Gary A. Caruso
Our Souls to Keep
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Our Souls to Keep After seventeen year old Wake Reynolds agrees to trade his life to prevent the damaged soul of his suicidal mother from the fiery tortures of Hell Satan strips him of his humanity and forces him to b

  • Title: Our Souls to Keep
  • Author: Gary A. Caruso
  • ISBN: 9780989101004
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
  • After seventeen year old Wake Reynolds agrees to trade his life to prevent the damaged soul of his suicidal mother from the fiery tortures of Hell, Satan strips him of his humanity and forces him to become a demonic collector of souls With no memory of his human existence, Wake preys on defenseless teenagers until they willingly end their own lives.After many years of loyAfter seventeen year old Wake Reynolds agrees to trade his life to prevent the damaged soul of his suicidal mother from the fiery tortures of Hell, Satan strips him of his humanity and forces him to become a demonic collector of souls With no memory of his human existence, Wake preys on defenseless teenagers until they willingly end their own lives.After many years of loyal service, something inside Wake is changing Images of a forgotten life, lost human emotions begin to emerge As Wake struggles to keep these new sensations hidden, Satan orders him to corrupt the soul of a pregnant girl, Annemarie Beautiful, gentle Annemarie From the moment Wake sees her, she brings lightness to his blackened heart If he chooses to defy Satan and spare the lives of Annemarie and her unborn child, his mother s soul will writhe in Hell s deepest pit for eternity Annemarie or his mother It s a choice no one should have to make.

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    1 Blog on “Our Souls to Keep

    1. Marvin Amazon says:

      I had the pleasure of receiving an advanced copy of Our Souls to Keep. I knew it was a YA novel, which probably didn’t prepare me for the beginning. In what could only be described as a jolt to the system, the book began with a bang that grabbed my attention. From there, I relished the thought of seeing what else Caruso would come up with. Throughout the book, I kept noticing that it didn’t follow convention. No, it went in so many directions I hadn’t seen before in YA novels. If you’re [...]

    2. Dustin says:

      Thank you, again, Gary, for the opportunity to read and review your work.:) Overall, I immensely enjoyed the first installment in the Our Souls to Keep trilogy. There were a few elements that felt unrealistic, slightly cliched, or contrived but otherwise, I found Wake's journey to be very compelling and profound, with a lot of heart! My most significant critique is the virtually instantaneous chemistry between our demon-human hybrid of a protagonist, and expectant mother, Annemarie. I have no pr [...]

    3. Trina says:

      *I received a copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review*I give this book 5 stars!!!This is the story of Wake, a 17 year old boy who returns home one day to find his mother has committed suicide and meets a demon named Nevin who has come to collect her soul. Wake agrees to give his soul to Satan in exchange to save hers (but Satan still has control of her soul) and he becomes a Soul Collector, he is now half human/half demon, his job is to encourage young people to commit [...]

    4. Laura W says:

      Thank you to the author, Gary Caruso, for gifting me with a copy of Our Souls to Keep in exchange for an honest review!Quite honestly, I loved this book. It was wonderful in every sense of the word!I first want to talk about the prequel and background it provides. If you are thinking of starting this series, I highly recommend reading the prequel - The Promised Land - before you start this book. It provides so much more background and I understood Wade, the main character, so much more. You real [...]

    5. Kathy says:

      I want to thank the author for giving me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest revue. I probably would never have heard of it if he handn't, and I am very happy that I did. This book is very original in it's content. I have read many paranormal romances and so many are so identical, you are lucky that the names are different. But in this case, I was very happily surprised. I had never read anything like this prior and am very excited for more.This book tells the story of 17 year old, Wak [...]

    6. Kami Dodson-Perry says:

      Please keep in mind this is not a book that I would normally choose to read. Gary Caruso contacted me via and asked if I would review this for him. I am glad that he did. While I was not drawn into this story like I am usually, I found myself really loving the main character Wake.In this storyline it seems that demons are all fallen angels. But Wake is special because he was human once. So he is a hybrid human/demon. Wake has had his humanity striped to make him a better soul collector. Wake co [...]

    7. Olivia (Bookcomet) says:

      I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Here it is:Wow. I have literally just finished this book. Let me just say: that ending. I did not expect that at all. I love endings like that and it was a pretty good twist.The characters:The main character Wake was great. He was likeable, understandable and different. Then there was Annemarie who was also great. She was so kind and I'm glad she and Wake get together. Nevin. The perfect villain (well, one of them anyway). Th [...]

