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Superior Justice
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Superior Justice Jonah Borden is not your typical pastor He s a tough guy thinks he s funny rock music playing gourmet cooking painfully moderate drinking hard boiled man of the cloth He is even available for a b

  • Title: Superior Justice
  • Author: Tom Hilpert
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jonah Borden is not your typical pastor He s a tough guy, thinks he s funny, rock music playing, gourmet cooking, painfully moderate drinking, hard boiled man of the cloth He is even available for a bit of romance, under the right circumstances Borden gets deeply involved in things he doesn t understand when one of his parishioners is arrested for a vigilante killing TJonah Borden is not your typical pastor He s a tough guy, thinks he s funny, rock music playing, gourmet cooking, painfully moderate drinking, hard boiled man of the cloth He is even available for a bit of romance, under the right circumstances Borden gets deeply involved in things he doesn t understand when one of his parishioners is arrested for a vigilante killing The parishioner shares his true alibi with Borden, under the privileged status of religious confession Knowing the man is innocent, Borden must prove it somehow, without divulging his secret Along the way he uncovers a twisted series of murders and cover ups Before it is all over, Borden himself has been bribed, beaten, shot, and arrested for murder Even worse, he s fallen in love and had his heart broken.

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    1. Bryan D. says:

      38 of 75 for 2015. I’m giving this book five stars because I grew up in a parsonage and whatever Tom Hilpert’s background, he really knows about clergy life. The protagonist is a Lutheran pastor in a small town on Minnesota’s North Shore, i.e. Lake Superior. As I read the mystery, and a good mystery it is, with lots of plot twists and enough bad guys to keep you guessing all the way through the book, I kept seeing my father and his role as a minister in and for the communities. You learn t [...]

    2. Mahree Moyle says:

      Everyone knows I'm an Atheist. I don't have a problem with that. Now here’s a book I would not have given the time of day because the main character is a paster. But it was set by Lake Superior and I am from around the Great Lakes. I am not a God person, but this story was very good. The writing was great and any God stuff was pretty low-key. I can’t be converted, but this story is how I would like to imagine people of a God. “Normal” and he was normal. Thank you for giving a good side o [...]

    3. HeatherErickson says:

      Great seriesThe Lake Superior Mysteries are some of the best Christian mysteries available. The characters are well developed, and the plot has enough clues to help you solve the case, but not enough that it is easy to do. There is an unforced level of humor, and as a Minnesotan, I found the humor and conversation to be very genuine. I have recommended the series to many people, and will continue to.

    4. Karen says:

      Very fun mystery. Jonah is a Lutheran pastor, but certainly not your typical sterotype. In his interaction with the people of the town in which he lives, things aren't always reverent. When he tries to help someone he feels was wrongly accused of a crime, it opens up a whole 'nother can of worms. Fresh writing and well-paced with a good balance of humor and suspense. I'm reading the second in the series next :)

    5. Sally Beaudean says:

      If you like to laugh even in the midst of danger and mystery, you will certainly enjoy this book. The protagonist is an affable Lutheran pastor with a love for gourmet cooking and fishing that gets himself embroiled in a series of murders. It's a quick read that I recommend without reservation.

    6. Wendy Hughes says:

      I liked this mystery. I found I tired of the banter dialogue between Jonah and the other characters. But the plot was good and I was totally surprised with the ending.

    7. Cindy says:

      I highly recommend this book! I love it! The twists and turns are totally unpredictable. For me, I would rate this novel on par with any by Patterson, Sandra Brown or John Sandford!

    8. Berit P says:

      I really enjoyed this book. It was clean and just a fun read. It was a good plot and yet not too dark. I liked it.

    9. Kim P says:

      I really enjoyed this book - it was an easy read and a gripping narrative. I even enjoyed the apologetics - the explanation of the gospel was spot on, and narrated in a believable way - in other fiction books with an evangelical aspect this can be quite clunky, but I felt the dialogue ran true.I would thoroughly recommend to fans of John Grisham style thrillers, Christians and non -Christians alike.I will definitely be coming back for more Lake Superior stories.

