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Zathura On the last page of the Caldecott winning book Jumanji young Danny Budwing is seen running after his brother Walter with a game tucked under his arm Now after twenty years Chris Van Allsburg is re

  • Title: Zathura
  • Author: Chris Van Allsburg
  • ISBN: 9780618253968
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Hardcover
  • On the last page of the Caldecott winning book Jumanji, young Danny Budwing is seen running after his brother, Walter, with a game tucked under his arm Now after twenty years, Chris Van Allsburg is ready to reveal what happens when Danny and Walter roll the dice This time the name of the game is Zathura and the battling Budwing boys are in for the ride of their lives ZaOn the last page of the Caldecott winning book Jumanji, young Danny Budwing is seen running after his brother, Walter, with a game tucked under his arm Now after twenty years, Chris Van Allsburg is ready to reveal what happens when Danny and Walter roll the dice This time the name of the game is Zathura and the battling Budwing boys are in for the ride of their lives Zathura unleashes intergalactic challenges that require even the quarreling Budwing brothers to work as a team.

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    1. Alex ☣ Deranged KittyCat ☣ says:

      First there was Jumanji. Then came Danny and Walter, and they found Zathura. If the first board game was set in the jungle, the second one took the two boys to outer space.Again, quite different from the movie version, but interesting nonetheless.

    2. J says:

      This was great! It would definitely be best to read Jumanji before reading this. It's kind of like a sequel because it happens right after Jumanji, but you don't need to read Jumanji to understand it.

    3. Nidah (SleepDreamWrite) says:

      I didn't even know there was a book. Same with Jumanji. Saw the movie first and it was alright. Interesting but alright. This one was good.

    4. Chrissi Guarnieri says:

      Zathura is about two brothers who don't get along and are left home by their parents to entertain themselves. The brothers find a board game in the middle of a fight which leads them on a fantastical space adventure that doesn't end until one brother wins the game. The illustrations are full of the same detail and intrigue that Chris Van Allsburg is able to capture in other books he has written. In this case, however, I feel the illustrations outshine the story. This book was written almost 20 y [...]

    5. Cat says:

      Better than the movie by a long shot!

    6. N_amandascholz says:

      This book evidently is the "sequel" to Chris Van Allsburg's much loved Jumanji. At the end of the earlier book, brothers Walter and Danny Budwing find the discarded Jumanji game in the local park and take it home. The older brother, Walter, is stuck babysitting his annoying younger brother, Danny, and ignores the "little fungus" as he begins to play the newly discovered game. Bored by the jungle theme, Danny searches the box and finds a second game with a different board. Instead of a continuati [...]

    7. Christi says:

      As happens in fantasy stories, this book starts out by introducing the characters within a familiar setting. Brothers Walter and Danny are first seen fighting in their bedroom, establishing that they are in a reality that is known to us. The story starts by showing the readers that Walter and Danny are against each other, earlier when fighting over broken toys and later in the story when they are playing the game against each other. Walter and Danny's parents leave the two alone. Danny wants to [...]

    8. Gillianne Litvack says:

      One night two children Walter and Danny are left at home for the night while their parents go out. Walter and Danny immediately go at it, pulling on his nose and ears when they come across a board game called “Jumanji”. When they found it, Walter declared this was a ‘baby game’ and he wanted nothing to do with it. When they got back inside, Danny opened the box to see what was inside. When he opened it, there was a plain board, dice, pieces, and even another board underneath it all. Dann [...]

    9. Courtney Ennis says:

      This picture book is a fantasy and science fiction book. It is the sequel to the book Jumanji, which is also written by the author Chris Van Allsburg. This book starts out where the other one left off which is when the two boys run outside to the park and find the board game. They take it back to their house and younger brother opens it up. He finds the game but thinks it looks boring but then he sees underneath there is another game. It’s a board game called Zathura. The boy rolls the dice, t [...]

    10. Grace says:

      This This was so much better than the first one, guys. So much better. There was character development and bonding. And a neat little plot and (view spoiler)[time travel (hide spoiler)] that didn't actually feel like a cop out. It was quite lovely. My memory of Zathura is of a dumb movie that has a younger Kristen Stewart in it and we own it and my siblings and I thought it was really stupid. Granted, this was years ago, so at the time we probably thought everything was dumb. (Because being cool [...]

