Anne Marie Stoddard
Murder at Castle Rock
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Murder at Castle Rock As the manager and booking agent for Atlanta s famous Castle Rock concert venue Amelia Ame Grace is ready for the most exciting week of her career she s booked three shows and a live DVD filming for

  • Title: Murder at Castle Rock
  • Author: Anne Marie Stoddard
  • ISBN: 9781610053099
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • As the manager and booking agent for Atlanta s famous Castle Rock concert venue, Amelia Ame Grace is ready for the most exciting week of her career she s booked three shows and a live DVD filming for the comeback tour of none other than the Pop Rock Prince himself, Bobby Glitter Before the rock star can take a bow on the first night, however, trouble steals the show asAs the manager and booking agent for Atlanta s famous Castle Rock concert venue, Amelia Ame Grace is ready for the most exciting week of her career she s booked three shows and a live DVD filming for the comeback tour of none other than the Pop Rock Prince himself, Bobby Glitter Before the rock star can take a bow on the first night, however, trouble steals the show as Castle Rock s owner takes a deadly tumble from atop the venue s tower To make matters worse, the police suspect foul play and all signs point to two of Castle Rock s own employees Ame soon finds herself in a race against time to clear the names of her friends and uncover the truth before the killer decides it s curtains for her too Winner, 2012 BookLogix AJC Decatur Book Festival Writers Contest Fast paced and entertaining, Anne Marie Stoddard gives readers a backstage pass to murder taking center stage and demanding an encore Rochelle Staab, award winning author of the Mind for Murder mysteries

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    1 Blog on “Murder at Castle Rock

    1. Sharon Stevenson says:

      'Murder at Castle Rock' is the story of Amelia Grace, an events organiser for Castle Rock. When her boss dies under suspicious circumstances she finds herself caught up in a dangerous mystery she is compelled to solve.This is one of those books I picked up to sneak a peek at and didn't put it down until I was finished! It starts off with a romantic comedy sort of vibe as Amelia is single and going through a dry spell when two guys she is strongly attracted to come into her life almost simultaneo [...]

    2. Moira Katson says:

      One line review: Stoddard’s debut novel offers a fresh take on the murder mystery format, and promises a new heroine to join the ranks of the accidental detectives.Slightly longer review: Speaking as someone who could quite happily spend days reading murder mysteries – you know, the kind set in rural English villages, where the enterprising protagonist lives in a cozy cottage with rose bushes and does a lot of tea-drinking – even I found the setting of Murder at Castle Rock to be refreshin [...]

    3. P.J. Morse says:

      Sex, drugs, rock 'n roll And murder! Rock music is such ripe terrain for a murder mystery that I always wonder why there aren't more rock mysteries. Anne Marie Stoddard fills in the gap with "Murder at Castle Rock," about Ame, a booking agent at an Atlanta venue, who has to solve the murder of her boss.Allow me to tackle all the highlights of “Murder at Castle Rock”:Sex. Okay, there’s nothing explicit, but Ame has to track down the real killer before her friends get jailed for the crime a [...]

    4. Meg says:

      Long review short, I loved it -- it reminded me of Stephanie Bond's Body Mover series, but with a rock music venue instead of Neiman Marcus.In author Anne Marie Stoddard's Atlanta, there's a music venue called Castle Rock -- and manager Amelia Grace has booked the heart-throb of her teenaged years, Bobby Glitter, for a week of three shows and the filming of his comeback DVD. When Bobby Glitter shows up a wasted wreck, Amelia has to make sure the show still goes on -- even though her boss & v [...]

    5. Laurel-Rain says:

      When Amelia Grace, events organizer at Castle Rock, an Atlanta concert venue, books several gigs with Bobby Glitter, a rock star from her own teen years, she believes their company is moving on up.With everything poised for a successful week, Amelia is stunned when her boss, Parker Deering, plunges to his death from an overhead tower on opening night. And with his murder still unsolved, another tragedy occurs on the second night.Now Amelia is more determined than ever to find out who is responsi [...]

    6. Diana Hockley says:

      Good natured read? Yes, there is such a thing and this is it! Anne Marie Stoddard has created a fine novel of murder, intrigue, secrets and plenty of twists which I didn't see coming.Amelia is the promotions manager for Castle Rock, an events venue which was built to resemble a mediaeval castle, complete with dungeon, big hall and accompanying atmosphere. Thrilled that a British rocker with whom she was fascinated in her teenage years, Amelia rushes out to welcome Bobby Glitter and his entourage [...]

