patting bunnies? I don't remember patting that many bunnies. Well, we did own Marshmallow (or Thumbalina, depending on which kid you asked -- there'd been a disagreement over who had the right to name the rabbit), but we didn't pat it all that often. Bunnies aren't that friendl [...]

    3. K.S.R. says:

      All three of my children went through a couple of copies of Pat the Bunny until they were tattered and torn. It is a wonderfully tactile book that gives every excuse to snuggle up with a child. That is the true language of a children's book: the language of love that passes between a parent and child. It has very little to do with words.

    4. Kari says:

      Three things I love about this book:1. The smell of the flowers2. The weird retro look of the family3. How my daughter reacts to the book: Examples:Instead of patting the bunny, she PRESSES it really hard. She delights in playing peek-a-boo with Paul. Oh, and she says that "daddy" looks like me, her mommy.

    5. Mimi says:

      This was really sweet, and encourages interaction between child and book. Awesome.The kids in our family are a bit too old for this already, but now I'm hoping for a new addition to the family, so I'll have an excuse to go buy this book

    6. Arielle Walker says:

      Ohmygoodness, I remember reading this with my brother when he was only maybe one? At least 14 years ago now - how is that possible?!

    7. Sara says:

      I did not own a Pat the Bunny book (that I remember, anyway) but I believe I had nieces and nephews with this book. I love this book. I've spent time in bookstores patting the bunny.

    8. J. Boo says:

      A classic of toddler and pre-toddlerdom. The very young love it.I am moved to review just because I bought a new edition for baby #3 and it's better quality than the older one (or ones - how quickly a sleep deprived parent's memory fades). How often does that happen, these days? Pages seem tougher and Judy's book-inside-a-book is no longer made from flimsy rippable paper.

    9. Jeremy says:

      Bunnies disgust me.

    10. Tiffany PSquared says:

      There are several books that trigger memories of my youth. This is one of those books.And the amazing thing about this book is that a copy has managed to make it into the household of every new baby that comes into our family. Pat the Bunny is definitely a nursery room standard.

    11. Sarah says:

      My 9-month-0ld loves this book. It turns story time into play time. It opens with her absolute favorite part, patting the bunny, but she also enjoys playing peek-a-boo and looking in the mirror. The final activity, of course, is Eat the Book--also a favorite.

    12. Megan Knippenberg says:

      I had this book as a child and now have a copy to read to my 1-year old. He loves interacting with the multi sensory pages.

    13. Aneesa says:

      I'm surprised that when they reissued this they didn't make it a board book.

    14. Karen says:

      This year for Easter, my little boy got a basket of books. He also received some small stuffed animals and a little chocolate, but mostly he got books. He loved it. And he loved this book to pieces, literally. In fact, after I write this review I will have to try to mend the book.I bought this book for his Easter basket because it was on the South Carolina Libraries list of 100 Picture Books for Toddlers. I did not own this book as a child and my mom won't admit to owning a copy. Before I purcha [...]

    15. Robert says:

      12 July 2010My sister recommended this book to me several years ago. When I heard the title, I assumed this was a book about a bunny named Pat. Ha!A simple little book, but it is very exciting for toddlers as it is interactive. Both of my children have been excited when they read it.Tonight my son selected this from the bookshelf. We would still be reading it if it were up to him. Judy and Paul can do lots of things. As we see, so can our children.****26 September 2011Surprisingly, the boy selec [...]

    16. Ashley says:

      I, the mom reading this over and over to her toddler, dislike the flower-page smell and am slightly annoyed by the ferociously cheerful tone of the text (you can do things, too!). But it is a classic. It is charming. And my toddler, the (pre)reader whose opinion actually matters, loves it. I think the biggest draw for her is the variety of things to do. Instead of just touching several different textures, she actually does different things: look in a mirror, lift a flap, put her finger through a [...]

    17. Emily says:

      My three kids (6, 4, and 2) enjoy reading this sweet book before bedtime. What makes it so appealing is that it's more than just a touch and feel book--it uses so many senses. Besides patting the bunny and feeling daddy's whiskers, you also smell the flowers, lift a cloth to play peek-a-boo, turn little tiny pages on a little tiny book, and fit your finger through Mummy's ring. One of the first tactile books and definitely one of the best. I like the simple artwork.

    18. Mathew says:

      One of the earliest touch-and-feel books feels incredibly dated now but I like it for the fact that it was a text created by Kundhardt to bring reading experiences closer to the very young. Published in the 30s, Kundhardt was looking for something to engage her infant daughter in reading and since these types of books are still going strong today, it could be argued that she found an idea which worked well.

    19. Alexa says:

      Adorable. Especially if you have a rambunctious page drooling, ripping child that wants to eat the book rather than listen to it. Great hands on book to teach gentleness, especially if you own a pet. I also bought the velvet bunny to go with it and love how crunchy the ears sound!

    20. Vivian says:

      As one of the very first lift-the-flap texture books for young children, this has won its way into many a home and early-childhood memory. As a mom and a children's librarian I found myself creating kits inspired by this book for my own children and library friends to make.

    21. Randal says:

      An oddly creepy book for an old favorite. Begging for a postmodern parody (Harvest the Bunny in a Satanic Ritual, perhaps). Also the binding was very poor on our copy and it did not survive two years of regular wear and tear.

    22. Angelina says:

      Cute, sweet and surprisingly addictive, even if you're a grown up. I loved reading this to my niece when she was a baby. Hell, I read it long after she'd made it to kindergarten.

    23. Emma says:

      I read this with my cousin JD:-) I don't know what was more funading this cute book, or seeing how happy it made may cousin!!!!! I think seeing my cousin so happy:-)

    24. Wade says:

      One of the creepiest kids books ever.

    25. W.B. says:

      I liked Samuel Beckett's version better.

    26. Maggie Hesseling says:

      This is a really interesting 'board book'. I put that in quotations, because though it's considered a board book, the edition that I was looking at didn't have the hard thick pages that are associated with these types of books. Rather, the whole thing was kind of delicate and with a flimsy ringed back holding the pages together. I don't think this edition would ever be durable. However, it is a really cute book for the very young. I especially liked the part where there was a book within a book- [...]

    27. Heather says:

      Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt is a touch and feel book that allows the reader to interact with the book as the characters, Paul and Judy, interact with objects within the story. The illustrations are simplistic cartoons with basic primary colors. However they are enhanced by the interactive features that let children touch, flip, look, smell, shake, and push objects on the page just like the characters. Babies and preschool children will enjoy interacting with this cute and fun book.

    28. Melissa says:

      Who hasn't read/felt this book before? It is a classic that every generation seems to read and enjoy. This tactile book teaches the youngest of the young through their sense of touch.There is not much to say about this book. My favorite part as a child and still today as an adult is touching daddy's scratchy face. I can't tell you why exactly but that's the one that makes me pause the longest.The book is not overly complicated and for most of it is wrapped in nostalgia. So how do you rate a book [...]

    29. Paige Johns says:

      Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt is a great book to use with very young beginning readers. It helps enhance the sensory skills of your children as they learn to read books. Everything has its own texture, and the entire book is very durable for those children who love to grab onto everything as they read a book.

    30. Thabata says:

      An interactive book for very small children. I expected more of Pat the bunny, since it is the name of the book. It has no story, mainly interactions. I thought it was lacking, although the idea of being very interactive is a good one, if there were a plot of more of the main character, this could have been a reading I would recommend.

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