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Burden of Proof
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Burden of Proof John G Hemry is the New York Times bestselling author of The Lost Fleet writing as Jack Campbell With his Paul Sinclair novels he creates a world of outstanding suspense realism and t rate military

  • Title: Burden of Proof
  • Author: John G. Hemry
  • ISBN: 9780441011476
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • John G Hemry is the New York Times bestselling author of The Lost Fleet writing as Jack Campbell With his Paul Sinclair novels, he creates a world of outstanding suspense, realism, and.t rate military SF Booklist Lieutenant Junior Grade Paul Sinclair must adjust to his new position on the warship USS Michaelson juggling his Legal Officer responsibilities andJohn G Hemry is the New York Times bestselling author of The Lost Fleet writing as Jack Campbell With his Paul Sinclair novels, he creates a world of outstanding suspense, realism, and.t rate military SF Booklist Lieutenant Junior Grade Paul Sinclair must adjust to his new position on the warship USS Michaelson juggling his Legal Officer responsibilities and his intensifying relationship with girlfriend Jen Shen.When an explosion takes out most of Forward Engineering, Sinclair leads the effort to extinguish the fire He s practically a hero But when Captain Shen, Jen s father, is brought in to conduct an investigation, it seems that he s gunning for his daughter s suitor Soon Sinclair uncovers evidence that points to a cover up involving a rising star in the officer corps His evidence is circumstantial, and the suspect is the son of a powerful vice admiral He s determined to see justice done, but is he willing to risk his name, his career, and his future among the stars

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    1 Blog on “Burden of Proof

    1. Angie Boyter says:

      Very like the first, an enjoyable read. I really love how he extrapolates current-day Navy culture and tradition to the future (the year 2100. I had wondered how far future we were, and he mentions a document with a date once!) Warning, though: the first half of the book is about character and atmosphere, and the legal problem, which is the main plot thread, does not pick up until halfway through.

    2. ***Dave Hill says:

      The second "JAG in Space" story picks up where the last left off -- a young ensign (now Lt JG) slowly advancing in his career, which includes being the collateral legal officer on his US Space Navy cruiser. What's remarkable about this series is how unadventurous it all is. Yes, there's danger and drama, but very mundane. The "bad eggs" are easy to spot (if not to deal with), and of all the conflicts that one expects, 9 out of 10 of them simply don't materialize. It's very work-a-day and non-ope [...]

    3. Chris says:

      Awesome space disaster rescue and courtroom drama! :DDD Horribly awkward space romance! DDD: (Bonus for all female characters, including the love interest, being fully rounded individuals, though. I'll put up with some awkwardness for that.)

    4. BobA707 says:

      Summary: Really well written and thoughtful book, the plot is weak and the action thin, but the premise is excellent. Just as good as the first book in the seriesPlotline: Very simple plot but superbly presentedPremise: Totally believable, but not very far in the futureWriting: Simple, very descriptive, the detail is breathtakingEnding: Predictable but satisfactoryPace: Never a dull moment!

    5. Brandon Cord Bradshaw says:

      better than the first book, tighter

    6. Steven Allen says:

      I am so behind on my reviews. I will catch up on my reviews soon.

    7. Jeffrey Grant says:

      It’s always nice when a series with a shaky start improves rather than collapsing under the weight of previous issues. This book continues to follow Paul Sinclair on the Michaelson, in a “U.S. Navy in Space” setting. This time he’s introduced to a slacking officer who he has to deal with in the middle of a crisis. The crisis results in an investigation of serious wrongdoing, which Paul initially carries out. He subsequently takes a central role in the ensuing court martial. Hemry either [...]

    8. Online Eccentric Librarian says:

      More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress/With this second in the series, we establish the pattern of interaction/action in the first half of the book and then trial in the second. Author Campbell never gives away so much information that there is a foregone conclusion nor are there any tv-drama hysterics or surprises. This serious is about an everyman standing up for ideals (a recurring theme in Campbell's books) despite the costs.Story: As Paul Sinclair works his way up th [...]

    9. Mary Catelli says:

      The second Paul Sinclair book. Like the first, a work of military SF that revolves about a courtroom drama.Life in the United States Navy in Space. Paul Sinclair and the other officers and sailors carrying out their duties -- particularly the other junior officers, whom he associates the most with. Including a time when Greenspace interferes while they try to test a weapon. The farewall dinner to Carl Meadows and his replacement Scott Silver. Meeting a captain who's his girlfriend's father. Anot [...]

