Jennifer Elvgren Fabio Santomauro
The Whispering Town
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The Whispering Town The dramatic story of neighbors in a small Danish fishing village who during the Holocaust shelter a Jewish family waiting to be ferried to safety in Sweden It is in Nazi occupied Denmark Anett

  • Title: The Whispering Town
  • Author: Jennifer Elvgren Fabio Santomauro
  • ISBN: 9781467711968
  • Page: 256
  • Format: ebook
  • The dramatic story of neighbors in a small Danish fishing village who, during the Holocaust, shelter a Jewish family waiting to be ferried to safety in Sweden It is 1943 in Nazi occupied Denmark Anett and her parents are hiding a Jewish woman and her son, Carl, in their cellar until a fishing boat can take them across the sound to neutral Sweden The soldiers patrollingThe dramatic story of neighbors in a small Danish fishing village who, during the Holocaust, shelter a Jewish family waiting to be ferried to safety in Sweden It is 1943 in Nazi occupied Denmark Anett and her parents are hiding a Jewish woman and her son, Carl, in their cellar until a fishing boat can take them across the sound to neutral Sweden The soldiers patrolling their street are growing superstitious, so Carl and his mama must make their way to the harbor despite a cloudy sky with no moon to guide them Worried about their safety, Anett devises a clever and unusual plan for their safe passage to the harbor Based on a true story.

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    1. Sue says:

      During the German Occupation of Denmark during WWII, the Danish people offered a steady resistance and worked to help their Jewish neighbors to escape to neutral Sweden if at all possible. The Whispering Town tells of one such episode in a way that can be used to educate children, not young children, but those over 8 or 9 with parental or other adult support. A young girl, Anett, is one of the prime movers in the story, where a young Jewish boy and his mother are hidden in her family's cellar. T [...]

    2. Leigh Collazo says:

      This is a beautiful book about Danish resistance to Nazi "relocation" of Jews in 1943. It is excellent to use with older students to introduce The Holocaust. I wrote up several lesson ideas for using this book with older students (MS, HS) on my blog at Mrs. ReaderPants. Please feel free to use them and share! They are great for English, library lessons, world history, and art classes.

    3. Robin Rousu says:

      Excellent, intense picture book about the Holocaust. Requires quite a bit of contextualizing by knowledgeable adults or other books on the subject. Highly recommended for mature readers ages 9-11.

    4. Caryn Caldwell says:

      Anett's family harbors a Jewish mother and son during the Holocaust, intending to send them to safety via a boat to Sweden. Unfortunately, the cloudy nights make it impossible for the refugees to find the harbor, and Nazi soldiers are searching the neighborhood for escaped Jews. But thanks to Anett's bravery and ingenuity, and her neighbors' kindness, there may be hope for the boy and his mother after all. An author's note at the end gives more background on the Danish resistance.I loved this bo [...]

    5. Cœur De Pirate says:

      A moving little story about one of the most horrible historic periods (WW2). Loved the illustrations.

    6. Sandy Brehl says:

      Based on a true story of Danish resistance to Nazi occupation and the round-up of Jewish citizens, this is told and illustrated with a balance of realism and gentle intimacy. At a time and place in which trusting others with secrets was a life-risking decision, this story spotlights a little fishing village, Gilleleje, in which neighbors, including the young daughter who carries the story, proved their loyalty to each other and to human values. Nearly 1700 Danish Jews were hidden, fed, and comfo [...]

    7. Alex Baugh says:

      It's 1943 and Denmark has been occupied by the Nazis since 1940. One morning, when young Anett comes downstairs, her mother tells her that there are 'new friends' in the basement. Anett isn't the least bit surprised to hear this and simply goes downstairs to the secret room to bring breakfast to young Carl and his mother, Danish Jews waiting for a fishing boat that will take them to the safety of Sweden. The nights are foggy and cloudy, and the new friends can't leave right away. Each day, Anett [...]

    8. Jacquelynn Ruot says:

      *Spoilers Below*The Whispering Town is about a family who has been hiding Jews in their cellar. Anett and her family refer to the mother and son as visitors. When the family is running low on an item, they sent Anett to a neighbor to get more. All of the neighbor know about these visitors. The mother and son are supposed to say for three nights before they go to the harbor and take a boat to Sweden. The family needs more bread one night, and eggs the next. The whole time the Jewish family is in [...]

    9. Sarah says:

      1. I made a text to world connection in the book The Whispering Town by Jennifer Riesmeyer Elvgren. In the book, Anett's family hid Jews from Nazi soldiers and attempted to sneak them out to the harbor to sail to Sweden. In history there are many events where people had to essentially smuggle people out to safety. The underground railroad and underground church are great historical examples of times when people were under great discrimination.2. I choose this book because of the historical conte [...]

    10. Shelli says:

      What a powerful and moving way to introduce children to life as a Jewish person seeking safety during World War II. This quick read is based on a real community in Gilleleje, who came together to help Jew's fleeing Denmark.

    11. Beth says:

      During WWII, a village in Nazi-occupied Denmark helps Jews escape to Sweden by whispering them to the harbor in the dark of night.

