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Sidney Chambers and The Persistence of Love
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Sidney Chambers and The Persistence of Love The eagerly anticipated sixth installment in the Grantchester Mysteries series now a major PBS television series as well The sixth book in the James Runcie s much loved Granchester Mystery series wh

  • Title: Sidney Chambers and The Persistence of Love
  • Author: James Runcie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The eagerly anticipated sixth installment in the Grantchester Mysteries series, now a major PBS television series as well.The sixth book in the James Runcie s much loved Granchester Mystery series, which has been adapted for Masterpiece s Grantchester starring James Norton, sees full time priest, part time detective Sidney Chambers plunged back into sleuthing when he discoThe eagerly anticipated sixth installment in the Grantchester Mysteries series, now a major PBS television series as well.The sixth book in the James Runcie s much loved Granchester Mystery series, which has been adapted for Masterpiece s Grantchester starring James Norton, sees full time priest, part time detective Sidney Chambers plunged back into sleuthing when he discovers a body in a bluebell wood.It is May 1971 and the Cambridgeshire countryside is bursting into summer Attending to his paternal duties, Archdeacon Sidney Chambers is walking in the woods with his daughter Anna and their aging Labrador, Byron, when they stumble upon a body Beside the dead man lies a basket of wild flowers, all poisonous And so it is that Sidney is thrust into another murder investigation, entering a world of hippies, folk singers, and psychedelic plants, where love triangles and permissive behavior seem to hide something darker.Despite the tranquil appearance of the Diocese of Ely, there is much to keep Sidney and his old friend, Detective Inspector Geordie Keating, as busy as ever An historic religious text vanishes from a Cambridge college Sidney s former flame, Amanda Richmond, gets a whiff of art world corruption and his nephew disappears in the long, hot summer of 1976.Meanwhile, Sidney comes face to face with the divine mysteries of life and love while wrestling with earthly problems from parish scandals and an alarmingly progressive new secretary to his own domestic misdemeanors, the challenges of parenthood and a great loss.

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    1 Blog on “Sidney Chambers and The Persistence of Love

    1. Melindam says:

      "Life has limits, but love has no bounds. / Dem Leben sind Grenzen gesetzt, die Liebe ist grenzenlos."I received the arc from the Publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Recommended: to those who like their cozy mysteries with substance that matters. :)Although I heard about the "Grantchester Myteries" before and I know that there is also a related TV series, which I mean to check out soon, I haven't read any of the previous books. I expected the "usual" cozy mystery with a busy [...]

    2. Carolyn says:

      This is the sixth collection of short stories featuring Sidney Chambers. Sidney is now an Archdeacon and has moved on from Grantchester with his wife and daughter, however the stories still revolve around the characters we've come to love and know so well through the earlier books and the TV series "Grantchester". Set in the early 1970s, everyone has become a little older and wiser although Sidney still loves to solve mysteries and often gets in trouble for dereliction of his home duties.All wri [...]

    3. Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede says:

      In the first book we meet a young Sidney Chambers some years after WW2, unmarried and vicar of Grantchester. It's now the 70s and Sidney and Hildegard are married and they have a young daughter, Anna. He has risen in the ranks and is now archdeacon. But, he still can't stay away from trouble as the stories in this book will prove. This book is, as the rest I have read, divided into short stories that have different cases that Sidney takes one. And, I have to say that so far this is my favorite b [...]

    4. Ivonne Rovira says:

      In the sixth book to feature the philosophizing Archbishop Sidney Chambers, Sidney does, indeed, explore love in its many manifestations: romantic love, marital fidelity, the special love between longtime friends, love of children, jealousy, even the loves of traditions books. But the six interrelated novellas ofSidney Chambers and the Persistence of Love aren’t as thoughtful or poignant as the ones in previous books. Sidney has always had his head a bit too much in the clouds and a tendency t [...]

    5. Susan Johnston says:

      Princess Fuzzypants here:As a fan of the tv series, Granchester Chronicles, it was interesting to read one of the books from which it was taken. Even though the stories are set well in advance of where the current series is set, the characters come alive as faces are put to names. Sidney has advanced well in his career and his hobby of crime fighting. Much has happened in the lives of the characters not the least of which is Sidney's marriage and fatherhood.He is well meaning but not always the [...]

    6. Sid Nuncius says:

      I do like this series. James Runcie writes very well in an easy, readable style, he creates decent mysteries and there is often some genuine moral and spiritual weight to the stories. If you're not familiar with the earlier books in the series, I would suggest that you read at least some of them first; it's not essential but it will add to your enjoyment, I think. If you have read them, you won’t be disappointed in this latest episode.By now, we know pretty well what we're going to get with a [...]