    8. Kristy Gillespie says:

      Seventeen-year-old Wake’s life is in turmoil. His father is abusive, his mother is an addict, and his younger brother looks to him for guidance. Wake finds his strength through faith in the Catholic Church. However, after his mother commits suicide, Wake is visited by a demon who offers him an impossible choice; he can save his mother’s soul from the tortures of Hell if he offers his soul to Satan. Acting as a loving but foolish son, he accepts the demon’s offer. For years he works as an e [...]

    9. Tabby says:

      First, let me start by saying that I loved this book. The pacing, characters, plot and writing were great. There were a few flaws but not enough to damage the story.The pacing was perfect because the story never lost steam. It was impossible to be bored with so much action and twists. The plot has been done repeatedly but the author was able to make this story fresh. The book is very dark though, with just the sheer amount of death and suicides. Let me give the author some credit because he's no [...]

    10. Cathryn says:

      *I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*I don't usually read books about angels and demons. Nothing against the concept it's just not my thing. So going into this book I didn't have high expectations. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book. There were only a couple of small things that I thought could have been better and that's why it gets 4 out of 5 stars.The first scene that shows what Wake's job is would have been better without all the detail. I kn [...]

    11. Stacey says:

      **I received a free copy of this book from the author for an honest review.**“When I execute my job with precision, someone always dies.”How far would a person go to save a soul? Would you make a deal with the devil?? Meet Wake Reynolds, a teenage soul collector, and newest toy/experiment of Satan. Wake found himself a new job after he found his mother after she killed herself. Navin, a demon offered a trade. Wake’s soul for his mom’s. However when you deal with the devil – you never c [...]

    12. Helena says:

      This novel was unlike any I’ve read before. I’m a sucker for any books with angels and demons, and I’ve spent a lot of time collecting and reading books with similar character styles that I found in this book. Still, I was really caught off guard by the humanity hiding within Wake, a half demon. I can definitely say that this is a very unique story worthy of five stars! It was so endearing to read about Wake sacrificing everything to protect the ones he loves, both Annemarie and his mother [...]

    13. Stina says:

      The author gifted a copy of this book to me in exchange for a fair review, and a fair review he shall get. Spoilers: I liked it. Lots.Caruso spins you the tale of Wake, a boy who committed suicide in exchange for his mother's soul escaping eternal torture. Instead of getting to rot in eternal torture-y damnation, Wake becomes the first human/demon hybrid soul collector and is in general okay with his plot in (after)life considering he has saved his mom's soul and he has had his human emotions re [...]

    14. Minerva says:

      I would like to thank the author and LOP for gifting me this book for a honest review. We are introduced to Wake he's a 17 year old Soul Collector working for Satan. His job is to convince teens to commit suicide and then they can keep their souls. At first Wake is okay with his job, he's one of the best in the business, then he starts to have feelings and memories of his life and he starts to question his situation. Then Satan gives him a new job, he needs to get a pregnant girl Annemarie to co [...]

    15. Kath Ocampo says:

      The author of the book, Mr. Gary Caruso asked me if I could read his book. I checked Our Souls To Keep and after reading the "gist" of the story, I told him I'd be willing to read it.So the story is about Wake, a soul collector for Satan, and his rediscovery of humanity. He had been a loyal servant to Satan but one day, all the memories he had about his "human life" came rushing back. With this, he was awakened and he decided that he'd no longer be Satan's pet. But even though his "human" feelin [...]

    16. Sabeeka says:

      Sometimes books stay with you for a day and you move on, sometimes a book touches you so much its all you can think about. I officially can not stop thinking about Our Souls to Keep by Gary Caruso. When I was reading this book I forgot that it was just a written story. The words made me feel like it was just Wake and me going on crazy adventures (most of which include Satan) and that the end results were actually going to affect me. Don't get me wrong it isn't a nice happy going book its a book [...]

    17. March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room says:

      Review: OUR SOULS TO KEEP by Gary A. CarusoConsignment to Hell is a torturous eternity, but for young Wake, who thought he sacrificed his soul to save his mother's, Hell is an eternity of waking moments, scouring Phoenix for adolescents prone to suicide: souls he can collect for his lord Satan. Suddenly, during one such encounter, some of Wake's lost human memories begin to reappear, just as he is summoned to.a new, essential task by Satan: collecting the souls of an angelic teenager and her unb [...]

    18. Brenda Seaberg says:

      I absolutely have to give this book 5 stars! It is an amazing story, pitting heaven, hell, and the human realm against each other. It's a story of love and selflessness, hatred and deception, with fitting human emotions shining through all of those times. I found myself so enthralled with this book that I set other things aside to sit and read it, as I just couldn't put it aside. Yes, I even ignored my obsession with Candy Crush, which is so prevalent these days. If you want a good read that wil [...]

    19. Alison Cianciolo says:

      As a fellow college alum of Gary's I look forward to reading his work.

