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My Work Is Not Yet Done
April 25, 2019 Comments.. 992
My Work Is Not Yet Done When junior manager Frank Dominio is suddenly demoted and then sacked it seems there was than a grain of truth to his persecution fantasies But as he prepares to even the score with those responsible

  • Title: My Work Is Not Yet Done
  • Author: Thomas Ligotti
  • ISBN: 9780753516881
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • When junior manager Frank Dominio is suddenly demoted and then sacked it seems there was than a grain of truth to his persecution fantasies But as he prepares to even the score with those responsible for his demise, he unwittingly finds an ally in a dark and malevolent force that grants him supernatural powers Frank takes his revenge in the most ghastly ways imaginaWhen junior manager Frank Dominio is suddenly demoted and then sacked it seems there was than a grain of truth to his persecution fantasies But as he prepares to even the score with those responsible for his demise, he unwittingly finds an ally in a dark and malevolent force that grants him supernatural powers Frank takes his revenge in the most ghastly ways imaginable but there will be a terrible price to pay once his work is done.Destined to be a cult classic, this tale of corporate horror and demonic retribution will strike a chord with anyone who has ever been disgruntled at work.

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    1 Blog on “My Work Is Not Yet Done

    1. BillKerwin says:

      Thomas Ligotti is as close as I come to a living literary hero. Now that I have learned we share a common loathing, however, I find him more sympathetic but less heroic than before. Yes, Thomas Ligotti and I both loathe meetings, and--unfortunately--Ligotti's visceral loathing of meetings is evident on almost every page of this book.In 2001, after 23 years, Ligotti retired from his position as an editor with The Gale Group (publisher of research volumes for schools and libaries, best known for I [...]

    2. Stephen says:

      MY WORK IS NOT YET DONE SUMMARIZED IN PICTOGRAMSMY WORK IS NOT YET DONE SUMMARIZED IN BORING OLD WORDS4.0 stars. This is a bleak, bizarre and wonderfully original story that I thought I would have real trouble describing in a way that conveys the “unique feel” of the book. Then, as I was contemplating visual aids for my review, the images above popped into my head and I thoughtThat's pretty much it!!! Still, I will do my best to explain my weird picture equation. 1. Say Hello to DilbertOur [...]

    3. Maciek says:

      The company that employed me strived only to serve up the cheapest fare that its customers would tolerate, churn it out as fast as possible, and charge as much as they could get away with. If it were possible to do so, the company would sell what all businesses of its kind dream about selling, creating that which all our efforts were tacitly supposed to achieve: the ultimate product – Nothing. And for this product they would command the ultimate price – Everything.This is the third collectio [...]

    4. TK421 says:

      What a bleak, dark tale of corporate culture and the ways in which the bugs of the corporate world go about surviving day-in and day-out. I can't say that I am going to recommend this, but if you have a hankering for dark material, search no further. I need to read some more of his stuff before I can fully state if I even like this author me, that says something. Nightmares, here I come. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, I've had some time to think about [...]

    5. Paul Christensen says:

      Ligotti is an extremely talented and atmospheric writer, but his shallow ‘philosophy’ of anti-natalism (which he keeps pushing in nearly every story) is pure evil at this point in time.Europeans (99% of Ligotti’s readership) are encouraged not to breed because we’re all bloodbags full of sh*t, or gateways to the outer darkness beyond the soft black stars, or something. Of course the shoggoths continue to breed.This collection is essentially a novella (My Work is Not Yet Done), appended b [...]

    6. Jadranka says:

      Nezadovoljstvo na radnom mestu, odnos nadređenih prema potčinjenima, homo homini lupus - u svom punom sjaju, uz primesu Lavkraftovog neizrecivog užasa koji odnekud vreba, i očigledan uticaj Kafke, sve to se nalazi između korica Ligotijevih priča o tzv."korporativnom užasu" pod nazivom "Nedovršeni posao". Zbog malo konfuzne, ili prosto meni nedovoljno jasne, poslednje priče, moja konačna ocena: 4*

    7. Marko Radosavljevic says:

      Početak kao iz Američkog psiha, blaziran, poslovni svet, korporaciske ajkule i beznadje Kulminacija i rasplet kao iz najboljih priča Klajva Barkera Ko voli, nek čita

    8. Nate D says:

      I don't read much horror. I mean, just look at the much-neglected horror shelf at the back of any bookstore, dominated by Anne Rice, Stephen King, Dean Koontz. Nothing much too alluring. But as someone who is very interested in horror cinema, it seems strange to me that outside of the standard Poe and Lovecraft and a few Clive Barker stories, I give the stuff such a wide margin (please suggest). So when I ran across Ligotti, who draws comparison to Bruno Schulz and Thomas Bernhard, Kafka and Bur [...]