    7. LORI CASWELL says:

      Amelia “Ame” Grace works as Booking Manager and Agent at Castle Rock, a famous concert venue in Atlanta. She has booked one of her own favorite stars comeback tour. Eighties Pop Rock Prince, Bobby Glitter, will be performing for 3 shows at Castle Rock and filming a DVD.Before the first show even ends tragedy strikes. The owner of the venue hits the pavement falling from one of the Castle’s towers. Suicide or Murder??? The authorities suspect foul play and immediately start looking at the C [...]

    8. Mommasaysread says:

      By Momma on June 4, 2013Murder at Castle Rock is Anne Marie Stoddard’s debut novel. But you’d never know it by reading it. She finely wove a web of deception. Twisting and turning the plot to her devices! I’m not often surprised by the ‘whodunnit’ but she sure did get me! I totally didn’t see that coming so prepare yourself for a wild ride.Stoddard introduces you to the characters in a very pleasing way, you get to know them and care for them or despise them as is appropriate. She co [...]

    9. Linda says:

      Smart and sassy, Amelia Grace, loved working as booking agent and general manager at Castle Rock the hottest concert venue in Atlanta. Next week she was due for her evaluation and hoped to be promoted, but it never happened and She had dreamed of owning her own company and with her scoring Bobby Glitter's return on a promotional tour would be her ticket to her dream. She'd grown up rocking to Bobby and had a fantasy of being his wife. Now one look at the aged and drunk man, her fantasy diedGuita [...]

    10. Brooke Bumgardner (Brooke Blogs) says:

      Amelia Grace is smart, sassy and funny. She works at Castle Rock, a music venue in Atlanta, and she is stressed over organizing a reunion tour for an 80s pop star. She's also worried about guys, and she ends up being distracted by two cute guys who come into her life at the same time as the big reunion tour. When Amelia's boss dies under mysterious circumstances, she takes it upon herself to figure out what happened and who did it. I really enjoyed reading this. It was an interesting cozy, and I [...]

    11. Laura says:

      This book is great it has it all romance, mystery, murder, and rock and roll. Once I started reading this book it drew me in and I wanted to keep reading until the end. The main character is Amelia and works at a concert venue. I loved all of the characters of this book and couldn't wait to see who was the killer. I have to admit,the ending was a big surprise. I hope the author writes a sequel with the same characters, I would love to see how the characters evolve and see what else they can get [...]

    12. Jaime says:

      Rock and roll AND a murder mystery?? How could you go wrong? Readers will be mindblown with how easily they will be sucked in to the story and will fall in love with our heroine Amelia Gracee is supercool! Stoddard doesn't hold back one bit, and leaves us hanging on the edge of our seats with multiple questions left to be answered. Do I smell a sequel?? And, as the pulse-quickening plot continues to thicken, you'll find yourself gasping, and shouting at a few of the characters right up until the [...]

    13. Tiffani Hollis says:

      Murder at Castle Rock by Anne Marie Stoddard is a fun fast-paced murder-mystery perfect for a rainy day or lazy afternoon! The story-line is interesting with a surprise ending. It's a fun read for anyone, but my first thought -as a mom- was that it would be a great read for older teens. The heroine is in her twenties, the setting is an exciting music venue, and there is an appropriate level of romance that's not trashy/erotic. Highly recommended!

    14. InD'tale Magazine says:

      4.5/5.0Anne Marie Stoddard describes the characters in this first rate mystery so vividly that they come alive right before the reader’s eyes. Read full review in the November 2013 issue of InD’tale Magazine.

    15. John Nagel says:

      Great music industry related murder mystery. Believable down to earth characters. Some great twists even when you think you are solving the case. Some great 'Oh snap' moments. Highly recommend if you are in the mood for a good murder mystery.

    16. Rabid Readers Reviews says:

      The author, Anne-Marie Stoddard, gave me a copy of this novel for my review.Let’s paint a backdrop of a castle themed nightclub reminiscent of the famed Castle Club in Chicago. Throw in a little Aldous Snow (expertly played by Russell Brand in “Get Him to the Greek”). Transport the venue to Atlanta and throw in a little Stephanie Bond cozy mystery styling and you have “Murder at Castle Rock.”As with most cozy leads, Ame is an unlikely hero. She is an ordinary woman working a job she lo [...]

