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Areias Movediças
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Areias Movedi as O primeiro livro da nova s rie do galardoado autor sueco Arne Dahl protagonizada pelo inspetor Sam Berger e a agente infiltrada do Servi o de Seguran a Molly Blom abre caminho a uma sequ ncia de po

  • Title: Areias Movediças
  • Author: Arne Dahl
  • ISBN: 9789722062664
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • O primeiro livro da nova s rie do galardoado autor sueco Arne Dahl, protagonizada pelo inspetor Sam Berger e a agente infiltrada do Servi o de Seguran a, Molly Blom, abre caminho a uma sequ ncia de policiais em que o enredo escapa aos limites das tradicionais compet ncias da Pol cia, concentrando se mais nas v timas e nos assassinos.Ellen Savinger, de 15 anos, est desapaO primeiro livro da nova s rie do galardoado autor sueco Arne Dahl, protagonizada pelo inspetor Sam Berger e a agente infiltrada do Servi o de Seguran a, Molly Blom, abre caminho a uma sequ ncia de policiais em que o enredo escapa aos limites das tradicionais compet ncias da Pol cia, concentrando se mais nas v timas e nos assassinos.Ellen Savinger, de 15 anos, est desaparecida h duas semanas Sam Berger receia que tenha sido raptada por um serial killer, mas s o poucos os colegas no Comando da Pol cia de Estocolmo dispostos a ouvi lo sem corpo n o h crime.Sam decide agir sozinho, e no decorrer das suas dilig ncias come a por interrogar Nathalie, uma mulher que sabe mais do que deixa transparecer, e que ele acredita ser c mplice do criminoso medida que aprofunda esta tese, apercebe se de uma sinistra liga o ao seu pr prio passado e depressa o ca ador passa a ser a presa.O primeiro romance da nova s rie do galardoado autor sueco Arne Dahl, protagonizada pelo inspetor Sam Berger e a agente infiltrada do Servi o de Seguran a, Molly Blom, abre caminho a uma sequ ncia de policiais em que o enredo escapa aos limites das tradicionais compet ncias da Pol cia, concentrando se mais nas v timas e nos assassinos.

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    1 Blog on “Areias Movediças

    1. Paromjit says:

      I imagine this is the first of the series, mainly because it seems as though Detective Sam Berger has left the police to become a private investigator, with his partner who helped to work this serial killer case of disappearing 15 year old girls and because things are left hanging in a major way suggesting only part of the case is resolved. This is a twisted and dark Scandi-Noir featuring a melancholic Sam Berger who leads a team into a farmhouse thought to be where a missing girl, Ellen, is bei [...]

    2. Warrengent says:

      This book had one of the most unique and unexpected twists to it, that made me stop reading and really think to myself how did I not see that coming. That is testament to the author who's writing is not only addictive but also totally brilliant, totally give my emotions and mind a good shake up,compulsive read,highly recommend it.Thanks everyone at NG and the author and publisher,for allowing be to read this awesome book.

    3. Louise Wilson says:

      At each abandoned crime scene, there is a hidden clue, a tiny metal dog, almost invisible to the human eye. Someone is sending Detective Sam Berger a message. Someone who knows that only Sam will understand the cryptic trail. When another teenage girl disappears without trace, Sam has to convince his superiors that they are dealing with a serial killer. As the police continue the hunt for the latest victim, Sam is forced to unearth long-buried personal demons. Sam has to understand darkly person [...]

    4. Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede says:

      Swedish reviewEllen Savinger är femton år och har varit borta i tre veckor. Polisen Sam Berger tror att en seriemördare har tagit henne, men då ingen kropp har hittats är det ingen som tar hans teori på allvar. Men så får de till slut en öppning i fallet och i samma veva så hittar den den mystiska Nathalie Fredén. Men kanske har Sam tagit sig vatten över huvudet?Vad jag undrar är följande; varför har jag aldrig läst Arne Dahl förut? Han är en av min mammas favoritförfattare me [...]

    5. Dimitris Passas says:

      Το ''Watching You'' ήταν μια πολυαναμενόμενη νέα κυκλοφορία καθώς ο Arne Dahl (κατά κόσμον Jan Arnald) θα δοκιμαζόταν σε ένα καινούργιο είδος γραφής, εντελώς διαφορετικό από αυτό που συνηθίσαμε στις -αγαπημένες- σειρές Intercrime και Οpcop. Σε αυτό το βιβλίο συναντάμε έναν ''αγνώριστο'' Dahl, στον βαθ [...]

    6. Roman Clodia says:

      I loved Dahl's Intercrime series, but this book is far more conventional, even a bit tired. There are some great twists that are so out there that they're practically U-turns in the first half but then things settle into one of those tales where a traumatic event in childhood is played out 30 years later, a premise which always makes me sigh in disbelief.What I loved about the Intercrime series was the slick plotting and, especially, the rounded characterisations of the team with their banter an [...]

