Amelia Morgan
Killer Twist
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Killer Twist Meg Walton hopes her days of sleuthing are behind her So when another murder occurs the secret witch turned sleuth finds her life turned upside down This time the case is personal when Meg finds out

  • Title: Killer Twist
  • Author: Amelia Morgan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Meg Walton hopes her days of sleuthing are behind her So when another murder occurs, the secret witch turned sleuth finds her life turned upside down This time, the case is personal when Meg finds out one of her dearest friends is the victim Even , Meg s friend has made enemies of the most influential family in town Somehow, Meg has to find a way to navigate her grMeg Walton hopes her days of sleuthing are behind her So when another murder occurs, the secret witch turned sleuth finds her life turned upside down This time, the case is personal when Meg finds out one of her dearest friends is the victim Even , Meg s friend has made enemies of the most influential family in town Somehow, Meg has to find a way to navigate her grief while cracking her hardest case yet Is Meg finally in over her head

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    1 Blog on “Killer Twist

    1. Dharia Scarab says:

      Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here's the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end. I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won't be reading any more from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won't go out of my way to read more, But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I'd pick it up.4 stars I really [...]

    2. Noel says:

      Quick and easy Cozy Mystery read. I really liked Meg and her talking cat, Penelope, who is actually her grandmother. This time, a dear friend of Meg’s is murdered. Meg is devastated, but knows she must solve the case, even if it puts her in peril. Meg sparingly uses her hereditary witch powers to get answers from suspects during her sleuthing. Especially important as her mother doesn’t want word to get out that they are witches for fear the town will shun them. Good book to recommend to adul [...]

    3. Lynn says:

      Small-town Exposure Wow. Can you imagine reading about all the things that some big family had done wrong. It's no wonder they don't want it published. Leave it to Meg to figure out who did it.

    4. Bonnie Keck says:

      Kindle Unlimited 7 book set, other sets etc, redundant and more and more unbelievableBook 1 -- The Witches Of Enchanted Bay Book 2 -- Ax To Grind Book 3 -- Killer Twist Book 4 -- A Bewitching Murder Book 5 -- A Riddle Of A Murder Book 6 -- The Nuts And Bolts Of Murder then 7 book collection has so can't tell what they added or subtracted from the books listed before or the number designation because claims 7 --Strangling Ambition 8 -- Therapy Can Be Murder so either can't count or some book left [...]

    5. Jo-Anne says:

      Meg's best friend, Sabrina, had been murdered and Meg's boyfriend, Connor, had to tell her since he's the detective working the case. Sabrina had written a novel about a wealthy family in a small town who had a lot of things they were hiding. Previously Sabrina had worked as a maid for the Treadway family. They are a rich family in their small town with lots of secrets. The book was really about that family and they didn't want it published so they threatened her to try to get her to not publish [...]

    6. Rebecca says:

      This is a fun, fast paced cozy mystery - nothing complex, no sex, I do not recall any cursing, clean little read. No spectacular witchery. Just a nice weekend read .

    7. Rosemary says:

      I gave this 3 stars because I liked the book. It has a nice story line and if it was the first book that I read in the series, I would have thought it was a good book. the problem is that this book is the 3rd in the series and its plot is just like the others,only difference is instead of Megs friend being the #1 suspect,she gets killed I also don't care for the way that her "big city detective" let's her call the shots in the investigation,and she is just a bakery workerThis makes him look like [...]

    8. Pam says:

      In Killer Twist, Connor Smith has the duty of informing Meg of the murder of her friend, Sabrina Beckett. Sabrina had given an interview to the paper about her new book. She had written about a rich family in a small town. The family had a lot of skeletons in their closets and she was going to reveal them. Sabrina had worked as a maid for the Treadway family and had learned their secrets. She had written about them in a novel she had just finished. Meg had been given a chance to read the rough d [...]

    9. Nancy says:

      Meg learns that a friend has committed suicide. She travels to L. A. to the funeral. As she learns more, she is convinced her friend didn't commit suicide. She interviews the suspects, and learns many things that were going on before her friends death. The local homicide detective is very gruff, and wants her to stay out of things. In the end, Meg sets up a trap for the murderer, and has the detective hiding out in the next room.

