Sven Lindqvist Joan Tate
Desert Divers
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Desert Divers This book follows the author on a personal journey into the Sahara and examination into the racist assumptions of those writers who have gone before him Taking as a metaphor the divers who cleaned out

  • Title: Desert Divers
  • Author: Sven Lindqvist Joan Tate
  • ISBN: 9781862075078
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • This book follows the author on a personal journey into the Sahara and examination into the racist assumptions of those writers who have gone before him Taking as a metaphor the divers who cleaned out desert wells, Lindqvist drags to the surface the story of colonial slaughter and sexual exploitation which contaminate his boyhood idols.

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    1. Mark says:

      If you don't have the time or the energy to make it through Edward Said's Orientalism, just read this much more compact and artful work and you'll get the picture. Lindqvist manages to blend(with his usual skill) the history of French colonialism in North Africa, his own travels and dreams there, and the literary figures who were haunted by the landscape, some we still remember like Saint Exupery and Gide and others who are more obscure. By the end you can see all too clearly what Orientalism do [...]

    2. Kyle Hoekstra says:

      Sven Lindqvist's sparse words are like heavy bombing on the page. Desert Divers is evocative travel diary and intellectual polemic: here his travels in the Sahara lead him to confront the realities of French empire there, engaging in criticism with colonial writers who earlier influenced him. He interrogates the absences in their writing, their failure to record the deaths let alone the details. He writes: "This is where Fromentin stood 130 years ago. The landscape we see is the same. The same s [...]

    3. Eric Randolph says:

      I have a hope that Lindqvist might become my great mid-30s discovery - the dreamlike flow of a great poet, the concision and fury of a great journalist.

    4. Chris Scott says:

      As a young boy Sven is captivated by a rare Swedish travelogue describing the well diggers of Touggourt in northern Algeria. Later on he becomes influenced by the writings of André Gide and other literary types who also spent time in North Africa. And so it seems a rather lame deal is struck with his publisher: go to North Africa, retrace the travels of some of these writers and cook up a polemical Sahara travelogue on the way.As a selective literary colonial history of North Africa the book is [...]

    5. Cristina says:

      Ci sono capitoli bellissimi in questo libro seguiti da elucubrazioni prive di logica narrativa e di un qualunque senso.Racconto di un viaggio sulle orme di personaggi illustri (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Eugène Fromentin, Pierre Loti, André Gide e Isabelle Eberhardt) mescola dati storici a informazioni attuali, narrazione a sogno, presente a passato. Ogni lettore può scegliere quale delle vite narrate (seppur brevemente, seppur solo in rapporto con il deserto) è quella più affine. A me è r [...]

    6. Faxe says:

      On the one hand - Lindqvist is a newly separated white man travelling through Northern Africa to write and make intelligent references to European colonialists who happened to write or paint. Boring. On the other hand - there are some solid postcolonial critical thoughts in there. And as an introduction to some of our most problematic colonial authors (Gide, Loti, Eberhardt par example) it's an outstanding read.

    7. David James says:

      Few authors can combine literary criticism, history, travel, and their own inner demons into a cohesive narrative and make it all work. Lindqvist can. It's a shame more of his books haven't been translated to English, but this one, like the others that have made it into the Queen's language, is very good.

    8. Iamreddave says:

      Strange dreamlike but entertaining. Similar to benchpress a description of various writers who thought about a topic combined with personal reminiscence

    9. Paul says:

      Fascinating. Lindqvist explores the personalities of those (mainly) Europeans who fell in love with the desert. A great read.

    10. Erik says:

      Excellent meditation on the Sahara desert and colonialism. Poetic.

    11. Sebastian Berg says:

      En kontemplativ skildring av Saharas ödemark och imperialismens förhatliga inflytande på densamma. Finfin.

    12. Jose says:

      Awesome. read this. excellent!

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