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Warriors of Alavna
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Warriors of Alavna Two modern teenagers find strength and power they never dreamed they had in this powerful fantasy that transports them to an ancient and mysterious Britian

  • Title: Warriors of Alavna
  • Author: N.M. Browne
  • ISBN: 9781582349169
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Paperback
  • Two modern teenagers find strength and power they never dreamed they had in this powerful fantasy that transports them to an ancient and mysterious Britian

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    1 Blog on “Warriors of Alavna

    1. Kit★ says:

      I found this little book at Goodwill one day, read the inside flap, and was intrigued enough to get it. And then it sat in my TBR cupboard for 6 months or so. It just never seemed like the right time to read it. Then the other day when I was looking for a new one, it sort of called to me. Fit my mood. I was wanting fantasy, but not too dark or complicated, and I was also wanting to read something short that wasn't going to set my reading pace back for a couple weeks. This just caught me as soon [...]

    2. Amy Murray says:

      I decided to reread Warriors of Alavana, a book I loved when I was about 14 because I just wanted something easy to read. I enjoyed it more than I remember! It's definitely written for a younger audience, it's more a tweenager book than a typical young adult. But once you get used to the simpler writing style and over the historical inaccuracies the story line is fast moving and engaging.Ok now I've gotten over the practicalities can we talk about potential queer representation? Is Ursula trans? [...]

    3. Temperance Truc Tran says:

      I read this for the first time as a younger teen. The teen in me back then would rate this as a 5-stars. This book has a lot of sentimental values for my childhood. I hated reading books back then because I was learning English as a second language. None of the books recommended for my level at the school library could pique my interests. Most of the plots were about school life and American life that I could not relate to. However, when I stumbled across this book at the public library, the fir [...]

    4. Marley Bullock says:

      This is a book that I read as a child. I received it as a gift and I put off reading it until it finally seemed to call to me.I couldn't put it down.Over the years the book fell out of my possession and I could not, for the life of me, remember the title of the book. The inability to reread it haunted me. Until today! Through the power of google, I have been able to find the book and now I can see how it's held up overtime. I'm pretty excited.

    5. Aicha Jwz says:

      This is a fantasy story about two teenagers who get enveloped in a time travel mist that takes them to the past that is ancient Britain. And for some reason they were quite quick accepting with it.The opposite of how I would beI was reading Rising Hannibal but I just, just really couldn't deal with that book at the moment and I felt my self slip into a reading slump. So, I decided to pick an random fantasy light read worthy book. This book was an easy read and I read through it in an normal pace [...]

    6. Julie says:

      I feel like I should apologize for giving it one star. Because M suggested we read this for Triple Take, thinking we'd like it. And I don't. It has elements in it that should make me like it -- time travel, the UK, mistaken gender. But I just don't.At first as I was reading, I thought the book just needed a good editor. And by 'good', I meant 'me'. So you can see my standards were pretty low on the editing. I found specific things I would've changed to improve the story.But as I was halfway into [...]

    7. Tyler says:

      I would recommend Warriors of Alavna to anyone who likes medieval books. It is about 2 teenagers that travel to a different world and discover that they have special powers. The 2 teenagers are from present time. If you like books with magic and action you will love this book. Once I started reading it, it was hard to put down and stop reading it. The book has some pretty good battle scenes in it. The battles have a lot of close combat sword fighting. It has because a great story-line to it. If [...]

    8. Déborah Muñoz says:

      Reseña completa y más en escriboleeoEl argumento es interesante, entretenido, pero los personajes me caen fatal, especialmente los protagonistas, que me parecen unos ñoños sin espíritu aventurero (nunca me había pasado que me cayeran mal todos los personajes de un libro). La forma de escribirlo no está mal, quizás demasiado largo para lo que es la historia porque pretende ser bastante descriptivo (y eso sí que lo logra bastante bien). Vamos, que es un libro de esos que te leer una vez y [...]

    9. Alisa Schindler says:

      I really liked this book. It was mysterious, Dan and Ursula did not know were they were or how to get back. This book was also very interesting because it was based in mid-evil times. Dan and Ursula changed over the coarse of the book. They went from being normal 21st century kids with no special ability to becoming war thirsty sorcerers of mid-evil times. It was really cool how this book was based of real history of the Combrogi tribe. Also this book leaves you on a cliff hanger not knowing wha [...]

    10. Alathea says:

      This is one of those "travel back in time books" and I really love it. It's fast paced and in my opinion, just awesome. I love the transformations the characters go through and that they have awesome powers that they need to figure out. Really fast and good read in my opinion. Although honestly, the follow up books were no where near as good. This one stands out as far more exciting in my opinion.

