Allison Cassatta
Lies & Seduction
September 18, 2018 Comments.. 925
Lies Seduction Sequel to Sin Seduction Jason s life sucks First Jansen the best friend he was in love with gets married to a man Jason considers the scum of the earth Then he has to deal with a coworker with a mad

  • Title: Lies & Seduction
  • Author: Allison Cassatta
  • ISBN: 9781623801441
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sequel to Sin Seduction Jason s life sucks First Jansen, the best friend he was in love with, gets married to a man Jason considers the scum of the earth Then he has to deal with a coworker with a mad crush on him He manages a deli during the day and the stage of a nightclub at night For him, chaos is a way of life nothing could possibly make it worse Until he Sequel to Sin Seduction Jason s life sucks First Jansen, the best friend he was in love with, gets married to a man Jason considers the scum of the earth Then he has to deal with a coworker with a mad crush on him He manages a deli during the day and the stage of a nightclub at night For him, chaos is a way of life nothing could possibly make it worse Until he meets a presumably straight local celebrity at the club and his real problems begin.Bradley Britt has it all fame, a house in the suburbs, a wife, and a new baby daughter Nobody knows it s all a cover to hide who he really is Jason is pure temptation for him, and he fears their first hookup won t be the last Even knowing he is risking his counterfeit world can t stop him from falling for the nightclub dancer Complete honesty will endanger everything Bradley has worked for but facing the facts is the only chance he has at true happiness.

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    1 Blog on “Lies & Seduction

    1. Sandra says:

      piaciuto,molto di più che il precedente e forse è per questo che indecisa tra 3 e 4 stelle ho deciso per 4

    2. Barb says:

      I really liked this book, I think even more than the first one. There wasn't a huge plot, and really the only angst was Brad coming to grips with coming out and breaking it to his wife but I absolutely loved Brad and Jason. Their relationship was so passionate and emotional. I loved these two together. The story ended a little abruptly I thought, their HEA was tied up so quick. I would have liked a bit more at the end after they got their HEA instead of the abrupt way it ended. As the second boo [...]

    3. TaraG says:

      Everything I dislike in a romance, insta-love and an overwhelming focus on physical features. The MCs spend no real life time together but believe they are completely compatible. A lot of selfish wallowing and emotional blackmail by the MCs with each other and other people. I only finished it because I hate to DNF.

    4. Kikkasole says:


    5. Amneris Cesare says:

      babettebrown/allison-cassatLa valutazione di Amneris Di Cesare: due stelline.La vita di Jason è orribile. Prima Jansen, il suo migliore amico, il ragazzo di cui era innamorato, si sposa con un uomo che lui considera la feccia della terra. Poi deve vedersela con un collega che ha una cotta pazzesca per lui. Gestisce una gastronomia durante il giorno e il palco di un night club la notte. Per lui, il caos è uno stile di vita: nulla potrebbe renderla peggiore. Fino a quando al club non incontra un [...]

    6. Nuvolachecorre says:

      Trama non realistica, personaggi di nessuno spessore

    7. Amarilli Settantatre says:

      da sognipensieriparoleSe il primo volume mi era piaciuto, questo secondo episodio mi ha deluso in tutti i sensi.Ammetto che sono partita male sin dall’inizio, perché mi infastidiscono le storie incentrate sui tradimenti, specie quella dove il bravo marito/moglie si concede l’incontro clandestino mentre chi lo ama e confida in lui lo attende a casa. Non amo i valzer dell’ipocrisia e la felicità del singolo, ottenuta ad ogni costo, a discapito di terzi incolpevoli.La cosa vale sia per i ro [...]

    8. Sherrie Henry says:

      Review contains minor spoilers.Wow, another hot one from Allison Cassatta! This being a sequel to 'Sin & Seduction,' it answered a a couple of questions I brought up in my previous review of S&S. First, I do have to admit, I'm still finding a few typos here and there. Her works need a little more hard editing when it comes to common errors. Most readers will gloss right over them, but I'm much more detailed-oriented than most when it comes to grammar and proper word usage (my biggest is [...]

    9. ValeriaDePaula says:

      Ecco il secondo libro della serie e per fortuna senza gli episodi di violenza del primo.Questo in comparazione è quase irreale, una favola.Qui abbiamo la storia di Jason e Brad, l'ultimo sposato, padre di una bellissima bambina e una star, ha tutto da perdere a dichiararsi gay, Jason invece è gay dichiarato, uno di quei ragazzi come Jensen con troppi problemi per una persona sola, una persona che ha solo bisogno di trovare il vero amore. Come può allora questi due finire insieme? Come ho dett [...]

    10. Suze says:

      2.5*The Author has a disclaimer at the front of the book, though I didnt mind the content (warnings of drug use, casual sex and cheatings) and it wasn't as gritty as I was expecting from the warnings.However, I found it hard to feel anything for either Jason or Brad. They seemed in conflict with themselves - self contained, sure, confident yet whiny, vacilating, easily swayed. They were both quick to committ, change their mind, fall into love/lust so I never felt in tune with them. It maybe read [...]

    11. AliciaJ says:

      I enjoyed this one much more than the first book in the series. Jason is a sympathetic character and I found it easy to empathize with him. It was interesting too, to see how he struggled with the morality of his relationship with Brad and how that played out. I really liked the epilogue too, it was a great way to wrap up the story. And, grudgingly I admit, I even found myself starting to like Dorian a little bit more. So, hopefully there will be more books in the future, maybe one for Lance hmm [...]

    12. Dawn says:

      I did not enjoy the book. I skimmed a lot of it but read most of it, so I'm giving it 2 stars. I really hate instalove stories and in this case I could not see any reason why the main characters loved each other immediately, they had nothing in common, they just had sex a lot. And some of the characters were too good to be true. I found the book boring.

    13. Vona Logan says:

      A great story of forgiveness, acceptance and new beginnings.Loved it almost as much as Sin & Seduction, but Dorian & Jansen will always have the soft spot in my heart.Can't wait for the next one. Wait - there is gonna be a next one right?

    14. Kylie says:

      First off i have to say, that i hope there is to be a book #3 in this series :DI loved Sin & Seduction, but this one hit me on a more emotional level. I loved that it died up Janson && Dorian's story, it's was lovely and it made relationship between Janson && Jason closer.

    15. Ms. Nikki says:

      DSP Freebie~

    16. SheReadsALot says:

      FREE ON DREAMSPINNERS UNTIL 6PM EST!!!!dreamspinnerpress/sto

    17. Pyper Diangelo says:

      awesome sauce book about new beginnings learning to love & accept ourselves & others. I cried & cheered along even fanned myself ;)

    18. Andrea says:

      2nd read 11/12/14 loved it - again

    19. Bogusia says:

      3.75 starsI really liked this one :)look forward to the next installment in the series.

    20. Maya says:

      3.5 Stars

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