Mark Twain Shelley Fisher Fishkin James D. Wilson Malcolm Bradbury
The L1,000,000 Bank-Note and Other New Stories
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The L Bank Note and Other New Stories A delightful collection of diverse tales ranging from short stories and personal essays to literary criticism and travel pieces The Bank Note gathers together nine works many of which are

  • Title: The L1,000,000 Bank-Note and Other New Stories
  • Author: Mark Twain Shelley Fisher Fishkin James D. Wilson Malcolm Bradbury
  • ISBN: 9780195114133
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A delightful collection of diverse tales, ranging from short stories and personal essays to literary criticism and travel pieces, The 1,000,000 Bank Note gathers together nine works, many of which are now unobtainable elsewhere, that testify to the range of Twain s humor and the diversity of his interests It was published in 1893, in a disastrous decade for the United StaA delightful collection of diverse tales, ranging from short stories and personal essays to literary criticism and travel pieces, The 1,000,000 Bank Note gathers together nine works, many of which are now unobtainable elsewhere, that testify to the range of Twain s humor and the diversity of his interests It was published in 1893, in a disastrous decade for the United States, a time marked by doubt and waning optimism, rapid immigration, labor problems, unchecked Social Darwinism, and the rise of political violence and social protest It was also a difficult time for Twain personally, as he was forced into bankruptcy and devastated by the death of his favorite daughter, Suzy Yet the title story still brims with confidence and optimism, marking the moment of hope just before Twain turned to the grim stories of his later years The 1,000,000 Bank Note charts the magical rags to riches ascent of a virtuous and resourceful mining broker s clerk from San Francisco who arrives in London with a single dollar in his pocket, and proceeds to ultimate and splendid financial success and fame in London society a paean to ingenuity and a celebration of its cunning confidence man narrator The other pieces range from Mental Telegraphy, a serious essay reflecting Twain s continuing interest in the occult he and his wife would later try several seances, poignantly and unsuccessfully, to contact their daughter Suzy to a tongue in cheek Petition to the Queen of England for relief from taxes Readers will also find several of Twain s famously engaging travel essays, combining autobiographical reminiscence, tall tales, and ruminations on society and culture in pieces on the new city of Berlin, advances in transatlantic travel, and, in Playing Courier, a brilliant comedy of confusion at the common frustrations of international travel A charming collection of tales that cover the wide range of Twain s diverse interests.

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      212 Mark Twain Shelley Fisher Fishkin James D. Wilson Malcolm Bradbury
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    1 Blog on “The L1,000,000 Bank-Note and Other New Stories

    1. Pramod Nair says:

      Imagine for a second that you have accidentally acquired an object of immense value, or a stash of immense wealth; a fortune that is not legally yours and one you can only admire privately; a fortune, which you cannot personally sell or encash for the fear of getting caught up in legal muddles; a fortune that will have no takers even if donated freely; then what will be this fortune to you? It will be an immense burden, right? Nah… Not for Harry Adams. So who is ‘Harry Adams’? Well, he is [...]

    2. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ says:

      3.5 stars. Who knew that Mark Twain wrote a Victorian era version of the Eddie Murphy movie Trading Places or at least half of it? I'd never heard of this novella before, but it's a fun, quick read. Henry Adams, a young man working a clerking job in San Francisco, is lost at sea, picked up by another ship and taken to London. When he arrives he is ragged and penniless. It just so happens that a couple of rich brothers have bought up a one-of-a-kind bank note for a million pounds. They make a be [...]

    3. Kavita says:

      A very short and delightful novella that plays around with the concept of perceived wealth and how it can literally change your life. Twain is great with getting into the foibles and weakness of society at the time, and in this case, not much has changed now. The story is set in London during Victorian times (of course!). Henry Adams has just got off the boat and wonders how he is going to make ends meet in this most expensive city. But while he is foraging for food in the dustbin, his life chan [...]

    4. Brenda says:

      3.5 stars!What a clever man :D Simple but great story!

    5. Loredana M. says:

      O povestire anecdotică despre un tânăr bărbat american, cinstit și inteligent, de origine modestă, fără avere sau nume cu tradiție, care își câștigă pâinea de zi cu zi strict prin puterea eforturilor sale intelectuale. Din păcate, la un moment dat tânărul pleacă pe mare într-o scurtă expediție de plăcere, însă vremea rea îl poartă tot mai departe de țărm, așa că ajunge să naufragieze pe teritoriu englez. Văzându-se în Londra, cu un singur dolar în buzunar, ace [...]