    10. Rita Sheppard says:

      I just finished Book 2 and was so enchanted with the characters that I had to go onto Book 3. I finished reading it in a couple of hours because I couldn't put it down.Meg has made it her mission to find who killed her author friend. Sabrina has written a tell all "fiction" book about the richest family in her old hometown, Enchanted Bay. Family members take offense and someone killed Sabrina to stop the publication of her book.

    11. Michelle says:

      I'm on the author's mailing list and receive books for free for providing an honest review. I love the premise (a baker who uses magic to make donuts that are good for you and won't make you gain weight). The mystery is good with lots of suspects and if the reader is paying attention they can solve the mystery before the denouement. A quick fun cozy mystery.

    12. KittenPeters says:

      Murder strikes Enchanted Bay again.Connor and Meg join together to find won murder ed Meg's best friend who was about to sale her scandalous tell all about the most prominent family in town. Meg's talking cat unknowningly gives her the answer. Will Meg come out of this and find the killer before the killer finds her.

    13. Melanie Hope says:

      The grammar was so bad that I couldn't connect to the storyRight out of the gate the author uses an apostrophe to form a plural. We learned better in second grade. At least she was consistently misspelling it. Add in shrugging shoulders and some blatant word confusion and the story gets buried in lack of editing. Too bad, I really liked the premise.

    14. Debbie says:

      The Trouble With The TreadwellsMegan Walton's friend, Sabrina Beckett, is murdered. They believe she's killed because she was writing a so-called novel about a prominent family. But the book has too many secrets that resemble the town's well-to-do family, the Treadwells. None of the Treadwells want the book published. So they are all suspects. Simple story.

    15. Diane Perry says:

      I received a copy on exchange for an honest review. I just love the Meg and Connor duo! No matter how bad my day is these two can cheer me up. This has become my favorite cozy series recently and I can't wait for the next installment.

    16. Anita Hargreaves says:

      A bit of bewitched murder mysteryI enjoyed this thoroughly and would gladly read more of these books. With a talking cat with the soul of her grandmother alive, would love to be a witch and a nice love story with a sheriff x

    17. Christine Stockelman says:

      Good story, needs editingI like the story but the grammatical mistakes were numerous and ruined the story. I would be willing to proofread these stories before they are uploaded to Kindle unlimited

    18. Sheryl says:

      Another good readThese two certainly find themselves in a a fix. I do keep wondering if she will ever reveal her secret to her boyfriend in spite of her mother. And her cat /spirit of the grandmother is a hoot

    19. Kay Tuck says:

      Another book that matches the other two in this series. Again I was hooked from the very beginning. If you like a good mystery with a little romance you will like the series. So if you get the chance try these books for yourself.

    20. Ruth Caves says:

      CharmedA young adult type of fiction with solutions popping up as soon as there is a problem. Magic makes things easier, even when the special powers never to be kept hidden from the public. Quick, easy read.

    21. Sandy says:

      Better than some coziesI liked this better then some other books. It was interesting from the beginning to the end. It's a cute twist having her be a witch.

    22. Mimi says:

      Interesting, It was good.

    23. Sonja says:

      FunFun little cozy mystery, it's a quick and easy read that you can blaze right through. Check it it soon!

    24. Robin Mallory says:

      This is such a good read

    25. Kandy says:

      I think this was my favorite of this new series. I enjoy that the main character is a witch, her grandmother is a cat and she helps her police officer boyfriend solve murders.

    26. Darlingmichie says:

      I enjoyed this book's twists in the plot. Running to get the next book in the series.

    27. Shanna says:

      Page turnerI loved this book from the first page on I couldn't put it down. I am looking forward to getting the rest of these books.

    28. Vicki says:

      waste of time

    29. Ann Babcock says:

      good book! good writer!!

    30. Patricia Gordon says:

      RecommendedI chose five stars as I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I am really looking forward to the next in the series

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