    11. Katina says:

      Zathura is the continuation of the book Jumanji. The Budwig boys didn't always get along. Walter loved to torment his younger brother Danny. They found one thing in common: to play a game called Jumanji. As the boys begin to play they discover the game comes to life when a meteor falls through the ceiling and crashes into their television. The boys open their front door to find their home is in outer space. "You don't want to play this," he said. "Trust me, I tried it once." The book continues t [...]

    12. Cecelia says:

      Chris Van Allsburg’s Zathura is an older title, but it is definitely a classic (as are almost all of Van Allsburg’s titles – this is the author behind Jumanji and The Polar Express, after all!). I was familiar with the title because I’ve seen the film based on this book starring a young Josh Hutcherson and Kristen Stewart. The story is quite a bit like Jumanji, actually – a pair of brothers find an old game about space, begin to play it, and discover that the game alters reality. Sci-f [...]

    13. Victoria Leininger-halpern says:

      Following the same plot structure as Jumanji, this story is about two brothers who find a board game that launches their house into space, and the only way to defeat the things that come out of the game and get back home is to win. I really liked this story because the relationship between the brothers is very realistic, as many younger siblings don't get along and constantly fight. I also like it for the sci-fi aspect, as the drawings and descriptions of space are very interesting and captivati [...]

    14. Luisa Knight says:

      I was pleased to find out that this wasn't just a similar story to Jumanji but the continuing story! (So you will want to make sure you read this second). Still just as fun and creative as the first! Allsburg's black and white illustrations are fantastic!Ages: 4 - 7Cleanliness: two brothers argue a lot but change in the end when they learn what's important. Name calling: "little fungus," and "babies like you." People say "Holy smoke" twice and "Jeez."**Like my reviews? I also have hundreds of de [...]

    15. Marie Hatheway says:

      Zathura is about two young brothers, Walter and Danny, who don’t get along very well. One evening, while their parents are away, Danny finds a board game and begins to play. The game takes the brothers and their house deep into outer space where, with every roll, things get stranger and stranger. That is until Walter gets sent back in time through a black hole and has a second shot at being a big brother. Zathura is a high fantasy text that begins in the real world and transforms into a fantas [...]

    16. Heather Singh says:

      The art is done like a sketch, very detailed and beautiful. The faces are very emotional and show a lot of expression. The text takes up a lot of the page, which I feel is distracting. The black and grey detailed art leaves a lot of room for imagination and really adds to the fantasy element. The main characters are two brothers; Walter and Danny. The boys have been left at home while their parents went out. The two boys find and play a game that seems to come to life. They soon find themselves [...]

    17. Ciara says:

      Zathura was a high fantasy children's book about two brothers who stumble across a game while home alone. As little brother Danny looked through the old Jumanji board game, there was another board stuck underneath it. He popped it out of the box and him and his brother soon learn that this game will lead to a gateway of adventure in space. The book was definitely a science fiction story and it was high fantasy because it was weaved into scientific concepts. An example would be when Walter lost h [...]

    18. Gina Pecoraro says:

      Format: Picture BookInterest Level: Grades 3-5After twenty years, we find out what happens after Danny finds a game at the end of Jumanji. Danny and his brother Walter end of playing a game called Zathura and our taken on an out of this world journey.I would read this book in the classroom only after reading Jumanji first. It would be neat to get the students' reactions from both books. They could compare the books and discuss what game they would rather play.

    19. Aryiel Vopalensky says:

      In this story two brothers are thrown into a fantastical world as they play through a board game. The illustrations are black and white realism. The lines are soft and the art takes up both pages with the text hovering inside. There is a significant amount of detail in the art style as it shows both movement and character expression. The illustrator keeps the realistic style as the game conjures up robots, planets, animals and meteors.

    20. Justine Vasquez says:

      Allsburg, C. V. (2003). Zathura. L'ecole des loisirs.Zathura hit bestseller lists when it was first published in 2002. I'll admit I saw the movie before reading the book, and I must say the story does a lot better at giving detail about the plot than the actual movie. It is about a board game called Zathura, but unfortunately this board game as like no other and every roll of the dice leads to another event. This story begins with two young brothers playing in their backyard and discovering a bo [...]

