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Five on a Secret Trail
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Five on a Secret Trail The Famous Five are camping out near an old ruined cottage but is the cottage really abandoned Anne hears strange noises at night but the others don t believe her Then they see the ghostly lightstern

  • Title: Five on a Secret Trail
  • Author: Enid Blyton
  • ISBN: 9780340796290
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Famous Five are camping out near an old ruined cottage but is the cottage really abandoned Anne hears strange noises at night, but the others don t believe her Then they see the ghostly lightsternate cover for isbn 0340042419

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    1 Blog on “Five on a Secret Trail

    1. Luffy says:

      The quality of Enid Blyton's work dips sharply at about the time this book was published. Someone - someone with fearless endeavor - must have felt it his duty to tell her to man up. Hence her last creative bursts of imagination, with Five on Finniston Farm sealing a remarkable life.I must get to Enid Blyton's biography by Barbara Stoney, these days. She is a fascinating figure. I owe a lot of my anglo-centric literary aptitude to her. As for the book itself, it's very much as if it has never vi [...]

    2. Paul says:

      The best part about reading this book was that I was reading my mum's old hardback copy from when she was a child. Sure, the dust cover was disintegrating and it had that old book smell (which I think I'm probably alone in the GR community for disliking; most of you seem to have orgasms over it) but it was still a blast to be reading a book at forty that my mum read at twelve.Anyway, what about the story? Well, it was OK. Pretty much what I've come to expect from this series. It even had a sligh [...]

    3. Kirsti says:

      Unusually for the five, this story begins with George alone having a minor adventure with Timmy. He gets a cut on his ear, and George, determined to get people to stop laughing at him, packs up and decides to camp out for a few days. Soon she is joined by Anne, who while camping at night, sees unusual lights floating near a wrecked cottage. The next night it rains and the girls are forced to seek shelter there, and are watched by persons unknown. It is only then that the boys show up unexpectedl [...]

    4. Prashansa says:

      Well the book was okay. The two twins, don't remember the name, were really exciting. When the Five discovered that bag which had the blue prints, I was feeling that now the adventure is over. But when they didn't find the blue prints, I thought that the adventure is still not over. At the beginning, the novel was really boring as Julian and Dick were not there. But they came and the novel too came to life. I would give this book 2 stars**.

    5. Gabriel says:

      an entertaining book

    6. Mary Lou says:

      Unfairly rating this as an adult reader. I recently read a poll listing the UK's favorite authors and was shocked to see an unfamiliar name in the #1 slot - Enid Blyton. As an Anglophile and someone who's worked in a library for ten years, it seemed unfathomable that I would not have heard of the British people's favorite writer, above Dickens, Austen, Rowling, and others! So I looked Ms. Blyton up and learned that she wrote children's adventure/mystery stories in the mid 20th century. This was [...]

    7. John says:

      As with all Famous Five books, this is of the same trusted and successful formula. I loved these books as a child and I am delighted that my girls loved them as children too.The stories are adventures of a byegone age, yet still hold the attention of children, around the world they have stood the test of time well - and for a great reason.The stories are plausible, fun, adventurous and contain an excellent mix of young characters with a little bit of everyone in each of them - something that chi [...]

    8. Hanif says:

      Petualangan KELIMA BELAS mereka yang seru dan mengasyikkan!Lima Sekawan pergi berkemah di dekat reruntuhan rumah tua. Tapi benarkah rumah itu tak ada penghuninya? Soalnya di malam hari Anne mendengar bunyi-bunyian aneh. Waktu ia memberitahu yang lainnya, mereka tak percaya. Sampai mereka melihat sinar menyeramkan di tengah malam

    9. Neja says:

      These books (Famous five) are hands down one of my favorite books from my childhood. All those adventures and mysteryand those sandwiches they always packed! aww, just the best! I would love to read one of these again. To bring back those memoriesries of first experiences with reading books.

    10. Sarah says:

      This is one of the first books I ever remember reading alone, and will always have a soft spot in my heart. It remains one of my favourites out of the Famous Five series and was a wonderful book to read when I was young and still is just as enjoyable today.

    11. Rishita says:

      It was amazing to read Famous Five again. Famous Five was the series that got me into reading!! I love it so much. This book was a great read it was so good to read a Famous Five book after all these years. This is my first summer read this year and it was fabulous.

    12. Gina says:

      This book is probably one of my least favorites in this series. I didn't at all think the Five are on a secret trail at all. The other kids in this book were really annoying as well. I mean really? Twins? I also didn't think this was one of there most interesting mysteries.

    13. Jibin says:

      i liked this book because of the ghostly sounds and imagining it it was like lights in the stadium this book was about stolen blueprints which are very important and the blueprints were taken underground in a tunnel jibin

    14. Saaniya says:

      First book I ever read. Every chapter felt like an achievement

    15. Kevin says:

      I read these books when I was ten years old or so. They tell me that Enid Blyton was racist. I didn't get the feeling when I read the books Perhaps I was too young to see it.