    12. Jen says:

      wow. what a powerful way to introduce the holocaust to our youngest readers.

    13. Gina says:

      Quick picture book that tells of the story Nazi-occupied Denmark and the families that hid Jews and took them across to safety into Sweden.

    14. Vanessa says:

      "The Whispering Town" written by Jennifer Elvgren and illustrated by Fabio Santomauro, is an amazing historical fiction picture book designed for older readers. Elvgren introduces readers to the Holocaust and gives a simple and meaningful voice to the Danish resistance toward the Nazi Army. The story takes place in a Danish fishing town in 1943 during the Holocaust and tells the dramatic tell of two families, one Danish and the other Jewish, trying to survive the horrors of the time. One morning [...]

    15. Eileen Mccann says:

      The stark black ink on pure white with interspersed color illustrations, attest to the serious nature of THE WHISPERING TOWN, by Jennifer Elvgren, illustrated by Fabio Santomauro. In a small town in Nazi-occupied Denmark, its people hide Jewish residents before they escape to neutral Sweden. In this setting, we are introduced to Anett as she helps her parents hide young Carl and his mother. They wait in the family cellar for a moon-lit night that will lead them to the harbor's escape boat. Anett [...]

    16. Chandler says:

      Summary: This book is set during the Holocaust between 1933-1945. A young girl goes in search of food and supplies for a Jewish family hidden in her parents cellar. During the story, the young girl encounters many different obstacles, but is helped by the community to keep the Jewish family safe. In the end, the neighbors line the streets in order to guide the young boy and his mother into the harbor to safety. Theme: The major theme of this story revolves around the crisis a Jewish family might [...]

    17. Emily Emerson says:

      The Whispering Town is a true story about a family hiding Jews in their home. Anett and her family must keep their Jewish guests safe as the Nazis patrol their neighborhood. One night, Anett has an idea to help the family escape to neutral Sweden by boat. There is no moonlight, or any light at all. However, with the help of her family and her neighbors, Anett guides her friends to safety though whispering directions. The guests escape safely because of the help and bravery of Anett and her town. [...]

    18. Maddie Russell says:

      "The Whispering Town," a story set during the Holocaust, tells the story of a young girl, Annette, whose family is housing a Jewish mother and her son as they journey toward Sweden. After answering the door one day and discovering a German soldier demanding to know if Jews were being housed in her neighborhood, Annette creates a plan to quickly whisk Carl and his mother to safety in Northern Europe. Her plan is a success, and Annette's bravery and quick thinking saved two individuals from the ja [...]

    19. Miss Ryoko says:

      Actual rating: 3.5I really liked this book. I enjoy when their is children's literature in any form about WWII, but particularly picture books. I think it is very important this part of human history is never forgotten, and having these stories available to people of all ages is so important. Jennifer Elvgren did a good job of keeping the story friendly and informative. If you aren't well versed in WWII and the German occupation, you wouldn't know much about how scary this time was in this book. [...]

    20. bjneary says:

      This is a new picture book recommended for helping kids learn about the Holocaust. I read it for May Melting Pot chat with #yearofya. Based on a real event, this book uses wonderful imagery that will not terrify young readers as they learn about a young girl who uses her whole town to help the 2 new friends hiding in their basement escape out of danger. The main character, the young girl, enlists the help of others in her village to provide books, and food to the new friends. A must read!

    21. Adrianna Ibrahim says:

      A simply written story that manages to pack emotion and intensity into a picture book format. Though it was easy for me to follow, after reading some reviews, I reread the book and agree that it requires knowledge of the Nazi occupation for context. This book would be a great supplement for an older child already learning about WWII.

    22. LaQueena Ward says:

      This Historical Book is about a family that secretly sneaks Jews in their house during Hitler's Time. The town whispered to keep from getting the secret out to the Nazi's. Eventually, the secret got out though and the Jews had to leave to get to safety.

    23. Anna Hayward says:

      This was a cute, feel-good book. (I read it in under a minute)I must admit, though, it is interesting to see such a serious topic portrayed in a children's book. There was still some valuable info in here!

    24. Arielle says:

      I would have enjoyed this better reading vs. listening. The audio version sounded too sweet and trite to me.

    25. Windi Astuti says:

      Akhir-akhir ini emang lagi suka baca cerpen dan dongeng daripada fiksi panjang. Cerita yang berdasarkan kisah nyata selalu bisa mengena di hati gaksih? Oh, dan ilustrasinya bagus!

    26. Daniel Woolf says:

      Good way to teach about the Shoah, a positive children's story companion to Number the stars

    27. Erin says:

      Great book to read with older grade school kids or older to have a conversation about this period in history.

    28. Ashlyn Stelmach says:

      This was a short and sweet book about a very serious topic. I listened to the audio version of this from the Overdrive app and I loved it! Such a wonderful message!

    29. Cierra Tigard says:

      This story is a wonderful historical fiction work that sheds light on Nazi occupied Denmark. It's a good stepping stone to "Number the Stars."

    30. Sasha says:

      Holocaust in Denmark

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