    20. ∙• Carol •∙ says:

      To start off, I want to say thank-you to Gary Caruso and the Lovers of Paranormal group on for allowing me to read this amazing book for an honest review. To put it simply: i loved it. Now, I have never read anything quite like this book before, but I was instantly hooked after reading the synopsis, even before I began to read the actual book.About the Book: Our Souls to Keep (great title btw) follows Wake Reynolds who, years ago, bravely sacrificed his own life to prevent his suicidal mother's [...]

    21. K4tie says:

      I was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The opinions contained within are my own.When I first started reading this book I didn’t like the cover. I kept missing part of the image that is there because my eyes were drawn to the swirl tattoo on the hand at the bottom of the cover. I stared at the cover right after finishing the book and saw what I was missing. There are two hands reaching for each other, one from above and one from below. For some reason I couldn [...]

    22. Aly says:

      Song: Thirty Seconds to Mars- HurricaneFor Wake Reynolds there is no question as to what happens after death. If you've sinned you get sent to Hell where you get torn apart in a river of sinners. If you've been a good egg an angel drops out of the sky, picks up your soul and takes you to Heaven(presumably). Wake lives in hell but he's not exactly dead and he's not exactly demon- he's a half-demon half-human soul collector. When the bossman puts him in charge of an impossible mission, Wake risks [...]

    23. Tiffani says:

      *I was given this book for free from the author in exchange I write an honest review.*This book was a stab in the heart so many times. I do want to say, before I start my review, that you really should be in a healthy mental state before reading this book. I'm not making a joke or anything like that; there are some very mature and triggering scenes in this book. Please make sure you're able to read things that have triggers before picking up this book. At first, I was very confused. The book doe [...]

    24. S. Policar says:

      This is definitely different than other supernatural, heaven vs hell stories I've read. This book doesn't happen from the pov of view of a good guy, it happens from the pov from a demon hybrid named Wake. Wake is a soul collector. To live he must feed on the on the souls of those who die. He collects the souls for Satan. What makes his job so difficult, is the souls he collects must come from people that have committed suicide.I spotted a handful of small errors in the work. Nothing major, just [...]

    25. Susana says:

      A few words to describe "Our souls to keep": Angels and Demons like you've never seen them before I was truly amazed by the plot of "Our Souls to keep", because its so simple yet so unique. Caruso managed to successfully entwine his own personal ideas with what's already thought of about Demons and angels allowing him to come up with his own unique set of rules about demons and angels. The writing had a very nice flow to it allowing the story line to progress evenly."When I execute my job with p [...]

    26. Aleyn Lucier says:

      This book is an enticing, suspenseful, and captivating novel about Wake, a demon who sacrificed his humanity in order to save his mother from the tortures of hell. Wake, a soul collector for Satan, receives a new order to collect the soul of Annemarie, who is a pregnant high school teenager. With this new assignment, he makes a bargain with Satan for his mother and for his freedom. What he did not expect is to become attracted to Annemarie and struggle between protecting her and saving his mothe [...]

    27. Proserpine says:

      From the first lines, I was captivated by this story! I was quite attracted and intrigued by the blurb and I let myself being tempted by it and I wasn't disappointed at all! This novel surprised me on many levels!I honestly didn't believe I would have develop that kind of attachment for the main character: Wake, but his story, his past, his actual life and his purpose really touched me and I immediately formed a bond with him and his mission.In addition of having a rather dubious, vulnerable and [...]

    28. Justine Winans says:

      ***Review originally posted: theyalitchick/201This is one of those novels where, going into it, I had high expectations. Guilty as charged for judging the book by it's (awesome) cover. Not to mention, I am a huge fan of everything supernatural, especially the tensions and battles between angels and demons.This is also one of those novels where my expectations are completely met, exceeded, even. Our Souls to Keep is breathtaking from the first page. Caruso's writing is brilliant, the plot is exci [...]

    29. Adira says:

      I received this book from the author for an honest review.My initial reaction to this book is that it is very violent (to me) and graphic. This book follows Wake who is a hybrid demon, half-human and half-demon. Wake became a minion of Satan after he traded his soul for his mother's soul when she tried to commit suicide. Damned to do Satan's bidding for all eternity, Wake is sent on a special mission to retrieve the soul of a pregnant high school girl along with her unborn baby's soul. Unfortuna [...]

    30. Bridget Koan says:

      I received this book from the author for an honest review.Wow! I can't believe "Our Souls to Keep" is Gary Caruso's first book. I like reading paranormal stories, particularly ones about demons and angels. I loved this story!"Our Souls to Keep" made me think about the "what if." Here's one of my favorite quotes from the book: "Something comes to get you when you die." That quote really made me think about what happens in the moments after a person dies. I think something does happen.Gary's writi [...]

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