    7. Trev Twinem says:

      When I started this book it really confused me. I expect Scandinavian fiction to be a slow burner with deep descriptions and weighty character development. However from page 1 we are literally thrown into the unrelenting action as Detective Sam Berger together with his trusty assistant Deer (Desire) smash rotten wooden planks and charges through the door of a ruined building, battering ram in hand, in search of another teenaged girl who has disappeared without trace. At first I found the unrele [...]

    8. Liz Barnsley says:

      I loved this one – it was just the kind of twisty story I love with a couple of smartly drawn main protagonists, plenty of mystery, completely gripping and really right up my street.It is a “serial killer thriller” that also sets up what I hope will be a long running series as I am at this point very attached to Sam as a character – and just as attached to his erstwhile partner in crime who’s name I won’t give you right now so as not to spoil the plot – but individually they allow [...]

    9. Janet says:

      I hadn't head of Arne Dahl before this book had been offered to me. Turned to be a really nice surprise.A young girl disappears and there is no trace of her anywhere. Other 15 year old girls have disappeared also and it's a case that Detective Sam Berger and his team are cased to solve. One night whilst entering a farmhouse it becomes clear that the place is booby trapped and a man goes down. It's a shocking moment that leaves the police officers nervous as the farmhouse is searched for any clue [...]

    10. Jannelies says:

      Thank you NetGalley for this advance copy.I’m a long time fan of Scandinavian thrillers and of course Arne Dahl is one of my favorites. His books are not suitable for people who like an easy read. No, from page one on, you are thrown into the story and only slowly you will get a grasp of what is really going on. This story has almost as much layers as there are pages in the book, with the layers becoming more and more intriguing. What’s so clever with Dahl’s writing is that you have to fil [...]

    11. Kate~Bibliophile Book Club says:

      I’m a huge lover of Scandinavian crime so I was thrilled to be approved to read Watching You. I had no expectation as I’ve not read anything by him before, so I was hoping for greatness!Watching You started out really well, as you would expect with a solid and gruesome premise. There were plenty of twists and turns along the way, some that were more shocking than others. There is a great sense of momentum at the beginning of the book and I was intrigued right from the beginning. I really lik [...]

    12. Steffi says:

      Mit dem Einstieg in das Buch habe ich mich eher schwer getan, denn man landet ohne große Erklärungen mitten in dem Fall. Man weiß nicht so wirklich worum es geht und die Personen kennt man erst Recht nicht. Meiner Meinung ist das bei einem Thriller nicht so geschickt.Es hat gut 100 Seiten gedauert bis ich mich in dem Geschehen zurecht gefunden habe und dann auch mal ein wenig Spannung aufkam. Hier hatte ich dann wirklich Hoffnung, dass mich das Buch nun endlich gepackt hat, aber leider war di [...]

    13. Elaine Tomasso says:

      I would like to thank Netgalley and Random House UK, Vintage Publishing for an advance copy of Watching You, a Swedish police procedural.Detective Sam Berger is hunting for missing 15 year old schoolgirl, Ellen Savinger. In the 3 weeks since she has disappeared there have been precious few clues until a phone call identifies a house with Ellen in it. What they find is a house of horrors but no Ellen. Sam is convinced he is looking for a serial killer but his boss instructs him not to mention thi [...]

    14. Annette says:

      I enjoyed this book to a point but I did find it over complicated and a bit drawn out because of this it didn't hold my interest as I would have liked. Thank you to the publisher for the ARC

    15. Britt-Marie Kullin says:

      Betyg: 5 av 5. Trots att Arne Dahl har skrivit och gett ut så många kriminalromaner, och trots att det jag läser mest av, är svenska deckare, så har jag bara läst en enda bok av honom tidigare. Den jag har läst är Misterioso, som är den första boken i serien om A-gruppen, och här är en länk till mitt blogginlägg om den. Jag har däremot sett en hel del filmatiseringar av hans böcker, och dom har jag tyckt varit mycket bra. Nu har Arne Dahl kommit ut med den första boken i en ny p [...]

    16. Paul says:

      Watching You – A Stunning New Scandi SeriesWithout doubt Arne Dahl is the King of Scandi Noir and does not look like giving up that mantle with a new thriller series. Like all his thrillers his writing has a pace that is breath taking from the first sentence to the last, he has you in a vice like grip. He has such a compelling way of creating characters that just attract attention that intrigue and intelligence. Dahl’s books are both complex and compelling at the same time, the plotlines are [...]

    17. Booklunatic says:

      4 SterneEs war spannend und reich an überraschenden Wendungen - das ist ja bei einem guten Krimi schon die halbe Miete. Allerdings erschienen mir die Entwicklungen teilweise arg absurd Dennoch ist die Neugier auf den nächsten Teil groß genug, vor allem nach der bösen Überraschung am Schluss.

