G. BruceKnecht
Hooked: Pirates, Poaching, and the Perfect Fish
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Hooked Pirates Poaching and the Perfect Fish This modern pirate yarn has all the makings of a great true adventure tale and explores the ways our culinary tastes have all manner of unintended consequences for the world around us Hooked tells the

  • Title: Hooked: Pirates, Poaching, and the Perfect Fish
  • Author: G. BruceKnecht
  • ISBN: 9781594866944
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Paperback
  • This modern pirate yarn has all the makings of a great true adventure tale and explores the ways our culinary tastes have all manner of unintended consequences for the world around us Hooked tells the story of the poaching of the Patagonian toothfish known to Americans as Chilean Sea Bass and is built around the pursuit of the illegal fishing vessel Viarsa by an AustThis modern pirate yarn has all the makings of a great true adventure tale and explores the ways our culinary tastes have all manner of unintended consequences for the world around us Hooked tells the story of the poaching of the Patagonian toothfish known to Americans as Chilean Sea Bass and is built around the pursuit of the illegal fishing vessel Viarsa by an Australian patrol boat, Southern Supporter, in one of the longest pursuits in maritime history.Author G Bruce Knecht chronicles how an obscure fish merchant in California discovered and renamed the fish, kicking off a worldwide craze for a fish no one had ever heard of and everyone had to have With demand exploding, pirates were only too happy to satisfy our taste for Chilean Sea Bass From the world s most treacherous waters to its most fabulous kitchens, Hooked is at once a thrilling tale and a revelatory popular history that will appeal to a diverse group of readers Think The Hungry Ocean meets Kitchen Confidential.

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    1 Blog on “Hooked: Pirates, Poaching, and the Perfect Fish

    1. Ross says:

      The subtitle contains what I consider very promising ingredients for lively but serious nonfiction: Pirates, Poaching, and the Perfect Fish. The book is about the story of the rise and fall of the Chilean Sea Bass (aka Patagonian tooth fish) as told through the lens of a single boat that attracted international media attention. The author does an excellent job of showing how little we really know about the fish that we eat. There's also an important story here about professions, like fisheries m [...]

    2. Carl says:

      The pirates were not convicted; that’s a huge shame given all of the evidence. But the reason they got off was that the Australian government couldn’t confirm their locations in the restricted zone without revealing United States secrets about the positional accuracy of the military bands of the GPS satellite system.

    3. Jim Good says:

      The book is broken into three distinct story lines that are switched indiscriminately between chapters. The most compelling story line is the individual chase, capture and trail of suspected fishing pirates by Australian Fishery officials. This story has many components from the pursuit of boats in international waters all the way to the frustrations of proving in court that a piracy act actually occurred. The cooperation between Australia and South Africa to take control of a rogue boat on the [...]

    4. Eric_W says:

      This book reads like an adventure story. Knecht recounts the true story of an Australian Fisheries patrol boat chase of a pirate fishing vessel that had been taking Patagonian toothfish (commercially known as Chilean Sea Bass - how the name change occurred is also part of this story) illegally off Heard Island. The chase went on for weeks through incredibly bad weather and under the most difficult legal conditions. The ship was finally boarded with the help of the South African Navy and then sai [...]

    5. Tim says:

      This book is a terrific read, a non fiction tome that reads like fiction.The manipulation of a species to satisfy the commercial leanings of the restaurant trade. The "invention" of the euphamistic "Chillean Sea Bass" to cover the tracks. A death defying chase half way around the world in the worst weather and the planet's most dangerous ocean.A story of massive risks, massive profits the cheapness of human life and sea life at the same time. The morals of looking after a species that few really [...]

    6. Brenda says:

      Riveting story! Unlike any story, this truly happened. I was assigned this book on a class, so I would of never come accross it. It is a very exciting/sad book about man's greed at whatever cost, in this case an endangered species (Patagonian toothfish) .It is an adventure story about the pursuit of poachers through Antartica. The book also explains how this species was discovered and came to be the "perfect fish" for the market. High demand and the fish's ecology ultimately led the fish stocks [...]

    7. Niall519 says:

      Reading this made me mad. Really mad. The combinations of short-sightedness, seflishness, ignorance and greed displayed by some of the poachers, and the fish and restaurant industries behind them is hard to take.I had a few qualms about the author's approach to the story, especially when appearing to quote people directly, but the afterword outlines a lot of his research process and sources. I'm still left a little dubious over descriptions of conversations and events that happened twenty years [...]

    8. Ashley says:

      I loved this book!! This came to my attention via NPR -- they have the best book reviews/discussion -- anyway, back to my review I had no idea about the perils of over-fishing. I just assumed that eating fish was better than beef. Also, I had no clue that the fish called Chilean Sea Bass was in danger of extinction. I must say, before the book I yummied down on some sea bass and ordered it whenever I saw it on a menu. Now, I have not eaten it since the book -- what an eye opener!! Lest y'all th [...]