    11. Jessica says:

      Yet another great book found in the young adults section of my library. I really enjoy the books about normal modern teens that have magical things happen to them. This one is about time-traveling. Dan and Ursula are on a school trip when a weird sickly yellow mist appears and they are yanked into England circa 70AD. It's got warriors and magic. shapeshifting and warhounds. I really enjoyed and am moving onto the second in the series Warriors of Camlann.

    12. Emily says:

      I am so happy I stumbled upon this book in my public library. I really enjoyed the characters and the way Browne was able to show them being put in new and confusing situations. The character development was very memorable and kept me reading to see what would happen next. As a writer, I want to be able to put my characters in strange situations and write descriptions on how they would react. Browne's style is something I will remember as I grow as a writer.

    13. Hafiza says:

      Book 1 of a time travel YA series.Dan and Ursula are in the 10th grade and travel back to Ancient Brittain.Full of adventure, magic and great characters.Although the to teens are supposed to be 15/16, they did seem a lot more mature. I think it would have been more appropriate to have them 17/18.I loved the series and read all three books over the weekend.Very subtle romance that is clean and develops realistically over the course of the trilogy.

    14. Phair says:

      An odd YA book. Teens on a class trip to Hastings walk through a mist and find themselves in a 1st century Britain of celtic tribes battling a kind of "dark side" Roman invasion force called the Ravens. This is a land of fairly graphic violence and druidic magic that is well developed. It all builds well to a climactic battle after which the two teens go back through the mist- to home or? There is a book 2 so I rather think not.

    15. Jenny says:

      The thick fog wasn't natural, and Dan and Ursula are transported to Ancient Britain. Dan discovers the power of the berserker, a Sword, and a dog, Braveheart. Ursula discovers a connection to magic stronger than a priestess. The two have the power to unite the tribes against the might of the Ravens of Rome.

    16. Michaela says:

      Cover to cover. Core reading for a creative writing module. Time: 5.30am. Tomorrow: a comparative essay btw this novel and Dr James Miller's Lost boys. Essay focus: Narrative suspense. That will be all. Good night.p.s Martina this is waste of tree. You know what I mean, so I will not say more.Saknar dig pinglan. Puss och Kram

    17. Leigh says:

      I think I would have really, really enjoyed this book if it had been better written. It's a shame really, but I just couldn't get on with the writing style, all the short sentences etc. Because of that I have, for the moment, given up on this book. I may get around to finish it but doubt it'll be in the near future.

    18. Monica says:

      The writing was extremely lacking, especially as far as convincing and descriptions go. But it was engaging enough in the second half, all probably thanks to Ursula's development, and even left me wondering what could have happened after.

    19. Xstazjha says:

      This book was very interesting. I only gave it a three because the ending and the begging were not very atention grabbing. The beggining started out as two kids walking through a mist and getting seperated. The ending did not make me want to read more even tho the book is a sequel.

    20. Mitchell Cobb says:

      I really enjoyed this book when I was younger. I occasionally go back to re-read it when I'm in the mood for something quick and easy. Its not perfect, but its a great book for early teenage level readers and a fun story.

    21. Rebecca says:

      Another of the 'kids go back in time' genre, but a good book none the less. In this case one character who is an otherwise normal schoolboy gets turned into a beserker warrior while his female schoolmate becomes a sorceress. Not bad.

    22. Emma says:

      Good. Time travel. Two teens walk through a thick yellow mist while on a field trip and end up in what seems like Roman invaded Britain. They discover secret strengths they did not have in the regular world.

    23. Jenni says:

      So it's not the best writing, or the best plot out there, and at least half a star here is because I read it when I was a wee lass of 13, and nostalgia plays a huge part, but damn, this book pushes all my buttons the right way. Still love the characters very much.

    24. Roshni says:

      Pretty good book, setting is good, but the characters are ok, and Ursala, really. There has to be a better name.

    25. flajol says:

      Good time-travel fantasy: two modern school children walk through mists whilst on a school trip and end up back in dark-age Britain.

    26. Mary Ann says:

      The next one in the series I have already begun. It would be nice to see these two get home and see how they are enabled to deal with their native culture!

    27. Penny Sun says:

      I enjoyed the ideas that formed the story, and the history of the time was woven throughout the story, but it's a really short read.

    28. Sprinkles says:

      I read this book many years ago and I remember loving it. And when I saw that there were two more books in the series I was very excited to read them.

    29. Christopher says:

      Fast paced children's book that is deceptively detailed.

    30. Jamie says:

      A strange book.

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