    18. Patrícia Braz says:

      3.7 stars

    19. Jürgen Zeller says:

      Von Arne Dahl habe ich vor ewigen Zeiten, bevor ich angefangen habe kurze Rezensionen zu schreiben, einen Band der Serie rund um das "A-Team" gelesen und war nur mittelmässig zufrieden. Seither habe ich bis zu diesem Buch keinen Krimi mehr von ihm gelesen. Der Kindle-Deal der Woche hat mir die Möglichkeit gegeben, für kleines Geld Dahls Auftakt zur "Berger & Blohm" Reihe zu lesen. Das Buch ist gut, wenn auch mit zwei oder drei Einschränkungen.Dass die Geschichte mitten in einem dramatisc [...]

    20. Heidi says:

      The aspen leaves are trembling.And so will you Wow! What a wild emotional rollercoaster ride this book turned out to be! Whilst some of the opening scenes were somewhat dark and confronting, I was settling in to read what I thought would be a fairly typical Scandinavian murder / mystery. And for a while, the story seemed to flow along a well-trodden path, as detectives Berger and Deer follow a lead to a derelict farmhouse where they hope to find a missing 15-year-old girl who they fear has falle [...]

    21. Nélia Rosa says:

      Apesar de não ter adorado, o final aguçou a curiosidade para os livros que se seguem nesta série.

    22. Annabee says:

      VOLTREFFER!Arne Dahl verdient een en al lof voor Grensgebieden, deel 1 van de Berger&Blom-reeks. Wat een boek! En wat een verademing dat er weer eens een thriller is verschenen die met kop en schouders boven de concurrentie uitsteekt. Voor zulke boeken zijn de vijf sterren uitgevonden. Interessante, niet per se sympathieke, hoofdpersonages: Sam Berger en Molly Blom. Zij maken een valse start, maar dat de reeks hun beider namen draagt wekt verwachtingen. Boeiend, spannend, ingenieus geconstru [...]

    23. Geir Tangen says:

      Her er min anmeldelse av "Utmarker" (ekstern lenke)bokbloggeir/2017/03/09/ut

    24. yexxo says:

      Ein 15jähriges Mädchen ist entführt worden, doch nach drei Wochen hat die Polizei noch keine einzige Spur. Im Gegensatz zu seinem Vorgesetzten ist Kommissar Sam Berger überzeugt davon, dass ein Serienmörder am Werk ist und ermittelt heimlich auf eigene Faust. Dass er selbst schon länger im Visier zweier gegeneinander kämpfenden Kräfte ist, wird ihm erst klar, als fast alles zu spät ist.Arne Dahl ist ja schon länger bekannt als Autor der spannenden Krimireihen über die A-Gruppe und Eur [...]

    25. Esther says:

      Für mich: leider langweilig. Keine Spur der bisher Dahl-typischen sehr interessanten gesellschaftspolitischen und -kritischen Analysen, stattdessen eine exaltierte Story, die sich durch rein gar nichts nicht von üblichen Krimi-Konstruktionen abhebt. Sehr schade.

    26. Anna Dalvi says:

      A bit disappointed since I normally really like Arne Dahl. But the story just is not in any way believable to me. I tried to suspend disbelief and enjoy it anyway, which went so-so.

    27. Rowena Hoseason says:

      One of the Nordic nations’ premier crime writers delivers a masterclass of misdirection and suspense. Arne Dahl kicks off what appears to be a standard Scandi crime police procedural with a stand-out, set piece action sequence which simultaneously curls your toes and sets your stomach churning. The whole book is saturated with unsettling scents; blood, bodily fluids, decay, and each scene is soaked with the incessant precipitation – from downpour to near-constant drizzle – which is the inv [...]

    28. Cheryl M-M says:

      Sam is desperately trying to find a young girl, the victim of a kidnapping. The upper echelon of the police think it is an isolated event, but Sam thinks it is the work of a serial-killer. He believes her disappearance is linked to other cases of missing girls. Of course the upper echelon is also unaware of his personal interest in the case, and his private investigations into the crimes.Sam happens upon a coincidence, well at least he thinks he does, which leads him to the killer. Enter Molly, [...]

    29. Nisnis Bücherliebe says:

      Der Klang der Todesangst – Psychologisch raffiniert und äußerst fesselnd1. Teil der neuen Krimi-Serie um das Ermittlerduo Sam Berger und Molly BlomIn einem Labyrinth artigen Keller stößt Kriminalkommissar Sam Berger auf die Leiche einer jungen Frau, die unter mysteriösen Umständen verschwand. Er entdeckt Spuren, die nur jemand hinterlassen haben kann, der Sam gut kennt und die für ihn zusätzlich auf einen Serientäter hindeuten. Allerdings gibt es keine weiteren Opfer.Sam Berger steht [...]

    30. Colette Lamberth says:

      There were sections of this that I really enjoyed and couldn't turn the pages fast enough, but equally there were sections that seemed to drag. I see that it's the first in a new series and the ending did in some respects leave me wanting more. A good read but it just didn't overall have the wow factor for me.I received a copy of Watching You via NetGalley and my thanks to Vintage for that.

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