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K Pax When a man who claims to be from outer space is brought into Manhattan Institute the mental ward seems to be just the place for him Calling himself prot he says that he is an inhabitant of the plan

  • Title: K-Pax
  • Author: Gene Brewer
  • ISBN: 9780747557524
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a man who claims to be from outer space is brought into Manhattan Institute, the mental ward seems to be just the place for him Calling himself prot , he says that he is an inhabitant of the planet K PAX Setting a departure date August 17th at 3.31am on which he plans to return home on a beam of light Is he really extraterrestrial

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    1. Debbie Zapata says:

      I remember seeing the movie version of this book some years ago, and while reading I could easily picture Kevin Spacey as prot (rhymes with goat). The book was quick to read, very compelling, with interesting and realistic characters. I thought the details of the planet K-PAX were fascinating, and I was left hoping that there really is such a place. Sorry to be so short here, but I am in a hurry to get back to the sequel, On a Beam of Light. Must find out what happens next!

    2. David (דוד) says:

      A superb book. Combines typical SF elements brewed with mainstream Psychology and Psychiatry.The book made me realize that as much as we can at several times put our psyche to be responsible for various things, there is eventually still a limit to understanding the psychology of a human being by a human being. IT GOES WAY BEYOND, UNDOUBTEDLY !!Highly recommended.

    3. Jordan Allen says:

      I saw the movie before reading the book. I didn't know the book existed at first. Anyway, I would go to the theater down from where I lived. I saw the movie four times! I went to the theater to see it the last three times by myself! Alas, this isn't a movie reviewThen I came across the book in the bookstore (of all places), and read it. I read the book a second time (I love rereading books or rewatching movies). I'm rereading it for the third time. I recommend that if you have it, read it! If yo [...]

    4. Xabi1990 says:

      Delicioso. Tierno. Entrañable.Agotados los calificativos “moñas” que demuestran que soy más tierno que el día de la madre, deciros que este libro se puede leer en cualquier momento para que esos tres calificativos nos impacten de lleno.El protagonista de la novela, “prot” se llama, es un loco o un extraterrestre. Eso no lo sabréis –si llegáis a saberlo, no hago ni ese spoiler- hasta el final de la novela. Y en el psiquiátrico le trata un psiquiatra comprensivo.¿Os suena a algo [...]

    5. Lou Robinson says:

      The first book of the year for UK IT book club and what a cracker! I was a little bit dubious (as I always am) when it comes to sci-fi, but this is a great story. Set in a Manhattan psychiatric institute, it's based round a character called prot, who claims to be from the far distant planet of K-PAX. Where everything is better than it is on Earth. Doctor Brewer does his utmost to be to the bottom of prot's story. But does he fathom it out by the time prot is scheduled to return home? Well writte [...]

    6. Samir Rawas Sarayji says:

      Second reading and still as entertaining. Well polished writing and solid plot balanced with a well-written protagonist. The psychological content is also well-executed. Nothing literary about this book, but by far one of the much better entertainment fictions out there.

    7. John says:

      K-PAX: Finally, A Science Fiction Masterpiece That “Could Happen”“He calls himself prot (rhymes with goat). Is he man, alien or savior?”First of all, let me say what a truly suspenseful and awesome beach read this is! Wow! I saw the movie poster at the theater in 2001 when the film came out. My dad rented it on VHS, and rented Dune—Frank Herbert’s science fiction masterpiece—a little later on, also on VHS. My dad was always a big fan of horror-type sci-fi (called SF for short). He [...]

    8. The Goon says:

      Psychiatrist Gene Brewer begins therapy with a new patient named Prot. During therapy, Prot makes a convincing argument that he is an alien from the plant K-PAX. Can it be so simple that Prot is an alien? Or is there something more to the story? What follows is a suspenseful journey to discover Prot's true identity. This would have been a good book if it had not been for a few strikes that I have against it. The first strike is that I saw the movie based on this book a long time ago, so I alread [...]