    6. Gerry says:

      Henry Adams was alone in the world and regularly enjoyed a sail in the bay when one day he was carried out to sea in a storm and feared that his life would be lost. However, a sailing boat picked him up and he worked his passage until the boat docked in London. He had only one dollar in his pocket so for 24 hours he went without food and shelter.Then one day as he walked along Portland Place he followed a child and its nanny because the child had dropped a pear and he longed to pick it up and ea [...]

    7. Prashant says:

      Have anyone heard of the saying "To get a loan you first need to prove that you don't need one" ?This story by Twain emphasizes this fact more than ever. I was waiting for some ironical situation to emerge or some tragedy to befall the protagonist. But it never happened. Twain could have gained some brownie points by providing some more twists and turns. The ending is a little drab for a reader who has been hooked for the entire story just to see how things would pan out in the end. An ironical [...]

    8. Vittorio Ducoli says:

      Un autore statunitense, non “americano”Oggi la fama di Mark Twain, almeno nel nostro paese, è generalmente associata a quella dei suoi due più famosi romanzi: Le avventure di Tom Sawyer e Le avventure di Huckleberry Finn, e per questo l’autore è dai più considerato uno scrittore umoristico per ragazzi.La personalità letteraria di Twain è invece estremamente complessa, e la sua parabola artistica ed umana ne fanno il più americano degli scrittori d’America, come dicono giustamente [...]

    9. Michael Jennings says:

      "Could I afford it? No; I had nothing in the world but a million pounds."

    10. Daniel Zhang says:

      “The Million Pound Bank Note” was written by Mark Twain in 1893. The narrator of the short story, Henry Adams, an American, ended up penniless in London after a boat accident. Two very rich brothers gave him an envelope with no information except they told him it’s money. He went to a cheap eating place, the waiter treated him badly, when he pulled out the money he was shocked, so were other people because no one could change the million pound bank note. The manager said Adams could pay la [...]

    11. Kiruha says:

      In this short story, which requires a very short time to read, Twain includes all social commentary, parody and a little adventure. Or at least it would be one if the story weren't as incredibly fast paced. What the author does choose to tell is well distributed and conveys the idea all the same, but I'm glad that the film adaption of this story (The Million Pound Note from 1954) lingers more on the details, granting the option to relish in the many possibilities the story has to offer even by s [...]

    12. Jon Norimann says:

      The million pound note is dated, pointless and trivial. A story about a man being given a million UK pound note to live on for a month is an artificial setting. After a series of descriptions of daily events with an artificial twist caused by the large note the story comes to an end with a final twist.This always was a pointless story and Twain doesnt manage to make it any more than that. For its brevity and occasional funny moment it goes up from 1 to 2 stars.

    13. Alethea says:

      I guess this was mildly amusing. It was also mildly satirical. Some of the prose invoked humorous visuals. But by-and-large this was a trifle of a thing. Maybe this was super entertaining in 1893, but in 2018 it's pretty dull.[In 1954 this short story was turned into a film that was equally lackluster. Read my review on Letterboxd.]

    14. Marla says:

      Interesting short story about a young man given a million pound bank note and having to survive with no other money. Henry Adams reminded me of Eddy Murphy in the movie Trading Places subject to the bet of 2 old men.

    15. Orma says:

      L'avevo e l'ho perso. Grazie ad Anobii, ho potuto scambiarlo e trovare addirittura la stessa edizione che avevo tanto amato anni fa :-)))

    16. Akshay Parakkote says:

      A little piece of fiction that indirectly​ shows being rich but not forgetting where you have come from will only make things better and better on every aspects

    17. James Field says:

      Money, money, money.Must be funny.In a rich man's world.-ABBA

    18. Cassie says:

      The Million Pound Note is written by Mark Twain. It tells an absurd story of a poor young American man, Henry Adams, in London. Two rich brothers made a bet on him. They gave him a one million pound note that could not be cashed to see how he dealt with the note. After one month, Henry did not starve to death and was not arrested. More than that, he became a rich man and earned good reputation. In this novel, Mark Twain revealed worship of money in England in the early 20th century through hy [...]