    16. Jessica J. says:

      crecí leyendo sus libros y me sirvieron bien

    17. Farseer says:

      Five On a Secret TrailBrief Summary by Poppy Hutchinson (from enidblytonsociety/): Camping out, alone, in the moorland, near Kirrin Cottage – George and Anne see a series of strange flashing lights, one night from a derelict cottage, nearby. They also become acquainted with a strange young boy, who is involved in a local archaeological dig and when they are reunited with Julian and Dick, who have just returned from France – there is plenty to talk about! The Five gradually become aware of th [...]

    18. Alishba Nadeem says:

      I loved the book and I read this when I was pretty young. One thing that has always stuck to me about this book was the description of the water from the fountain, crystal cool against the lips and a parched throat, lying on heather, which felt like it was softer than a down comforter, nights under the stars and the food, oh goodness it always had my mouth watering, even the simplest egg and lettuce sandwiches or cold chicken, and even as the adventure, it lit up my little world. The blue prints [...]

    19. Dan Thompson says:

      Perhaps the dullest Five book I've reread yet! I found the story completely lacking and there was hardly any excitement for a reader of any age never mind myself. I am a huge Five fan - I still get excited about the prospect of rereading an adventure they stumble into, but this one never really got a few feet never mind in the air. The Secret Trail didn't really come about until two thirds in and by that point you couldn't really care less what they found. AND at the end when you expect to disco [...]

    20. Dianeh says:

      This book was a little different than most. First, George is off having a camping trip by herself till Anne comes. Second, when the boys arrive, it is unusual that Julian, who is the oldest and pretty astute, doesn’t think about the boys they talk to being twins! Julian is usually pretty sharp. Lastly, none of the five get caught. One of the twins gets caught instead. So, all in all, I liked it for having some differences from other books. (The one flaw being that when the five saw each of the [...]

    21. Katie Grainger says:

      This was quite a good one! When Ann and George are camping without the boys they end up camping in a strange old cottage. Then they meet a boy a very strange boy, when Julian and Dick arrive the girls decide to stay to help solve the mystery. What follows in a fun journey on a secret trail, wheat will the five discover.Another good story in the series, this all seemed full of new ideas rather than using bits from other stories.

    22. Nicola says:

      An old cottage, archaeological digs, a mystery in the making!I absolutely adored Famous Five as a child. I trawled through secondhand stores and slowly acquired all of them. For some reason in my childhood, there were lots of British books and comics widely available and back then they were sold for the mighty sum of 10 cents. Seems funny now when some of the secondhand shops charge $7-10 per book! I still have all of them safely saved in storage for when Little Miss grows up.

    23. Lizzi Heaney says:

      I KNOW they’re a product of their time, but honestly the fact that every time Julian and Dick show up George and Anne get shafted is starting to wear me down. The beginning, where it’s just the two girls on their own, highlights the disparity for me. Still, secret passages and important blueprints, I flew through this one and enjoyed it.

    24. Catherine Ryan says:

      Yet another childhood favourite, revisited on my Kindle! Usual "Famous Five" fare, this time beginning - and ending! - with Timmy the dog injuring his ear, and a pair of twins :)

    25. Subha Venkateswaran says:

      good for a young reader who wants to build reading skills.

    26. Katarina Dmitrievich-Shcherbatskaya says:

      My second favourite famous five book!

    27. Katie Fitzgerald says:

      I have long wondered about the Famous Five series, so when I discovered that my local library had a copy of this book in the large print section of its children’s room, I decided to give it a shot. The Famous Five consists of two girls, cousins George and Anne, Anne’s two brothers, Dick and Julian, as well as George’s dog, Timmy. In this adventure, Timmy is forced to wear a cardboard cone around his neck, and, indignant at the way people keep laughing at him, George takes him off into the [...]

    28. David Sarkies says:

      Bad guys and scientific secrets - a standard Famous Five adventure19 June 2013 I guess the reason I found this book okay was not so much that I read it after finishing Hemmingway but rather because of the silly incident with regards to the twins. Okay, many of you will probably suggest that this is just Enid Blyton having a bit of fun with some twins, but I my suspension of disbelief simply did not work. Okay, I had pretty much worked out that they were twins, but questioned how the Famous Five, [...]

    29. Vera Maharani says:

      My favorite Famous Five book so far. One of my favorite cover too (Julian ftw!!!). This is why I insist to collect only this particular edition and not the others.I love Timmy and his Elizabethan collar. I love the old house ruin setting, though I have trouble picturing from what era the house was from. I really like the underground rivers and caves and the old Roman camping ground. This particular story was just like all aspects of my adventurous childhood dreams rolled into one. I had a really [...]

    30. Jane Irish Nelson says:

      3.5 stars. The later books in the series don't seem to be quite as good as the earlier books. For one thing it almost seems that the children know they are a series.When Timmy the dog hurts his ear, George is upset that people are laughing at the collar he has to wear, so she goes off to the common to camp. Anne joins her a day or two later. Then they meet a strange boy, who seems different each time they see him. A deserted cottage near their camp site seems to be attracting attention from stra [...]

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