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The Perseid Collapse
March 19, 2020 Comments.. 872
The Perseid Collapse A Post Apocalyptic Thriller from a Master reviewer Captivating Loved this series I stayed glued till the end reviewerTHE PERSEID COLLAPSE America is on the verge of collapse in the thrilling post apo

  • Title: The Perseid Collapse
  • Author: Steven Konkoly
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Post Apocalyptic Thriller from a Master reviewer Captivating Loved this series I stayed glued till the end reviewerTHE PERSEID COLLAPSE America is on the verge of collapse, in the thrilling post apocalyptic sequel to The Jakarta Pandemic.In 2019, an inconceivable attack against America s infrastructure will unleash a human darkness over the United A Post Apocalyptic Thriller from a Master reviewer Captivating Loved this series I stayed glued till the end reviewerTHE PERSEID COLLAPSE America is on the verge of collapse, in the thrilling post apocalyptic sequel to The Jakarta Pandemic.In 2019, an inconceivable attack against America s infrastructure will unleash a human darkness over the United States with a vast appetite for chaos and violence Alex Fletcher, former Marine, will wake to this brutally hostile landscape, thrown headfirst into an epic, impossibly grueling journey to save his family and friends Heart pounding read Couldn t put it down So much action right from the very beginning reviewer

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    1. Brian Switzer says:

      good writing overcomes a boggy plot- but barely. I really enjoyed the Jakarta Pandemic, but Perseid, not so much. I still enjoy Konkoly's narrative characters, and dialogue- his writing skills can't be questioned. But The Perseid Collapse just bogs down in to many places. And I don't mean where the book delves into weapons and military arcana- in a prepper based post-apocalyptic novel there are going to be pages upon pages about weapons, it's a central story line to the genre. But the endless pe [...]

    2. Star Shining Forever says:

      Having experienced a widespread sickness outbreak in the prequel (that I have not read, but that isn't a problem as anything important is reviewed here) the Fletcher family is no stranger to disaster. This time, they've been prepping something serious. So when the East Coast gets hit with an EMP or asteroid and then a tsunami, they know how to react. They can't hunker down and ride it out this time: it's off to the rendezvous farm for the moms and kids, while the neighborhood dads go to collect [...]

    3. Roger says:

      I really enjoyed Pandemic and so was very disappointed by the first of this trilogy. Instead of one fast paced excited story the author has decided to stretch into three books full of technical descriptions or weapons, ammo, vehicles, back packs, etc. I guess this might appeal to a real survivalist, but there were far to many distractions for me. I wish I could know the rest of the story, but it will not be worth it to wade through two more books. If the author ever does a rewrite and sticks to [...]

    4. Lyndsey says:

      Ex-military prepper type writes book for other ex-mil prepper types. Do people REALLY talk like this? Characters so totally under-developed that I don't care what happens to them and won't be reading part 2. Utter bobbins.

    5. Lucas Darathy says:

      Eh. Sad to say this was quite boring. There’s no character development. No depth in the story. Just one mission after the other. Kinda like a videogame, except that it’s boring. The action scenes are all technical. I really disliked this.

    6. Heather Faville says:

      Here I am with another book from the talented Steven Konkoly, The Perseid Collapse. Set six years after The Jakarta Pandemic, our friends the Fletchers are in for yet another collapse of society. This time from an event that no one was expecting or could even have imagined. But being still so close to the devastation and societal downfall that occurred during the Jakarta Pandemic, fear and paranoia remain on high alert and that simply adds to the difficulty the Fletchers and friends will be forc [...]

    7. Thom Swennes says:

      The story starts like a mid-summer sunrise in a long cultivated valley. An almost imperceptibly slow but steady transformation from dark to light. When an asteroid impacted the eastern coast and the resulting tsunami swept north and south, large sections are flooded and life will never be the same. When the tsunami hits the state of Maine, Alex Fletcher, his wife Kate and their children survived the wave on their yacht behind one of the coastal islands. When they finally get home they team up wi [...]

    8. John Wiltshire says:

      This novel is set about six years after the events of The Jakarta Pandemic. Alex and his family learnt a lot of lessons during that apocalyptic event, most noticeably, don't tell anyone you have lots of stocks, and don't try to be humane: shoot first and shoot to kill. These new-learnt lessons come in handy when the family is hit by an EMP and then a tsunami (presumably both as a result of a nuclear event just off the New England coast). The Fletchers who survived the Jakarta flu have consolidat [...]

    9. Eric R. says:

      **UPDATE** I finished the series.4 1/2 star rating. This is a great nail biting series that is hard to put down. With that said, I am writing this review (more like observations) based on reading "The Jakarta Pandemic" and books 1-4 of "The Perseid Collapse". I am not going to repeat other reviews. This time around for this series, I choose the audio book versions. A few observations.Jakarta Pandemic was read by Joseph Morton and Perseid Collapse series was read by John David Farrell. It was lik [...]

    10. Geoffrey says:

      I got a copy of this book as my Prime selection after reading and enjoying The Jakarta Pandemic some time ago. This was a great followup and a great start to a new trilogy. It's fast paced and opened up multiple story lines that appear to be complex and messy enough to easily fill two more books - which I'm definitely looking forward to reading.Alex, the main character, as with many leads in action thrillers is ex-marine special forces and just a little too well prepared to feel completely real. [...]

