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Basilisk This evocative story of greed power and deception sweeps from the underground cave network of the Combers living like spiders among the endless tunnels and ropes to the beautiful city inhabited by

  • Title: Basilisk
  • Author: N.M. Browne
  • ISBN: 9781582349107
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback
  • This evocative story of greed, power, and deception sweeps from the underground cave network of the Combers, living like spiders among the endless tunnels and ropes, to the beautiful city inhabited by Abovers When a young man named Rej discovers the body of a murdered Abover in the combes, their worlds begin to draw closer He swears vengeance for the murdered man and takThis evocative story of greed, power, and deception sweeps from the underground cave network of the Combers, living like spiders among the endless tunnels and ropes, to the beautiful city inhabited by Abovers When a young man named Rej discovers the body of a murdered Abover in the combes, their worlds begin to draw closer He swears vengeance for the murdered man and takes a great risk in going above There he is placed in the care of Donna, a beautiful young woman trapped in her life as a worker Food and clothing are rationed, while slaves and workers are forced to live in meager barracks But Rej and Donna have in common than a miserable existence they have weirdly identical dreams of dragons flying in a clear blue sky They are even surprised to learn that the city s cruel leader, the Arkel, is determined to find a way to bring just such dreams to life in order to literally scare the population to death The connection Rej and Donna make leads them on a dramatic adventure to save their loved ones from the Arkel s terrifying plans N M Browne has created an unforgettable world in this richly layered narrative.

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    1 Blog on “Basilisk

    1. Jenna Allen says:

      The Combers live underground, in the crevices and tombs of times long since past. Appeased with rations of food from the Above, they gamble for their lives on a daily basis. Rej is barely existing, with debts to some of the most vicious Combers, when he runs into a dying man in a cave that leads to the surface. The man is murdered before Rej can get him help, and Rej vows to avenge the poor man. When he emerges above, his fate is inextricably linked to Donna, a beautiful and stoic woman who is w [...]

    2. G says:

      [Written: 10-25-2004, Edited: 8-7-2017]: There's only one way to describe N.M. Browne's "Basilisk", and the kindest way of putting it is that it was just "a complete snore fest". Through beginning and the semi-end of the book, the book's lexicon is abundant and enough to take me out of the story.Past events that are brought up by characters is almost never explained properly at all, and therefore you are left with with a sense of confusion on how the world in the book became so hopeless and depr [...]

    3. Sharakael says:

      Oh gosh, I finished this book ages ago and had only just remembered that I had not registered this in GoodReads I can't remember much about this I remember liking the concept, the world and the characters. I remember really liking Rej as a character, and wishing for the book to continue for longer but other than that I'm afraid it's a bit of a blur for me.

    4. Corinne says:

      For Rej and Donna, life couldn't be more different. Rej is a comber, living a precarious life under the streets in semi-darkness. Donna is a scribe and an "oppidan," sworn to a life of humility and deprivation in the land Above. But they have one critical thing in common and when a murder in the combes brings Rej into the light, these two teens will soon be deep in a plot where dragons and poisons are real weapons and it will be up to them to discover the secret of the Basilisk.I picked this one [...]

    5. Aelvana says:

      Wow. Just wow. Again, some weak points, most specifically in bits of history I thought would have been better filled in, such as the propaganda behind the war and Rej's relationship with his mother, but overall still a really solid piece of work. One caution, though: it is rated young adult, but there are several disturbing instances of torture and near rape. It gets very violent, very messy, but the author paints a wonderful split world where those Below have their unique customs, ways of speak [...]

    6. Tasneem says:

      Another well written story. Donna and Rej are so different and yet so alike. The worlds of Above and Below and the people that are divided between it are so well narrated. Donna's father's evil and fear, that force him to kill his partner, the mother of his daughter as well as his beloved sister Estelle are very well brought out. He is mad, and his fear destroys everything he loves, including the land he has taken control of. The laws of Lunnzia are those that are supposed to be good, kind of li [...]