    19. Realini says:

      The Million Pound Bank Note by Mark TwainAnother version of this note and thoughts on other books are available at:- youtube/playlist?listMark Twain is traversing a period of unfavorable reviews.He is included (still) on the Norwegian Book Club list of best books ever written, available on the Guardian site at:- theguardian/world/200But in the past period, the acclaimed author is experiencing severe drawbacks.Because of the language used in the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, this title has been [...]

    20. Elisabeth says:

      Titres français: Un majestueux fossile littéraire Un pari de milliardaire (qui donne le titre anglais) La télégraphie mentaleIl s'agit de trois nouvelles humoristiques écrites en 1893, rassemblée en une petite plaquette.Thème: la médecine (fossile), la chance (pari) et le paranormal (télégraphie).Résumé: 1) Un majestueux fossile littéraire est une critique cynique des remèdes trouvés dans un vieux livre de médecine. La dernière phrase explique tout: « Quoi qu'il en soit, mieux [...]

    21. Jeff Yoak says:

      This review is just for the main title story.This is Twain as I remember him. Recently, I've encountered a few stories that made me wonder about my childhood estimation that Twain was a generally great wit. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn holds up as an adult, but I had begun to suspect that I no longer enjoyed his short, fanciful tales.This story centers on an honest and smart man who, through a twist of fate, ends up a tramp in London. Bringing to mind the 80's movie, Trading Places, our he [...]

    22. Mourin Kibtia says:

      I think this is one of the best stories of Mark Twain. This book totally represented his writing style.It has humor, intelligence, bits of suspense and a happy ending with a funny shock. No one will feel bad after reading this book unless of course you are envied by the fact that yo u were not that man! But I think anyone can enjoy this book. Though it does have a few little unbelievable parts like, why would those two brothers give that note to a stranger just for betting issues. But as it is f [...]

    23. Simona Dreca says:

      La banconota da un milione di sterline mette in scena una scommessa tra due ricconi: cosa succederebbe se prestassero per un mese una banconota da un milione di sterline ad un uomo onesto e intelligente, ma povero e straniero? Secondo il riccone A finirebbe in carcere o comunque non riuscirebbe a sopravvivere, secondo il riccone B se la caverebbe. Trovato l’uomo che fa per loro gli lasciano la banconota con la promessa che entro un mese se avesse vinto il riccone giusto avrebbe ricevuto un pos [...]

    24. Jacob Goldman says:

      In my class we read the radio play version of The One Million Pound Bank Note. I thought it was actually pretty good. I read some of Mark Twain's books,and this is one of his most famous, and it is one of my favorites. You never saw a person that has really doesn't have a job, and only has a one thousand bank note from somebody. I like this book because first it started to be a really little thing, but now he's getting free stuff with big money. Because back in the day no one knows that he has a [...]

    25. Lisa says:

      I listened to the audiobook version of this story. It had me giggling to myself in spots much like I did when I read Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. This story was not set in the South like Sawyer or Finn but rather London. It was quite enjoyable to listen to while driving to and from appointments as well as running errands yesterday. I finished it up this morning on my way into work. If you've not read, or listened to, this story, I recommend it.

    26. Denis says:

      Un tînăr sărac dar deștept , datorită norocului , întîlnește doi bogați ,ce fac pe seama lui un experiment ,dîndu-i bancnota de un milion de lire. Prin experimentul lor, cei doi vor să observe comportamentul oamenilor atunci când știu că o anumită persoană este bogată, o teorie fiind aceea că atunci când ai bani, toată lumea roiește în jurul tău."Un om bogat are mai multe relatii decat isi da seama"Anatol France

    27. Matt Yancey says:

      This story good, though a lot of the time i found it quiet boring. A black man becoming rich. Dose not sound like much of a hooker. I read this book in class and actually found it quiet fun because we got to read out the lines of the characters in the books. very entertaining, even though the story line is not as great as it should be.

    28. Langston Bealum says:

      I really did not like this the . I thought that it was really sexist like when Henry says "I know that I love you. I also know that you love me" after Portia tells him she is not ready to marry him. He shows that he has no respect for her opinion but that might have been because of the time period. That is why I don't like this book.

    29. Jana says:

      Old fashioned and cute. The ending was like sugar cotton, but ok, it's Mark Twain. I didn't have any expectations, since I hated Huckleberry and Sawyer when I was a kid, and I never read anything else from him.

    30. Duncan says:

      I thought this book was very good some people in my class thought it was tedious but i have to disagree. I really liked the moral of the story. Even though I read a shortened version of it I still liked it

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