    9. Andy Smith says:

      I've wanted to read the book for years, to see what kind of novel (novela, really) could inspire such a magnificent film.Never got round to it. Until now.And wow! Beautiful. Poignant. So moving and subtle I wanted to believe!Not much else I can say, except that I cried when Howie saw the Bluebird of happiness!

    10. Laura says:

      I was torn about how to rate this one so I left it for a while. Now, a week on, I barely remember most of the details, which I think shows that it wasn't amazing, although it was definitely a fast-paced and interesting read. The story is told from the perspective of Gene Brewer, a psychiatrist at a hospital in New York, who encounters prot - a man who insists that he is an alien from the distant planet K-PAX. Despite the fact that prot displays a range of unusual abilities and knowledge, Gene kn [...]

    11. Lewis says:

      His name is prot. Is he mad? Or could his strange story really be true?Prot claims that he is from the planet K-PAX, a utopia where there is no such thing as murder or crime, government does not exist, everyone lives in harmony and the beings all have the ability of light travel.The story is told from the point of view of Prot's psychiatrist or doctor 'Gene' while he is staying in the Metropolitan Institude for the clinicall ill. The chapters take the form of sessions in which Gene (the same nam [...]

    12. Michele says:

      I'd seen the movie, so I knew what was about to happen, which really did affect my feelings about the book. Sometimes that happens, sometimes it doesn't, but this time it did. I found myself really bothered by some of the responses of the psychiatrist. Some of them were absolutely sophomoric, spelling out things that could only be meant for the lowest common denominator.The female character, Giselle, is absolutely unnecessary. I'm unsure of what her purpose is. I don't remember that character be [...]

    13. Ardesia says:

      Sistema solare -> pianeta TERRA -> USA -> ospedale psichiatrico -> trob sostiene di esser un viaggiatore interstellare e per questo viene considerato pazzo -> un medico cerca di curarlo, ma trob deve tornar al suo pianeta -> e ci tornerà, cavalcando un raggio di luceNon un mondo immaginario palesemente inverosimile, ma un pianeta concreto, con un nome, un sole, anzi 2, che gli danno energia, forme di vita che lo popolano vivendo in armonia e pace totali; un'intero pianeta su c [...]

    14. John Read says:

      I loved this book. Very original and 'out of the box.' An unknown man, with no traceable background, is brought into the Manhattan Psychiatric Institute. After many yests, he shows no sign of any mental/psychiatric problems. To all intents and purposes he is sane.But he calls himself prot and insists he is from the planet K-Pax, an idyllic world with no war, famine or disease. Everybody lives in harmony. He sets a departure date weeks ahead when he is going to return 'home' on a beam of light.We [...]

    15. Adrian says:

      Este libro puede resumirse en dos líneas: ¿y si existiera K-PAX? y aprovecha el momentoot es un ser de otro planeta que acude en auxilio de su amigo Robert a lo largo de su vida, pero un día es internado y conoce a un doctor que trata de ayudarle mientras descubre poco a poco cosas sobre K-PAX sobre un mundo diferente… mejor.La obra nos narra esas sesiones en las que nos hace dudar si prot es un alienígena o un enfermo mental… En el transcurso que le queda para su partida prot ayudará a [...]

    16. Mauricio says:

      No le doy 5 solo por el final gustó menos que el resto del libro que me encantó

    17. حمد المطر says:

      جميلة الرواية، لكن عامل المتعة ثابت منذ البداية وكذلك التشويق. بعد المواضيع الجانبية كانت مقحمة.لكن التفاصيل وسرعة الحوار كانا بالمستوى المراد لهما.

    18. Luz says:

      Relectura: Volví a amar este libro, increíble lo que engancha.