    9. Matt says:

      It is amazingly hard to find good stories about fishing, but this one's pretty good. In 2003, an Australian patrol boat chased an illegal toothfish vessel nearly 4,000 miles before the crew surrendered. It wasn't exactly a high-speed chase, but that gives plenty of room for Knecht to write a nice story about the pursuit and the wacky rise of Patagonian toothfish, aka Chilean sea bass, to culinary fame.

    10. Liza says:

      This book was fantastic, I bought it for my husband, picked it up to read and never put it down. It opens your eyes to how we as a global economy destroy and deplete are resources until we are forced, by government regulation, to moderate our behaviors. The book is obviously specific to fishing but you watch the news and see how the same behavior applies to almost every resource out there.

    11. Charly says:

      I know this books seems like an odd topic to be so entertaining (Chilean sea bass) but it's a captivating story! The author mixes the history of Chilean sea bass as a coveted meat and the true story of a real-live pirate chase all through the waters of Antarctica and the southern half of the world. Take a Pass on Chilean Sea Bass!

    12. Jim says:

      A good account of the long-distance chase by Australian authorities trying to track a toothfish-stealing pirate ship (with the help of the South Africans) and a more general account of the rape of the seas, a sad tale of exploitation and destruction of the world's fisheries. For the most part, well told (though at times it felt dragged out for the sake of making a book).

    13. Steve says:

      If you're interested in what's happened to the commercial species of fish in our oceans over the last hundred years, this is a great read. It was fascinating to me how a consumption demand for a given fish is created and then the species is fished out. Then, a new fish is pushed on the western world and it is, in turn, fished out. That pattern cannot last forever.

    14. Kenno82 says:

      Fantastic book. Best summed up by Knecht himself, "this is, quite simply, a remarkable story and one that involves all of the most important issues that face on of mankind's oldest industries". I should add that it's a remarkable story in the hands of Knecht. Others would not have done the story justice. Much like Proving Ground, Knecht looks for more in the story than what first appears.

    15. Rhona says:

      An extremely interesting read. The author manages to make an interesting story even more fun. Even though the story line is non-fiction, it reads with the fun of fiction. A quick read that you won't want to put down.The author manages to understand and explain the difficulties of fisheries from a few well researched sides.

    16. Brian Moore says:

      Feel like seafood tonight? How about some Patagonian Toothfish? I didn't think so. That's why they renamed it Chilean Sea Bass. Fascinating story of how that happened, and what happened next, leading to an exciting chase across the far south seas as a fisheries cop tracks down a commercial fishing pirate in violation of international treaties protecting the species.

    17. Lee says:

      A story within a story. A hugh chase after fish pirates, but what I liked more was the history of the Patagonian tooth fish aka Chilean sea bass and how it went from practically worthless to "THE" item on expensive restaurants. Also how people made lots of $$ and a history of how we have fished species to near extinction.

    18. Paul L'Herrou says:

      Fascinating book if you are interested in fishing or preserving the ocean environment. Intersperses true story of Australian patrol boat chasing fish pirates with explanations of how the Patagonian toothfish became the popular Chilean seabass and then fished almost to extinction and continues to be smuggled into the US.

    19. Mame says:

      I learned about fish, the fishing industry, navigating in subzero weather, and high speed chases in Antarctic waters. It's interesting just reading about how the salt water freezes. I'm not finished with it yet, but I really like it.

    20. Melody says:

      Solid, gripping pirate-chasing adventure story interspersed with the story of the Patagonian toothfish (aka Chilean Sea Bass). Well-written, eye-opening and ultimately heartbreaking at the end. Worth a look.

    21. Peggy says:

      A true story about the Australian government capturing an illegal fishing boat. Informational about the overfishing and what that does to our environment. I ended up skimming parts due to unnecessary detail, and found the author's use of tense odd in parts.

    22. Syd says:

      This was an adventure tale that had a sound environmental message: what we are doing to fisheries all around the world. This was an easy read and I learned a lot regarding different species that have been overfished in the past as well as the ones that are being destroyed today.

    23. Troy says:

      An interesting book that explores the health of our oceans in terms of declining fish populations. Much of the book is dedicated to one single poaching event, which is where this book lost a few points from me. Overall, the book is interesting, but relatively narrow in scope.

    24. Goatville9 says:

      when you see chilean sea bass on the menu you'll cry over the exploitation of the patagonia toothfish.

    25. Henry Lacy says:

      Fun read, but its gonna make me feel guilty every time I eat seafood from now on!

    26. Kate says:

      About Chilean Sea Bass. Good book highlighting the role of the market in an overfished seafood.

    27. Lee Belbin says:

      One of the best reads - about illegal toothfish industry

    28. Rebecca says:

      Excellant, informative read!

    29. Meredith says:

      Interesting read. You learn a lot about overfishing in general and after reading this book you will never want to eat Chilean sea bass again.

    30. Giltrow says:

      Great book

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