    11. Lilyn G. (Scifi and Scary) says:

      I listened to this via audible, and I think part of the reason I did not really enjoy the book was because the narrator.I will say: the ending was EVIL! EVIL! lolThe Perseid Collapse follows the Fletcher Family from the Jakarta Pandemic, and even by the end of the book, you still have no clear idea as to what exactly happened that made the SHTF. But it did. In epic proportion. Yet again, Konkoly holds to true to his relatable, HUMAN characters. The main character, Alex, is a former Marine, and o [...]

    12. Mel says:

      I'm loving this series. The level of action and suspense really picked up in this book. The realistic portrayal of the main characters makes the story there are no aging actors here pulling off unbelievable stunts like kids 20 years their junior. Alex's military background makes the story all the more interesting because he knows things that most of us do not; he knows how to get things done. The story really keeps you on the edge of your seat with twists and turns and surprises around every cor [...]

    13. Chris says:

      This author specializes in post-apocalyptic stories. This one supposes an EMP over America that knocks out all electronic devices -- including electronics in cars, communication devices, etc. It's the same situation as in Teresa Shaver's "Land", "Sea", "Home", and "City Escape" set -- but the attitude is very different. This author sees the complete ascendency of evil men, with only a few fighters standing against them. I tired of the constant battles with no sign of improvement. More a men's bo [...]

    14. SueAnn Crawford says:

      In his second book following The Jakarta Pandemic, Steve Konkoly takes away all of Alex Fletcher's weapons of choice and puts him on the road to recover his son after the newest disaster strikes. He and his wife Kate split up on their own separate survival adventures, testing their will to survive and protect their own. I could not put this book down for long, except to google a piece of survival equipment or two mentioned in the book, and was left on the cliff of impatience awaiting the next in [...]

    15. Felicia A says:

      YAYYYYY! Another editing project is alomost a published book! Due out December 1, The Perseid Collapse continues the adventures of the Fletcher family from The Jakarta Pandemic. Not a sequel exactly, just another wretched event that happens that they get caught up in.

    16. Darlene says:

      Heart pounding readCouldn't put it down. So much action right from the very beginning. The characters were well developed. Alex has become my hero! Looking forward to the next book. Not to mention reading the prequel. I think I've found another favorite author.

    17. Karen Azinger says:

      If you are looking for a good post apocalyptic book with a refreshing twist, give The Perseid Collapse a try. Smartly written with interesting characters. Very enjoyable.

    18. Fiona says:

      Gun porn. Really boring. All about guns, with an apocalyptic story as an excuse to talk about guns. I wanted one of those guns, just so I could shoot myself.

    19. Kris Gallagher says:

      First, this book concludes like a TV series cliffhanger. Every character is in peril and no threads are wrapped. If you are good with that, continue and plan to pick up the second (and third?) books. Second, the author explains in great detail the various types of military and survival equipment used by the characters in this apocalyptic novel. If you're shopping, you'll love it. I'm not. Third, I was disturbed by the amount of gore and the casual killing of large numbers of peripheral people, m [...]

    20. Jennifer says:

      Wow Thank god for acronyms and terminology section in the back of the book. I feel like I could go join the marines and be successful communicating with all of my new lingo.In the current political climate I find this book a little unnerving. I enjoyed the story and I thought the writer did a fantastic job moving the plot along. All throughout the book I found myself more drawn to the characters. I found the first few chapters a little confusing especially Because the storyline didn't continue i [...]

    21. Cathy says:

      An EMP and a tsunami have hit the Boston area. A nuke is suspected as well. Alex's family just dropped off their son Ryan in Boston for college. Now he is mobilizing equipment and two of his friends to go get his son and one of his neighbor's daughters. It is not going to be easy. Story is not complete in this book. There are three more books. At some point I will want to get the next book. It kind of left me wanting to know what is going to happen next.

    22. Scott Nelson says:

      Not your run of the mill post-apocalyptic storyGreat break from the usual post apocalyptic stories. Especially good if you're from New England and the Boston area. Very well researched. Named the streets and neighborhoods correctly. A rare find, some authors just pay lip service to a region. Can't wait to start book 2

    23. Christine Bishop says:

      A non stop read!The Perseid Collapse is about the Fletcher family and their survival when an EMP hits the US. This book is action packed and full of heart stopping action. I can not wait to start book 2.

    24. Matthew Christian says:

      Long roadThree first book in a series ends with a somewhat disappointing cliffhanger. If you like this genre of sorry with lots of equipment and military jargon you should enjoy this first chapter in series and probably want to continue on to the next chapter.

    25. Tufty McTavish says:

      Well that didn't go where I had expected! 2018, everyone?! I'd gone in expected more from the prequel I'd recently read, but this one took it a little more extreme. Good adventure, happy to continue reading to find out what happens next.

    26. Don says:

      I found it to be a page turner,well written. Alex goes to save the kids and Kate goes to the farm, with interesting sub plots. My only complaint is this book doesn't finish like a book, you have to go on and get the next book if you're in the story.

    27. Steve Cripwell says:

      It's quite well written but there is far too much detail for me. Lots of technical terms which, for me, detract from the story. It almost reads like non-fiction in parts, in my opinion, although I'm sure others will love it. Not for me though.

    28. Buck T. says:

      Good read. I am looking forward to seeing how Alex pulls this off. A good one-sitting book. Dystopian at its best. This guy knows his military stuff.

    29. Sam Scott says:

      I thought this was a bit drawn outand i guess I'm not much for military type writing. I don't really feel the need to finish the series.

    30. Gretchen says:

      Sort the literary equivalent to eating a supersize bag of BBQ flavor potato chips.

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