    7. Lynne says:

      In spite of the rather irritating double standard running through this book, and the fact that at least one case wasn't satisfactorily resolved, I still love the gentle philosophising and the feeling of community in these books. The main characters are by no means perfect, but there's a sense that they're on a journey towards growth, compassion and understanding.

    8. George P. says:

      Sidney Chambers and the Persistence of Love is the sixth volume of James Runcie’s “Grantchester Mysteries” featuring the eponymous Anglican cleric—and hopefully the last. I say that as a clergyman who loves mysteries, and what could be better than a mystery featuring a clerical detective? Indeed, I have been a fan of Runcie’s mysteries, beginning with the PBS series, Grantchester, and then coming upon the books.For me, however, the dissatisfaction began to set in several books back. I [...]

    9. CeeMarie says:

      James Runcie never, ever disappoints with a Sidney Chambers book-it's not possible. They are filled with such good mysteries and so many good, thoughtful lines that make me want to remember them afterward. I am so glad that the ITV/PBS series introduced me to this series because it is wonderful reading. I don't want to go into the specifics of the book but I just want to gush how about how well written, interesting, and cozy reading this series is. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a rev [...]

    10. Neil Plakcy says:

      I loved this book so much I dragged out finishing it because I didn't want it to be over. Sidney is a great character, and I love the progression he goes through in each set of stories. This one was more meditative, less crime-oriented than those of the past, yet it's the characters that made me want to keep on reading.

    11. Marcie says:

      Over the past few years, I have watched Grantchester on PBS. It didn't take me long to become a fan of the series. It's about a vicar, Sidney Chambers, that lives in a small parish and through extenuating circumstances meets up with a detective, Inspector Geordie Keating, who reluctantly enlists the vicar's help in solving a mystery. The two eventually become friends and a partnership is formed. I know I don't do the series justice by my summary, but trust me, it's good.Sidney Chambers and the P [...]

    12. Damaskcat says:

      This is a collection of six short stories of varying lengths all with a theme of love and how it is always there. A body in a wood and poisonous plants; a priceless manuscript going missing; problems with the authenticity of a painting involving Sidney's friend Amanda; a well known photographer accused of rape; Sidney's nephew goes missing and a loss and grief. This is the sixth book in this low key mystery series spanning Sidney's career in the church and his 'hobby' of solving mysteries. By th [...]

    13. Helen says:

      This series of stories takes Sidney Chambers from 1971 to 1976, with background which if you are old enough to remember it will ring a few bells (drought, punk, etc.). There are a few wry in-jokes ("the children of archbishops are bound to be unreliable") and some Anglican themes such as the beginning of the noises about the ordination of women, which however seems (and was) far off in Sidney's world. This is better read after the others in the series, as although the stories are chapters in a l [...]

    14. Paula Cappa says:

      Cozy mysteries and quite nostalgic. Sydney Chambers is a charming character and has some fascinating philosophical musings. I found the dialogues quite lively and well written. The stories are an invitation into Sydney's life and the mysteries he encounters. Nothing terribly thrilling going on here but certainly real life matters. Had I not watched the PBS series, Grantchester, I would not have picked up this book at the library. The cover design has a cartoonish appeal, which would not have cau [...]

    15. Niki says:

      excellent as usual, beautifully written, but the 6th story is terribly sad

    16. Sharron says:

      I would have given this short story collection just three stars, however, the last story, not even a mystery at all, was so well crafted and poignant that I bumped the rating up to four stars. If you read nothing else in this collection, read the last story at least .

    17. Scilla says:

      Another six stories about Sidney Chambers. In Blue Bell Wood, Sidney and Anna are walking and find a dead man. He was sort of a hippy, and had a basket of poisonous flowers nearby. With some investigation, Sidney finds out that it is murder. In Authenticity, Amanda has found a painting that she is certain is a Goya. She pays much more than she expects in the auction, and then can't get the painting authenticated. In Insufficient Evidence, newspaper woman accuses a photography colleague of raping [...]

    18. Anam Cara says:

      SPOILER ALERT! I cannot review this book without revealing the ending!I am heartbroken. Since the first book in this series, I have loved all the characters. I have watched them develop. I have watched the TV series with much less satisfaction as it has veered away from the plot line of the books. Every so often while reading, I would again tell my husband how much more I enjoy these books than the TV representation of Sidney. But I hadn't realized how very invested in these people I had become. [...]

    19. Ice Bear says:

      Whilst remaining readable, the series seems to be running out of ideas and characters, if only retirement was on the horizon.