    17. Heidi says:

      Amelia Grace is the manager and booking agent for Atlanta’s famous Castle Rock concert venue. Amelia has books the comeback tour for eighties Rock Start Bobby Glitter but before the first bow of the night the owner of Castle Rock tumbles to his death. The police suspect foul play and all signs point to two employees at Castle Rock. Amelia finds herself race against time to clear her friends name and uncovering the killer before she ends up being the next victim.Anne Marie Stoddard debut novel [...]

    18. Ellen Hardin says:

      THE MUSIC BIZ CAN BE MURDERso amelia and her friends are living their dream- working at the castle rock concert venue and booking great acts- as a matter of fact her teen idol bobby glitter is coming to do 3 sold out shows- - she is up for promotion- what could go wrong-- well for starters her rock idol has really let him self go-- then her boss is found dead and the police are thinking it was inside job- as she starts looking into who done it- secrets her friends have been keeping keep tumbling [...]

    19. Linda Quick says:

      I loved this book - it drew me right in and made me care about the characters. I felt like I really knew Amelia and was invested in her story. She is a great character and I hope the author writes more books featuring her.This book had it all - sex, drugs, and rock & roll, with a side of murder. The murder mystery kept me guessing and just when I thought I had it figured out, I was surprised.If you like romantic suspense, this is the book for you. I'm already looking forward to the next book [...]

    20. Judy Pflueger says:

      Amelia and her best friend Kay are excited that their favorite band is coming Castle Rock where both have carved out their careers. Not only are they disillusioned about the rock idol but they find themselves in the midst of an investigation when the owner and their boss, Parker, is murdered. Amelia finds Kay has been keeping a secret from her and the rest of their friends and staff. There is plenty of suspects to go around especially when another of their co-workers is murdered as well. This bo [...]

    21. Nancy Reynolds says:

      At first I wasn't sure this was the book for me - I have never been a big follower of rock and roll superstars, but then the story grew on me. And I kept wondering what was going to happen. I "sort of" suspected who might be behind all the bad things happening at Castle Rock, but the ending still had a few surprises for me. That, to me, makes a book a success: if I haven't figured out all the answers before the last page. Another mark of success is: do I want to see what happens to characters i [...]

    22. Emily says:

      Not a great mystery--predictable and/or convenient. I think Amelia gets involved in murder solving cause she's a bit of a control freak? Also, maybe don't wait till 70% of the book is over to Google your main suspect. Not a great love plot--which was basically, "I think you're hot and you think I'm hot."The dialogue was sometimes cringe worthy. Like Amelia starting a conversation with a friend who thinks his girlfriend cheated on him with: "How's it going, buddy?"And Amelia gets called "doll fac [...]

    23. SarahSmith says:

      I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.This was my first book by Anne Marie Soddard and I will definitely be looking out for more from her in the future. This was a quick, funny, mystery that pulled me in from the beginning. The identity of the murderer seemed a little bit televised, but the ending was great! This was definitely a great book to pass the time and I am very glad that I read it. Hopefully there will be many more Castle Rock mysteries to come.

    24. Susan says:

      Amelia Grace is an events manager at Castle Rock, a concert venue in Atlanta. Working her dream job with people she calls family. When someone is murdered, she's determined to help her loved ones. Music & a hot rocker. What more could you ask for? This is a great mystery with twists & turns that you won't see coming. I couldn't put down till finished and I'm looking forward to Amelia's next adventure.

    25. Jill B says:

      Awesome!Gotta read Murder at Castle Rock. Love books when you never know who done it till the end. Great story. Loved the characters, loved the ending. Don't miss out. Looking forward to the next in series.

    26. Judy says:

      Murder at Castle Rock by Anne Marie Stoddard. Very good book. This is the first book I have read of her and will be watching for the next book to come out. I thought it was well written. I was surprise who the murderer was.

    27. Sandy Duncan says:

      Rock n rollAmelia runs castle rock concert venue until there are two murders and it puts her life in danger. I didn't expect the ending at all, A real who done it. Really enjoyed this book

    28. Debi says:

      I really enjoyed this book and hope that it will be a series. My only complaint is that it needed an editor who knew how to do this book justice by fixing the many simple mistakes.

    29. Bella Roccaforte says:

      loved it!!!! Cant wait for the next one!

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