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Reckless Sleep (Gollancz)
March 12, 2020 Comments.. 892
Reckless Sleep Gollancz A world that is literally falling apart a fresh take on VR realistic flawed heroes and a fierce intelligence mark this out as a debut of unusual quality London is drowning in volcanic ash and someon

  • Title: Reckless Sleep (Gollancz)
  • Author: Roger Levy
  • ISBN: 9781857988901
  • Page: 394
  • Format: None
  • A world that is literally falling apart, a fresh take on VR, realistic flawed heroes and a fierce intelligence mark this out as a debut of unusual quality London is drowning in volcanic ash and someone is hunting down the survivors of a failed war on our first colony planet Jon Sciler has to find out who before he is next.

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    1. Liviu says:

      Very ambitious debut; it does not fully succeeds since the book does not coalesce in a whole; it took me more than 3 years of occasional reading to finally get to a point where I was interested in finishing it rather than getting tired by its over-writing, but it was ultimately worth. Virtual reality, Earth going down the drain, (real) alien planet with monstersI will start the related book Dark Heavens and read more from Icarus since Mr. Levy is an interesting writer; however I do not anticipat [...]

    2. Juan Bosco says:

      Esta es una novela sobre la colonización de otros planetas, un mundo a punto de colapsarse, cultos, afrodisíacos, realidad virtual y un poco de juego de rol. Son muchas ideas que no logran cuajar del todo y en conjunto no están tan bien integradas, pero por momentos te dejan reflexionando sobre "qué pasaría si", que es algo deseable en la ciencia ficción.La historia nos relata la historia de redención de un protagonista poco interesante, con algunos rasgos peculiares que el autor olvida d [...]

    3. Phil Meekracken says:

      I found Reckless Sleep a frustrating read. Roger Levy writes well: situations flow off the page smoothly, and characters are portrayed believably and naturally. His world has a surreal Dickian quality to it, sf touched with a hint of Magic Realism, such that you can never be quite sure what might happen over the page. Unfortunately, as the story develops it turns out that what might happen over the page is far more interesting than what actually does - Reckless Sleep is rather dull and confused [...]

    4. Infame Descalzo says:

      Disfruté esta vuelta a la ciencia ficción después de tanto tiempo. El libro es muy entretenido y muy gráfico, o sea, parece el guión de una película de ciencia ficción (todo el tiempo me preguntaba si el autor lo habría escrito con una intención así). Recomendable para los que disfruten del género. Como no soy un fanático de los videojuegos, tal vez no alcancé a saborearlo al 100%, pero supongo que personas que disfrutan zambullirse en esa realidad virtual, encontrarán el libro má [...]

    5. Peter says:

      a bit patchy in places, but a cracking read nonetheless: This is the guy's first book (according to the interview he did on the site) and wasn't as polished as it could have been but that is really being picky. This is an exciting read -- I got three quarters of the way through and then read the final bit in one sitting. It's by no means a classic but is one of the better new sci-fi reads around. give a shot, you won't be disappointed.

    6. John says:

      An inventive and fairly unique take on the near-future dystopian scifi. Also combined space travel and fantasy as genres, but convincingly so. However well he sees his own vision of the future and technology, alas this debut novel does not reveal that Levy had a truly nuanced view of human nature. The emotional motivations are cartoonish.I picked it up on the take one leave one shelf at a hostel, was definitely worth the read in that context. I might try his later works.

    7. Daveb27 says:

      As with reckless sleep, a great book that the other reviewers point out.I reckon some of the themes were used in avatar

    8. BasziK says:


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