    10. Jim Noland says:

      It is rare at my age to happen on a wonderful author I’d never heard of; and I did just stumble on to Tom Hilpert. I felt the same refreshing surprise after starting this book that Simon Cowell expressed after hearing Paul Potts sing Nessun Dorma. “I wasn’t expecting that!” What a wonderful book and amazing author. I can’t wait to read the rest of his books!

    11. Tandem says:

      A nice story, well told.This is my first Hilpert book, it won't be my last. Recently I really and reviewed a book that wasn't labeled YA or religious, it wasn't very well written (IMO), I didn't finish it, the writer tried to fool me. Hilpert doesn't do that, he is an excellent writer.

    12. Patricia Lee Cross says:

      AwesomeWhat a great character in Jonah. He's handsome, funny, can cook and a pastorwow. Leyla sounds like she just might be the one. I actually wish they were real. Other cast doing a great job with the humor.

    13. Michelle says:

      Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA

    14. Nina DuBois says:

      4 STARS FOR PASTOR JONAH BORDEN!!!!!Just wow!!! I have a hard time reading crime mysteries but this book sucked me in and I enjoyed every minute I spent reading this book.The main character Jonah is Pastor like you've never seen. He has a witty personality, listens to all genres of music except rap of course, can kick some serious booty, and apparently can cook like a chef. I wish he was a real Pastor because I would definitely go to his church. He is not a stereotypical Pastor and I loved that [...]

    15. Joan says:

      I can't really rate this book. I was thinking along the lines of a solid 3 stars - the characters are well-developed, the writing competent (with a few punctuation errors in places) and I was getting along with it fine until the part where (view spoiler)[we have a long scene where a clinical psychiatrist talks about how he works with people who do not want to be homosexual any more. (Straight down to 1 star.)I very nearly dnf'd at that point. This was introduced to provide an alibi for a murder [...]

    16. Uma Van Roosenbeek says:

      Compelling, absorbing thriller!!Couldn’t put it down once I picked it up! A lovable, wisecracking, highly intellectual pastor of a small town indulging in sleuthing and dangerous investigation just to save one of his church members from being indicted for murder! A very fascinating and heartwarming story that compels the reader to develop such strong feelings of empathy for Jonah that the reader goes through the same emotions that Jonah does. Thank God for the stable and steady feelings of Jon [...]

    17. Patrice Fischer says:

      I read all of this (FREE!) Kindle book during a recent business trip: airline flights & @ bedtime. It was a LOT better than I had bargained for--I'd give it 4.5 stars. After a rough beginning (e.g. the main character's jokes falling a little flat), soon I was more 'into' the pastor/investigator and the beautiful surroundings of Lake Superior where he lives. The plot is fairly unpredictable and the writer moves the action along. I especially liked it that the pastor had a real, living faith i [...]

    18. Jan says:

      Living on the shore of Lake Superior I was immediately intrigued by the title and I knew I had to read this book. I was not disappointed.There is something different about living on up here and the author captured the feeling perfectly. His descriptions were so accurate I could almost hear the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore.The main character Reverend Jonah Borden was extremely likable. The spirit of a man who lived his faith while still being human made him real.The mystery was grea [...]

    19. Steve Johgart says:

      A mystery set on the Lake Superior coast and featuring a first-person protagonist who is a wisecracking Lutheran pastor can't be all bad. And it's not bad - an entertaining murder mystery. I particularly enjoyed the wisecracking and the little gentle theological reflections. I liked the romantic aspect fine in general, butI thought there was too much exposition of the romance - slowed the pace of the novel. The one issue I had with the novel was, since I'm something of a format snob, the frequen [...]

    20. Jean says:

      Jonah Borden is not your typical pastor. He's a tough-guy, thinks-he's-funny, rock-music-playing, gourmet-cooking, painfully-moderate-drinking, hard-boiled man of the cloth. He is even available for a bit of romance, under the right circumstances. Borden gets deeply involved in things he doesn't understand when one of his parishioners is arrested for a vigilante killing. The parishioner shares his true alibi with Borden, under the privileged status of religious confession. Knowing the man is inn [...]

