Mark Edward Kelly C.F. Payne
Mousetronaut Goes to Mars
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Mousetronaut Goes to Mars Meteor the mousetronaut returns to outer space in this exciting story from New York Times bestselling author and retired NASA astronaut Commander Mark Kelly and renowned illustrator C F Payne

  • Title: Mousetronaut Goes to Mars
  • Author: Mark Edward Kelly C.F. Payne
  • ISBN: 9781442484269
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Meteor the mousetronaut returns to outer space in this exciting story from 1 New York Times bestselling author and retired NASA astronaut Commander Mark Kelly and renowned illustrator C.F Payne.3 2 1 blast off The smallest member of the team, a mouse named Meteor, is back on board and ready to come to the rescue on an interplanetary adventure With lively illustrationsMeteor the mousetronaut returns to outer space in this exciting story from 1 New York Times bestselling author and retired NASA astronaut Commander Mark Kelly and renowned illustrator C.F Payne.3 2 1 blast off The smallest member of the team, a mouse named Meteor, is back on board and ready to come to the rescue on an interplanetary adventure With lively illustrations by award winning artist C.F Payne, this charming new mousetronaut adventure will inspire imaginations of all sizes Includes detailed scientific back matter.

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    1 Blog on “Mousetronaut Goes to Mars

    1. Misty says:

      Mousetronaut Goes to MarsFOURTH BOOK IN TEXT SETNote: The numbers in boldface in the passage below identify the correspondingly-numbered opening moves listed at the end of the passage.“This book is called Mousetronaut Goes to Mars. Let’s all say that word, ‘mousetronaut.’ (children repeat word). (1) Remember when we read that book called Astronauts, and we learned what the word “astronaut” meant? It’s made up of two Greek words, astro and nautes. Who remembers what these mean? (chi [...]

    2. Joan says:

      Meteor, the pint-sized hero of “Mousetronaut,” returns, this time with the NASA astronauts preparing for a trip to Mars aboard the Galaxy Rocket. Naturally, Meteor plans to make the trip, but he is not included in the crew named by NASA for the mission. Disappointed, Meteor climbs the launch tower and stows away under the commander’s seat. Meteor only comes out when the crew is asleep so they do not discover their stowaway until six months later when they are in orbit around Mars. An unexp [...]

    3. Illyra Vote says:

      There is a mouse named Meteor that sneaks onto the spaceship named Galaxy which is headed to Mars. During the long Journey he stays hidden and is very worried that NASA will send him back home since his name was not on the list to board the Galaxy in the first place. But as they prepare to go to the surface they find the lander engines aren't working and lucky for the astronauts, Meteor is there to save the day and fix the engines! This is a very cute book with great pictures, perfect for forth [...]

    4. Laura says:

      Meteor, our mouse hero, travels to Mars. After a technical glitch makes it impossible for the humans to visit the red planet, Meteor pops up to volunteer to be the first to set foot on the planet. I'm not a huge for an of the book -- the mouse is a bit too personified for my taste and I wish the book included a bit more information about traveling to Mars. The afterward provides extensive and fairly kid-friendly information about what traveling to Mars actually entails. This is an appropriate an [...]

    5. Beatrice Fox says:

      Very charming read and especially pictures. An astronaut mouse works for NASA and goes on a stowaway journey to Mars and helps the human astronauts with their spacework. (as everyone knows all you need to do to make something scifi is add the word 'space' in front of it). It's a really fun read. The cool thing is it is written by an astronaut and the pictures show various things the astronauts do when going out into space. BUt it doesn't spend a lot of time and boring text going through these th [...]

    6. Mary says:

      Astronaut Mike Kelly has written two nice picture books about Meteor the Mousetronaut. The first is called "Mousetronaut: Based On a (Partially) True Story." I read this second one with a group of five- and six-year-olds. It effectively integrates some facts about Mars into an adventure story. Children who want to know more about Mars, and NASA missions to the Red Planet, can read the afterword with their grown-ups. I added this to the diversity bookshelf because it shows male and female astrona [...]

    7. Alice says:

      4 1/2 for me! I love the fact, I love the mouse element. I love the learning about Mars. This is my second "Mars" book in the last few weeks and both have been fascinating on the what if, hows and why?After reading the story, read the back two pages of information. Things I learned from this bookI would weight lesson MarsIt would take 6 months to get there And I 'duh' moment of an interesting fact, the spaceship would have to be pointed to where Mars would be in 6 months, not where it is when yo [...]