    20. Marten says:

      I have just finished this sixth set of stories in the Granchester Series and have found it wonderfully done. I must say that I have felt that some of the stories in the 4th and 5th books were not quite up to the stuff of the initial offerings by Runcie, but this one brought me through challenging emotional stories and unpredictable outcomes that kept me rooted to the book. Throughout the tales of this most recent book, I was becoming increasingly frustrated with Sidney and his outward attentions [...]

    21. Lesa says:

      Although this latest book by James Runcie is part of "The Grantchester Mysteries", Sidney Chambers and the Persistence of Love really has very little mystery in it. At least, not mystery as crime fiction readers think of it. The stories in this collection are really about the mystery of life.Readers who follow the series know this is the sixth book in the series that has been turned into the Grantchester series on PBS. That series features Sidney Chambers and his friend, Detective Inspector Geor [...]

    22. Rachel says:

      "'I think there has to be an authority of expression; a sense of control that is also combined with effortlessness- what the Italians call sprezzatura. It never shows how hard it is. It seems easy, right, natural, even if it is hard to play.' (Hildegard) 'With music it need interpretation & performance. It cannot just exist on the page.' (Sidney) 'It can. But it is meant for more than that. It also needs an audience to become itself; just as we always need other people to help us realize who [...]

    23. Ellen says:

      Archdeacon Sidney Chambers is back in the 6th book of the Grantchester Mystery series. In this novel Sidney deals with the death of an aging hippie when Sidney and his daughter, Anna, stumble upon the body. Sidney's friend Amanda is embroiled in an art scandal and is on the verge of losing her money and her stellar reputation in the artistic community. Another old friend, reporter Helena Mitchell, has been attacked by a photographer and has reluctantly brought charges against him. Inspector Geor [...]

    24. Jennifer says:

      Received a free copy for honest review.This was my first read of the Sidney Chambers series although I was familiar with it from the tv series Grantchester.Sidney Chambers, priest and part-time amateur detective, finds a dead body while walking in the woods with his daughter and of course he has to get in the thick of things with old friend Detective Inspector Geordie Keating to solve the murder. Set in the 1970's the book has several mysteries that must be solved. From corruption in the art wor [...]

    25. Emily says:

      I really enjoyed the Grantchester series and this was one of the best. This was less of a mystery story and more of a book about human nature. The stories span over a few years, but it doesn't feel rushed or contrived in any way. The final story was so heartbreakingly perfect. There are very few authors that can write so realistically about human emotion. I don't know how he does it, but James Runcie just grasps the ordinary nature of such tragic events and makes them so real. I would recommend [...]

    26. Peter says:

      This is the latest in the Sidney Chambers Grantchester mysteries, and I felt a bit lost because I had only read the very first book some years ago, and then have watched the PBS Masterpiece series, which is based on the books. But this new book takes us into the 1970s, so I have missed pretty much all the backstory since the 1950s. Even so I was able to catch up rather easily. For a proper British mystery featuring an Anglican cleric, this is pretty good. It's actually several stories that are l [...]

    27. Piepie says:

      Thank you, Netgalley, for this arc.Grantchester is a favorite show of mine, and I have enjoyed getting to know Sidney, Amanda, Hildegard, Leonard, and others through the books. I liked this sixth (and final?) installment of this mystery series - cozy, British, with a splash of whiskey, these mysteries are not creepy or chilling, as I prefer my mysteries to be, but instead they're homespun with heartfelt emotion. I've enjoyed peering over Sidney's shoulder as he interacts with humanity to find an [...]

    28. Ddoddmccue says:

      Sidney Chambers charmed his way into my life through Masterpiece Theatre, but this is my first non-telecast encounter with him and it was surprisingly satisfying- and foreshadows a few seasons ahead on PBS? Any of the chapters can stand alone- and probably will as weekly episodes- but continue to build in Sidney's often conflicted relationships with women. (And the author may have his own conflicts in how to deal with Sidney's wife, taking the easy way out?) The father - daughter encounters may [...]

    29. Amy says:

      Ah, another season of Grantchester was on PBS Masterpiece Mysteries, and another book in the series to read!This latest installment of the Grantchester Mysteries details Sidney's life from 1971 to 1976, with Sidney solving mysteries with Geordie once more, though daily professional and family duties never stop for the archdeacon of Ely. All of the characters are aging -- Chambers, Mrs. Maguire, Sidney's daughter Alice, even Byron the family dog. Most of the mysteries are rather benign, with love [...]

    30. Mary says:

      I see that I read the other five books in a sort-of binge reading a while ago. Maybe that is why I rated them lower over time--and even abandoned the 5th one. A break was a good idea. I enjoyed this book more and hope there will be more coming in the series. Again, the "mysteries" are almost incidental to the development of the everyday life and work and relationships of our man Chambers. The last story, without giving anything away, will lead to big changes in his life in the next volume. Again [...]

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