    21. Jessica Litavecz says:

      Allsburg, Chris Van. ZathuraThis story is about two brothers, Walter and Danny and their adventure with the game Zathura. The game was found under the Jumanji game board. Walter tells his brother Danny that the game is for little kids and he does not want to play. This puts a spark in Danny's mind and takes out the game and starts to play. The two bothers are sent off to space and fall into the hands of a robot and space pirates. The brothers have to work together to get themselves home. This st [...]

    22. Ana Martinez says:

      Zathura is a captivating modern fantasy book for all children because of the elements that it contains. It all starts with two brothers, Danny and Walter who were always fighting with each other. One day their parents leave them alone in the house. Danny wanted to play catch with Walter; however, the only thing Walter wanted to do was watch television. As they were fighting with each other, Danny noticed a box near them. When they went to get the box, they realized it was a game. The game had a [...]

    23. Jacob K'Hari says:

      Zathura written by Chris Van Allsburg is a story about two brothers who are left alone while their parents go out. Walter is the older brother in charge of Danny and he is constantly bullying his little brother. They start to play Jumanji but lose interest when they see another game, Zathura: A Space Adventure hidden underneath it. Danny starts playing Zathura, then he gets a card that says, “Meteor shower, take evasive action.”, and a meteor shower begins, they hear meteors hitting the roof [...]

    24. Rene says:

      Zathura written by Chris Van Allsburg is a fantasy book about an older brother, Walter, and his little brother, Danny, who don't really get along very well. One day, as they are fighting outside, Danny finds a board game called Jumanji sitting by a tree. Later that day, while their parents are gone for the evening, Danny decides to open up the game. He isn't too impressed with the Jumanji game, but he discovers another game board at the bottom of the box with the word Zathura on it. Intrigued, D [...]

    25. Thabata says:

      Zathura is SO disappointing. Albeit a game hidden and jammed within the Jumanji box, this is far less interesting than the jungle adventure. Zathura fallow the exact same steps in structure – be it on storyline or the game itself. This is a board game themed in space, its development is to bring what is written on the board to real life, causing havoc within a household where two siblings live. The whole book reads as an 80’s children’s movie: the pace, setting, events and characters. Once [...]

    26. Lacy says:

      This book is an interesting and mind boggling story of two brothers who find a game, and go on an adventure. Walter is the oldest of the two boys, while Danny is the youngest. They are left alone at home while their parents go out; yet, they cannot seem to get along. Walter is mean o Danny, and picks on his little brother. After an altercation between the boys, the brothers discover a game. Once back inside, a curious Danny opens the game and begins to play. The story is a tale about two brother [...]

    27. Aaliyah Fajut says:

      This book sums up my whole childhood! I never read the story until now; however, I did watch the film a long, long time ago. Reading the book made me nostalgic, and it reminded me of my home and childhood. It's a great adventure story about two brothers who didn't really get along. They find a game board called "Zathura." This is the magical game board that takes the two brothers in outer space. They struggle to get back home, and the only way back is to keep playing the game. As they struggle t [...]

    28. Sonia Contreras says:

      In this book, two young boys find themselves in an uncalled for adventure. Walter and Danny are two brothers that do not get along. The story starts with them arguing and being scolded by their mother. Their parents decide to go out, leaving Danny and Walter home together. The boys have two board games, Jumanji and Zathura. They decide to play Zathura, and they then find themselves in an adventure out of this world.Chris Van Allsburg does a really good job of illustrating his books to compliment [...]

    29. Erin says:

      Brothers Danny and Walter found a board game in the park and naturally take it home to play. From there, all sorts of troubles ensue. The game launches them into space, where they must face robots, malfunctioning gravity, and alien pirates. They had been at each other’s throats before the game began, but now the two need to work together as a team, helping and supporting each other, learning to get along. But just how are they going to make it back home? Zathura is very striking with its black [...]

    30. Christina Leonette says:

      The book "Zathura" by Chris Van Allsburg is about two brothers, Walter and Danny who do not get along with eachother. Danny discovers a board game called "Zathura: A Space Adventure" and after playing it, they realize the game sends them into outer space. Once they discover the game will not take them home until they finish, they are challenged with facing robots, Zorgons and the planet Tsouris 3. After getting sucked into a black hole they get sent back in time when they return to the park in w [...]

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