    21. Sherry says:

      It took me a while to get engaged in this book. The main character, Jonah did not attract me. I should like him. He's a nice upstanding guy, a minister who goes out and helps people all the time. But there was something superior in his tone. He had a slightly superior attitude -- does go along with superior justice I suppose. The book also was slow in places with too much in depth description of Jonah's well pressed attire and his step by step cooking. Other than that there was a good story wher [...]

    22. Scott K says:

      It was just that 'OK' I liked it but not quite enough for three stars. The thing that may have brought that on is the author seems to go the extra words in making the point that Pastor Jonah Borden is not the stereotype 'pastor' as pastors are seen in the secular world that he, he the author, makes him the stereotype pastor that Christians want the secular world to see pastors as.Additionally, Borden's sarcastic humor gets stale after awhile. The bad guy was no longer a mystery to me prior to st [...]

    23. Lyndsy says:

      The book starts off pretty well. The main character, Jonah Borden, is intriguing. A pastor with an interesting past, which only comes out as you read the book.The plot is okay, but as the book nears the end, it just gets really frustrating. The main character's missing something obvious, and it's so obvious that it's painful. Sometimes there's a good explanation for why a character is so clueless - injury, intoxication, etc - but it's lacking here and it just really sours the end of the book.The [...]

    24. D. Faro says:

      Great read! Just wanted to keep turning the pages. The portray of Jonah as an unconventional Lutheran pastor, while borderline overboard at times, does the profession a favor. Not all pastors fit the movie stereotype of silver-hair elders mouthing platitudes in 30-second cameos. The book also demonstrates that a good read can be put together with realistic characters without filling their mouths with profanity. For those who don't like it because it's too language-squeaky-clean or projects theol [...]

    25. Kate says:

      The character is an all round nice guy, and a pastor, without being cheesy and false, with a great sense of humour. If I drank coffee or ate donuts I'd stop by and have some with him.The story plays out well, giving us not too much or not too little info as the case unfolds. Hilpert keeps a few twists until the last quarter of the book to keep us on our toes, just as we think we've worked out everything ahead of the main character. He then rounds everything up well, so I'm looking forward to the [...]

    26. Jan says:

      Jonah Borden is a Lutheran Pastor; he lives, preaches and plays on the shores of Lake Superior in Minnesota. There are a colorful cast of characters, author Hilpert develops them reasonably well. Under the auspices of religious confession, Jonah hears the true alibi and sets out to prove a member of his church innocent. Before the end of the book, Jonah encounters several twists and turns - but why spoil the fun? Read this book, a light mystery, not too preachy, and the scenery descriptions and [...]

    27. maria hoggard says:

      Truth will prevailTruth will prevailgreat books. it's worth reading and it is the 2nd best mystery I have read on this kindle.I have read a lot of books by different author on my kindle . only this book and another book has been the greatest. I like the fact that there was no foul language in it. THAT'S one thing I liked. it was well put together. it's have a great ending. I don't really have a complaint about this book at all. IT'S REALLY GREAT AND REALLY PUT TOGETHER WELL WITH A GREAT ENDING. [...]

    28. Linda says:

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    29. Sandra Koehler says:

      I enjoyed this mystery set along the North Shore in Minnesota. A contemporary mystery that held my interest without disturbing embellishments. There is a thread of faith throughout the book that was refreshing and honest. The only thing that I would change is the ending. It is a series of books, but what took place seemed rushed. I would rather this either continued more slowly in the end of this book or had less here and begin the next book with events at the end.

    30. Emily says:

      I loved it! I look forward to reading more from this author! I spent 6 years of my childhood in Minnesota, so this was a lot of fun. I can't wait to try the recipe for pannekoeken some time! :)(Pannekoeken was one of my favorite restaurants in Rochester.) The only thing I missed in this book was the phrase "uff da" Even though I moved away in 7th grade, uff da is still something my children hear me saying. ;)

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