    9. Eddie Watkins says:

      Thomas Ligotti is the best "horror" writer at work today, though not many people have heard of him because he chooses to publish with small presses. But to pigeon-hole him as horror is certainly a disservice, as if he and Stephen King could even remotely be grouped together. King has his place and can be scary and entertaining, but Ligotti is entertaining and not only spooky scary but philosophically scary as well. He's in possession of about as bleak a vision as is possible while still retainin [...]

    10. Benoit Lelièvre says:

      Up until this morning this was in line for the "best thing I've ever read in my life", but since the main narrative MY WORK IS NOT YET DONE kind of ended in a predictable whimper, I'll only say this: MY WORK IS NOT YET DONE: THREE TALES OF CORPORATE HORROR is just one of the best things I've read in 2015. Whoever calls himself a horror fan and hasn't read Thomas Ligotti yet is like a man saying he likes painting despite looking at the same wall of the same museum for years.The man is a universe [...]

    11. Nebojša Petković says:

      Добар избор теме - хорор унутар актуелног корпоративног хорора. Остало - нихилистичко, мрачно, морбидно (не баш мој избор). Заита подсећа на Лафкрафта по истаживању ужаса унутар нас самих, али безнадежније по закључцима (чини ми се). Ипак, не може му се порећи занатска величин [...]

    12. Jason Pettus says:

      (Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography [cclapcenter]. I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted illegally.)Regular readers will remember that I recently read the new In the Mountains of Madness by W. Scott Poole, which is not just a biography of horror writer HP Lovecraft but also an examination of the "Lovecraftian" culture that has built up around his work since his death; and that got me interested not only in r [...]

    13. Tim Pendry says:

      This book did, in all honesty, give, or at least contribute to, nightmares. The sheer viciousness of the evil acts of the protagonist of the main novella might be enough to do that for some people but the real nightmare, as always with Ligotti, lies in his dark vision of existence.My more considered opinion on Thomas Ligotti's place in contemporary culture is to be found elsewhere - asithappensprfo/journal/ - but this book adds to the canon.The book is slim - really it is a novella with two sho [...]

    14. Simon says:

      I didn't know whether Ligotti could live up to the impressively high standards that he attained in Teatro Grottesco but fortunately he did. I am once again humbled by this man's brilliance. This is precisely the kind of thing I'm looking for in horror; smoothly, eloquently written prose with creeping unease that makes one tremble in the face of the universe and the unseen that hide in its shadows.Ligotti presents a starkly atheistic, cynical view of life and the universe. If asked whether the gl [...]

    15. Peterh says:

      There were three stories in this book, of which titular and first story was the longest, and the most offensive. Ligotti's attempt to wring shock value out of various issues, including rape and eating disorders was disgusting, at least to me. The whole first story was an angsty revenge fantasy that dragged on for much too long. Ligotti somewhat redeemed himself with the second two stories though. The second, "I Have A Special Plan For This World" was less focused than the first story, but also m [...]

    16. Bill says:

      This was my first Ligotti read. Don’t know what took me so long. He definitely has his own style which really worked for me in the first and third stories in this collection of corporate terror tales. The second story “I Have A Special Plan For This World”, was a bit of a chore to get thru and seemed to be a series of super long run-on sentences, stream of consciousness style. The main story and the namesake for the collection was my favorite of the three stories. The voice was strong and [...]

    17. Tim says:

      Just never gets off the ground. I found the angst of the main character to be, well, juvenile. The author obviously has issues with the corporate world or he is trying to project something but it doesn't work for me. The main character garnered nothing but negatives from me - first in his reactions and lack of accountability to himself, and then , even worse, by just quitting. Quitting everything. The "I have decided to die and take everyone with me" motif is just boring. I didn't find the shock [...]