    7. M says:

      This book would have been okay MINUS the whole fantasy/dream element. Which, I realise the fantasy thing was the whole point of the book, but it made the story REALLY, REALLY confusing and also was TOTALLY NOT NECESSARY to the story. This would have been an interesting read if the story was only focusing on the characters and the society they were living in. Add in the basilisk thing (which I still don't understand) and the book SUCKED.

    8. Tara says:

      This book was a lot better than I expected it would be. It gets straight into the action and there are no really boring parts. All in all I liked it - the characters were realistic and reasonably likeable (Rej > Donna, though, she annoyed me in parts) and the plot was original. It's pretty short, only 320 pages, so it doesn't drag on. If you like fantasy and alternate universes you'll like this one; it's not the best but it's good :)

    9. Miss Clark says:

      I did not like the characters, the setting felt recycled. What is it with rape and violent situations? Seems like I have read dozens of these stories in the past year and I am getting really sick of it. Ending was pointless. Overall, into the rubbish bin. Not one single thing that I cared for - it just ran on and one, slow in the beginning, to its breathless, crashing ending.

    10. Penny Sun says:

      I read the book, but the story, although full of fantasy and dreams, and dragons, was also full of poison and torture. That really ruined the story for me. Also it got quite boring, so I read ahead. The torture described in the story is scary. I think the description on the inside cover was misleading, I didn't really like the book.

    11. Aleina says:

      This was a great book, granted I took my time reading it. I think it took me so long was because of all the stress affecting me at the time, but once I hit a certain point and most of the stress lifted, I sped through the rest of the book like a bullet and slurped up the story as if it were the best meal served. One of a kind and greatly detailed. I was not disappointed. :)

    12. Jon Oshiro says:

      This is one of my favorite books that she has written. The way that it tells both stories of Raj and Donna is really great and it draws you into their lives and what they go through especially how they live.

    13. Michelle says:

      To say this book royally sucked would be a grand understatement.Seriously, with a concept such as Browne created, I really expected a depth of storyline, character, background but everything came out as flat as a paper doll. I'm glad I only spent $4.99 on it!

    14. Kayla says:

      This book had a very interesting setting. I wasn't really sure what time period it was set in but as I went along it became a very interesting read. I loved all the different twists and surprises they put into it.

    15. KJ Shadows says:

      I read this a LONG time ago when I was younger and I remember I really liked it. I don't actually remember most of it just that I found it enjoyable. Who knows though my tastes are different but I decided to give it a 4 star rating anyway :)

    16. Tatiana says:

      Greatest suspense book ever!!!!!!!

    17. Lindsey says:


    18. Missy says:

      I only read this book because my son expressed an interest in it. It is not a book for a 10 yr old.

    19. Andrée says:

      some nice ideas but reads like a kids book somehow

    20. Ninglu says:

      Didn't get it.

    21. Kendra says:

      Liked it - but one of the main characters logic at one piont really made no sense at all. Oh, well.

    22. Jenny says:

      odd, but good story line

    23. Beanz says:

      Interesting concept and a refreshing ending but could have explored and fleshed out the villains/characters/setting.

    24. Pippa says:

      I thought the quality of writing of this book was really exceptional, and, although I rarely like fantasy, this novel worked for me on a deep level.

    25. Nirav G says:

      Not bad, but not great.

    26. Jaime says:

      One of my favorites! I've read it a few times.

    27. Kaydee says:

      Got to page 125 couldn't take anymore. Although the premise is interesting the execution is appalling and i had no idea what was going on. The first book i have ever DNF. Enough said.

    28. A.A.K. says:

      I didn't expect it to, but this book left an impact on me for a very long time after I read it. It was addictively fascinating.

    29. Jade says:

      I've had this book for a long time and have read it twice before. But I can't remember it! I read it so long ago! So I'll just be rereading it. Review to come. ***

    30. Therese says:

      Per Jessica Kallas

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