    8. Barbara says:

      In a follow-up to the original story about a mouse that becomes an astronaut, Mousetronaut: Based on a (Partially) True Story, Meteor is disappointed not to be included on the crew that plans to explore Mars. Not one to miss an adventure or a space flight, he smuggles his way onto the rocket. Luckily for his human companions, he saves the day when the engine on the landing craft fails, and he volunteers to gather samples from the planet. The mixed media illustrations are adorable and show Meteor [...]

    9. Kristy says:

      Mom's Review: I asked my son to tell me about his favorite part of the book. He turned to the page that shows the mousetronaut's capsule touching down on Mars. He couldn't put his feelings about it into words yet, telling me that it was adventurous and "spaces." Reading about the astronauts preparing for their missions inspires him to learn new things. He often asks me to teach him things after reading the book. 5 Year Old's Review: Big people on the space ship, mouse is there, too. I like the m [...]

    10. Marcia says:

      Mark Kelly has been in space and there is a lot of information shared in this fun story. Meteor the mouse stows away on a trip to mars. The illustrations give us a peak into astronauts' lives on a mission, like being strapped in to sleep. The scenes with the mouse are vey cute. The back matter provides additional information on the future of the space program. I shy away from "celebrity" authors, but Kelly does a good job, writing about what he knows.

    11. Samantha says:

      Mousetronaut sneaks into a space mission to Mars and becomes useful when he's just the right astronaut to set foot on the surface. Mixed media illustrations with an afterward which discusses Mars and space missions.I liked the creativity put into this story and the serious way in which it was handled. Readers view Mousetronaut just like any of the other astronauts because he trains with them and shares their passion for the profession. PreK-5.

    12. Shelli says:

      Adorable illustrations and fun storyline make Mousetronaut Goes to Mars a great read aloud for elementary age students. The appendix has a lengthy and informative section about Mars's terrain, orbit, also Russian and the United States space attempts (failures and successes) throughout the years. Parents and educators can use this as additional science curriculum when covering the planets, typically in 5th grade.

    13. Jennifer Heise says:

      Well, I admit this is less scientific than the original Mousetronaut, but at least it's more up-to-date than, say, Mrs. Pickerell Goes to Mars!. For those who enjoy sharing science fiction with their children at an early age, Mousetronaut Goes To Mars doesn't disappoint. My six year old, who enjoyed the original story, also enjoyed this one and voluntarily re-read it to himself. Bonus Astronaut Mark Kelly doesn't hurt either.

    14. Liesl says:

      Just as cute and informative as its predecessor Mousetronaut: Based on a (Partially) True Story, even if the story is essentially the same with a few tweaks. This time around, the afterward focuses on Mars and efforts to travel there.

    15. Jesse Henning says:

      a mouse stows away and goes to mars. i've seen this looney tune before but this is still pretty cute, especially for kids that really dig on space.but the idea of using a multi-billion dollar spacecraft to lower a mouse to the surface of mars, man

    16. Holli says:

      I'm not a big fan of mice, but this one was cute. I'm glad he was able to help the astronauts in the story. The cover is misleading though as it makes it look like the mouse was sent to Mars by himself, without the shuttle he was on with the human crewYER: Walmart

    17. Molly Smith says:

      Very cute story about a mouse who is an astronaut whose small size becomes an advantage when he stows away on a mission to Mars. My son enjoyed the story immensely, the illustrations were lovely and the story was fun and lively. A great bed-time read.

    18. Elizabeth Rudolph says:

      I read this book as a part of a class for elementary reading for children. I have to say that this book is very well done and seems to be very engaging. I would definitely recommend this book for any child wanting to read a fictional book about space.

    19. Tim Schraad says:

      The book was very good. The end gave a great over view of the space program and what all they do. This book may inspire some children to travel to space, I know I have always wanted to go to the great beyond!

    20. Garren says:

      I rolled my eyes at the sweetness.

    21. Christine says:

      Meteor the mousetronaut saves the day when the mission to mars runs into a snafu.

    22. Gregory Barrington says:

      The story was cute but we really enjoyed the Afterword with the additional Mars facts.

    23. Mandy says:

      This one was ok. The illustrations were a 5. Storyline a 2. We only read it once or twice.

    24. Amy says:

      Some great information about Mars/space. Not my favorite book in the world, but cute with the mouse and informative.

    25. Paula says:

      A mouse stowaway on NASA's first human mission to Mars becomes a hero when one of the landing craft's engines fails. Includes facts about Mars.

    26. Lorna says:

      Love the illustrations and how these books always give a lot of factual information at the end.

    27. Kiddo says:

      Kiddo says 5 stars

    28. Maria says:

      Cute story, with some basic info that might intrigue younglings also great information in the back matter.

    29. Viviane Elbee says:

      Cute story, nice illustrations.

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