    18. T.E. Grau says:

      This is a grim, sad, violent book, which suffers a bit from scattershot plotting that seems to take the story in arbitrary directions, without tying up loose narrative ends.Still, the rendering of the tale is what helps it overcome structural slips, as no one writes horror fiction like Thomas Ligotti writes horror fiction, especially set in areas of urban, moral, and capitalistic decay.A pitch black gut punch to optimism and corporate culture.

    19. Patrick says:

      I don’t think you’re going to like this book. Here’s the thing. Thomas Ligotti is one of my favourite modern horror writers, but he does not work very hard to be liked by the average reader. His stories are the concentrated expression of a personal philosophy which goes beyond bleak. Most eloquently expressed in his book ‘The Conspiracy Against the Human Race’, it is something not often found in mainstream fiction for the simple reason that it isn’t the kind of thing most people want [...]

    20. Đorđe Bajić says:

      Nedovršeni posao (2002) je svakako zanimljiva knjižica. Nevelika obimom (svega 171 stranica), ona nudi, kao podnaslov otkriva, tri priče o korporativnom hororu. Prvi segment knjige, naslovni Nedovršeni posao, ujedno je i najduži. U pitanju je delo koje po svom obimu može da se uvrsti u kategoriju kratkih romana. Početak Nedovršenog posla ne sadrži natprirodne, pa čak ni horor elemente. Ligoti nam prikazuje svakodnevnicu jedne američke firme kroz sudbinu Frenka Dominija, čoveka koji i [...]

    21. John says:

      I feel like half the art in horror is atmosphere, where nothing exactly happens for a while but I am nail-bitingly on edge and expecting just about anything. The eponymous novella in this book is about one the most unsettling things I've read: the story of an outcast at a large corporation whose personal neuroses, related with a wry, unsettling voice that owes a lot to both Nabokov and Lovecraft, drives him to bizarre extremes. Thinking I'd work through it in a couple of days, the novella had me [...]

    22. Amorfna says:

      Odlicna ( a cak nisam ni fan horor zanra). Mracna, kafkijanska atmosfera .Idealan poklon za sefa ( nakon sto date otkaz).

    23. Cancerman says:

      Završen posao. Mrak mrak mrak mrak, pročitan Ligoti.Pročitajte ovo ukoliko želite da se poistovetite sa nekim ko prezire izraze "menadžment", "timski igrač", "korporacija".

    24. Andy says:

      It saddens me that I've almost read all of Ligotti's published fiction at this point. No other writer has affected me so much.In this book Ligotti turns to corporate horror, something he has explored elsewhere, in Teatro Grottesco in particular. But this book is different from anything else I've read by him. His dark philosophy and imaginative, surreal atmosphere come through, but the first story in this book is longer than anything else he's published. Because of this he paces the story and we [...]

    25. Ian Casey says:

      Ligotti’s fourth major collection of original fiction (ignoring some obscure ones) is quite literally a change of pace from the previous three. More on that momentarily, but first, a Public Service Announcement.The Nightmare Network could easily be overlooked as the last and shortest story here, but that would be a disservice. My initial reaction is that this is the most dementedly brilliant thing I’ve read from Ligotti so far, or from anyone.That visceral response will dull with time but fo [...]

    26. d. says:

      andjeli ne postojeukoliko nisu andjeli smrti.

    27. Galo says:

      How ironic Thomas Ligotti should appropriately title this book for it suits it quite well. I hate to be overly critical of an author who is truly brilliant and possess one of the richest, most fertile, and under appreciated phantasmagorical mind's this side of Swiss artist H.R. Giger, but this novella and the two companion short stories (although the Nightmare Network can hardly be called a story) were complete and utter disappointments. I can only posit Ligotti fell into a deep state of dark ra [...]

    28. Andrew Lennon says:

      Have up at page 50.I don't know if it's because I'm ill today, but I just couldn't get into this book. I was completely disinterested the whole time. I usually enjoy Ligottis stories but this one just didn't do it for me.

    29. Zorana Mitrović says:

      Какав смор од књиге.Тако добра идеја и тема и стварно је у почетку и више него интересантна, а онда од друге половине почиње да губи смисао и да буде напорна.Довршила сам је на силу.

    30. Dan says:

      oh heck, I lost interest.The problem is a possibly good story gets weighed down by vague, obvious satire. Yeah, we're all corporate drones run by unseen malevolences--but I still get vacation days

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