    10. Mothwing says:

      Very enjoyable account of another case that a legal officer has to deal with. Everybody is being very professional and precise, collars starched and buttons gleaming and seemingly always at attention. Things seem very tidy. For me, it is often very difficult to tell which customs are space navy and which are already present in the real US armed forces. My basically pacifist family has little to do with the our own armed forces. My elderly relatives were all drafted to serve in the Wehrmacht and [...]

    11. Andreas says:

      The second installment in the JAG is Space series is structured much like its predecessor, A Just Determination. Paul Sinclair is now a Lieutenant JG, still serving on the U.S.S. Michaelson. A deadly accident in forward engineering isn’t investigated as it should. An officer attempts to cover up the truth. Sinclair is in the middle. To mix things up, his girlfriend Jen’s father is a Navy Captain. Major trial in the second half.This story is a bit weaker than A Just Determination, but still q [...]

    12. Janell says:

      Second in a series, this is an excellent military and courtroom drama and the author is obviously well versed with both. This is the Navy in space although I would not call this a sci-fi since they don't deal with anything of an "alien" nature. Although the story itself could stand alone, most of the characters were introduced in the first book as well as their relationships to each other. Because this story was definitely more compelling, I actually liked this book even more than the first one. [...]

    13. Stacey Douglas says:

      If you like space opera, the Honor Harrington type, you may well enjoy this series involving a young officer who finds himself in the middle of difficult situations that end up in military court. Author Henry also writes as Jack Campbell in another series, The Lost Fleet, with a central character like Bujold's Vorkosigan, Weber's Harrington and Feintuch's Beaufort. I liked this story and look forward to reading the others in this series.

    14. Michael says:

      Another great science fiction book by John G. Hemry a.k.a. Jack Campbell. This book is a blend of hard SF, military SF and legal drama. It describes the first tour of duty of a young Navy Ensign (Ensign Paul Sinclair) on a deep space ship. One of his side jobs is as the ships legal adviser. When a new officer on the ship causes an explosion which kills an enlisted man, his side job suddenly takes on great importance and a test of his character. A great read which I highly recommend.

    15. Peter Tillman says:

      This one got off to painfully slow start: the first 100 pages is filler-grade material, and I was sriously considering bailing out before Hemry got to the heart of the story: a terrible accident, a bad officer covering up his dereliction of duty, and the ensuing court-martial.Once the book got moving, it's gripping, but it's hard to forgive the filler in front. It's a sin to waste the reader's time. 2.7/5 stars overall.

    16. Jason Murphy says:

      In my opinion this is the best book in the JAG in Space series. Not so much a whodunnit but a howdyaproveit? John G. Hemry's knowledge of the navy and legal proceedings is brilliant as always and he managed to put a character in a book that almost everyone has had to work with before, the kind of ass that manages to do nothing and take all the credit.

    17. Peter Brockert says:

      This seems more realistic than the JAG TV series. Apart from being set in space, the customs and traditions of the Navy are adhered to very closely and it doesn't appear that any part of the UCMJ has needed any altering for ships in space vs ships at sea.This is basically a 'life aboard ship from the perspective of a young officer who has the collateral duty of ship's legal officer.

    18. Tracy says:

      Another good series by John G Hemry (also known as Jack Campbell). Second in the series and I am looking forward to where this refuses-to-be-a-space-lawyer goes next in career and what happens next on his ship.

    19. David says:

      This is not an action-packed adventure but it is surprising how much of a page-turner it was for me. I enjoyed it a lot.

    20. Patrick Nichol says:

      This second volume in the JAG in Space series kicks. Easily one of the best military sci-fi series ever.

    21. Karen Desmond says:

      A good follow-on book with further development of our hero, who has been promoted since the first book in the series. A strong story of doing what's right, even when it isn't what's easy.

    22. Barry says:

      Enjoyable. Space, courtroom drama and good characters. What more could a reader ask for?

    23. Jeff Yoak says:

      I'm still enjoying the characters in this series, but finding the plot rather limited. I keep thinking that I'll stop after this book and deciding to continue.

    24. Steve says:

      Good Space Navy Jag /Adventure books

    25. Keith says:

      I think this book is a little more polished in its writing than book one. The story is good if you like courtroom drama but it takes a while to get into it.

    26. Rob says:

      A Good Read, Projecting military law into a future space fleet, A lot of good leadership lessons for any one.

    27. Bill says:

      Outstanding!! JAG for the Space Fleet by the author of the Lost Fleet (aka Jack Campbell).

    28. Steven S. says:

      Liked it.

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