    19. Circa says:

      Everyone wants to read a book once in awhile that actually makes them think while it entertains. Leaves them a little bit wiser and more open minded than they started. K-Pax is one of those.Despite the multiple subjects of science, philosophy, mental health, it covers it's a very easy read and very engaging. There's a beauty to the simplicity of the journal format and the telling and summarizing of events rather than directly interacting with them. Typically that would work against a fiction sto [...]

    20. Diane says:

      It was so wonderful to rediscover this story. I saw the movie first years ago. Just last year, in a classroom conversation about "name your favorite all-time movie", I was getting the standard middle school responses of Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter and the like. All of a sudden, like a breath of fresh air, Logan says K-Pax! The two of us had a "knowing" moment that alluded the rest of the class. I was delighted to see one of my 11 year olds claiming a really great philosophi [...]

    21. Siva Banda says:

      The movie adoption of this book has released in 2001. And i just bumped into this movie a few days back, very fittingly the cast including Kevin Spacey & Jeff Bridges. And the story/script left me spellbound, because when you give it a deeper thought, the possibilities are endless on the character: PROT. The movie takes a slightly different route as compared to the book at many instances, but the storyline is very gripping. I promised myself that I wouldn't give a 5-rating to any of the book [...]

    22. Blanca Gil says:

      Para todos aquellos a los que le guste leer e interesarse acerca de enfermedades mentales, muy del estilo «Los renglones torcidos de Dios». Menos denso, eso sí; solo he tardado un día en terminarlo. Además, he descubierto que tiene dos secuelas, no sé si tan interesantes como esta primera parte, habrá que comprobarlo. Creo que serán mis próximas dos lecturas.

    23. Pablo Iriarte says:

      This might be the first time I feel the movie is better than the book. I love the story of K-PAX, but the way is written is more a scientific description than a novel. At lest that is what I felt. It probably has to do with the fact the author is a genetist that became an author.

    24. Deb says:

      Loved, loved this book. It's one I'll read again.

    25. Mel says:

      J'avais adoré le film et je ne savais pas que c'était basé d'un livre! Je l'ai lu en deux jours tellement j'ai été prise par cette fantastique histoire!

    26. Lil'Deer says:

      I am not a fan of book about psychology and psychiatric hospitals. But I saw the film and I was like "oh, it was okay." Then I discovered the book. And I absolutely fell for it.

    27. Steven Brandt (Audiobook-Heaven) says:

      While trying to help a purse-snatching victim to her feet in New York’s Grand Central Station, a man is detained by police. Having no ID and giving rather odd responses to the officer’s questions, he is taken in and later turned over to the Manhattan Psychiatric Institute, where he becomes a patient of Dr. Gene Brewer.This is a very unusual man. You see, he claims to be a visitor from the planet K-PAX, which resides in the constellation Lyra as seen from Earth. He calls himself prot (K-PAXia [...]

    28. Roddy Williams says:

      prot (lower case ‘p’) insists that he’s from the planet K-PAX in the constellation of Lyra. As you might expect, prot is locked up in a New York Psychiatric hospital, and it falls to Dr Gene Brewer (the author, in other words) to solve the mystery of prot’s identity. ‘No-one believes I’m an alien’ (apart from the fact that it would be a fab title for a Jerry Springer show, and it’s a shame Dr Brewer never worked this into the book) or ‘the alien in human form’ is a staple SF [...]

    29. Chris Peters says:

      Of course our obvious to someone like prot would be to hospitalize him. OF COURSE he's had a severe mental break. OF COURSE he isn't an alien. Right?

    30. Håvard Bamle says:

      Fantastic novel. Really fantastic. Criticisms:Let's discuss prot. He deals in absolutes; see the dialogue about truth. This in itself only speaks about the character of prot. He, like everyone else, has a personality and has opinions, despite is insistence that his race does not have this, like other, "human" flaws. Humans do have this flaw, due in part to an undesirable focus on Well, how do I explain it K-PAX is characterized by collective identity. Individualism seems to be the great wolf, th [...]

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