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Not Quickly Broken
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Not Quickly Broken While romance has always been a strong part of each of the books in the series Not Quickly Broken is the first novel written by L N Cronk to be actually classified as a Romance novel Readers have kno

  • Title: Not Quickly Broken
  • Author: L.N. Cronk
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  • Page: 159
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  • While romance has always been a strong part of each of the books in the series, Not Quickly Broken is the first novel written by L.N Cronk to be actually classified as a Romance novel Readers have known for a long time that Jordan and Charlotte were meant to be together, but that doesn t mean that things are going to be easy.In addition to hearing Jordan share about hiWhile romance has always been a strong part of each of the books in the series, Not Quickly Broken is the first novel written by L.N Cronk to be actually classified as a Romance novel Readers have known for a long time that Jordan and Charlotte were meant to be together, but that doesn t mean that things are going to be easy.In addition to hearing Jordan share about his early years with Charlotte, readers will also enjoy a glimpse into David and Laci s lives once again.This is Book 7 in the Chop, Chop series and you really need to start with Book One Chop, Chop to fully appreciate everything that happens in this story.

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    1. Sally says:

      I'm not usually one to write a review, even though I happily dole out stars. I have read, no, devoured, the Chop Chop series these past couple of weeks. The series is one I may actually read again, which is something I also do not do. But, I have to say I had a very hard time switching from David to Jordan in this book. In the first quarter of the book I was always relating "I" back to David when it was used. I almost gave up. I'm glad I didn't though. At one point in the book it finally took of [...]

    2. Heidi Peltier says:

      I really enjoyed the change of perspective in this volume of the series. Jordan has always been one of my favorite characters and I enjoyed seeing things from his point of view. I also liked getting to know Charlotte better. David only saw her as the sweet little sister. But Jordan is able to give us more meat to her character. Headed off to buy book 8 now. This is such a great series!

    3. Lisa says:

      I enjoyed reading from Jordan's perspective and can't wait to read from Tanner's next! This series has been wonderful, although I wish the books were longer because I read them too fast, lol!

    4. Brigett says:

      She has knocked another one out of the park!!! AWESOME :-)

    5. Megann says:

      For the longest time, I've been putting off reading this book because I just can't get over the grief I felt after book 6 (Gone). The pain was just a little too familiar since I just went through seeing a loved one slowly deteriorate because of a terminal illness. When I finally mustered the courage to read book 7, imagine my surprise when I realized this was a book about marriage -- and I'm a few months away from getting married myself!!! (With God, there are no coincidences, right? :p)What I r [...]

    6. Janet says:

      This was the 7th boook in the Chop Chop series. It took us back in time and shared Jordan's story.I thought it was well done, answered a few qustions that we still had from book 6 and left an opening for a book 8, which I am grateful for as I like the characters in these books. Reading this one felt like I had come to a family reunion. We saw Jordon and Charlotte get married in the last book this is their story from the beginning. Some of my favoites from the book:It hasn't always been easy but [...]

    7. Trina says:

      I was asked if I cried when I read the last book. I did not. Did I cry reading this book? No, but I did tear up. I so enjoy a good love story. This was good. Love between a husband and wife, returning to that love. The love of God. Returning to the love of God. The most important relationship in this life is your relationship with Christ and the love of God. Amazing story. The only thing I didn't quite care for was going back to before a character had died in a previous book. Otherwise it was fa [...]

    8. Susan A Sharp says:

      Very thought provokingI have read most of the books in the series as of now but you need to begin with Chop, Chop. At times you are happy reading but other times you are somewhat sad. If you are looking for spiritual growth this series will definitely be an inspiration. I can't wait to continue reading.

    9. Rushbug23 says:

      This book was good. I enjoyed seeing things from jordans view. It would have been nice to see jordans emotion of Daves sickness and death, but it may come in one of the other books, if it don't oh well, it doesnt take away from the series still being a great series that i will recommend emphatically!!!

    10. Marjorie Sapp says:

      I have loved this series of books. The people are so realistic with real life problems. I appreciate the honesty about the trouble with characters walks with God.I enjoyed the characters and t h sir growth in their relations :/ iPod with e a child other as well as their relationship with God.

    11. S says:

      Not Quickly Broken is the story about Jordan and Charlotte and fills in the reader about their lives. It gives the reader an overview of how Jordan and Charlotte go from childhood friends to being each other’s passion and the dynamics that exist between couples. This book should only be read after reading the other books in the series. Great job on this series!

    12. Andrea Stoeckel says:

      I am so glad that the author starts the book with the Ecclesiastes passage, because that really sets up the story of a young couple struggling to love each other despite society, co-dependance and faith issues. And she pulls no punches in her observations. As a sidebar, this book fills in blanks and gives insight into the whole story arc. Brava!

    13. Elaine says:

      Great to see the view of Jordan. I was wondering what happened with he and Charlotte and thank you for sharing this. All these books in the series show that we are not alone in our struggles. Everyone has their own and we are here to encourage one another and keep each other accountable.Cannot wait for Book 8 to come out and of course whatever else you have in store for the future.

    14. Julie Smith says:

      I had a hard time wanting to start this book. I was still grieving over Book 6. However, I managed to get past the grieving and started in on this book. I knew I liked Jordan and I still do. A lot of OMGosh's in this one for me. However, it has shown me as well what I yet to do in my own life and with my walk with God. On to Book 8.

    15. Jennifer says:

      Although I prefer Dave as the narrator, this book, which was told from Jordan's perspective, was really good, too. I just didn't feel quite as connected to Jordan or to Charlotte--who was very different than I'd imagined her to be! Looking forward to book #8.

    16. Tammy says:

      Wow! Is all I can say. At first I was skeptical about hear/reading about Jordan's point of view but nowl I can say is Wow! L.N. Cronkyou're amazing! Keep em coming! Can't wait to read "Alone" to get Tanner's view of everything. Thanks! Job well done!

    17. Sheila Siler says:

      Great companion bookA great story of Jordan and Charlotte. While you could read the first six books and stop, you do need to read them before you read this one. Again, it is not a cookie cutter story, but amazingly real. Can't wait to read #8.

    18. Emily Harris says:

      Loved ths book! What a great fictional testimony of Gods grace, forgiveness, and guiding hand in our lives.

    19. Patsy says:

      Wonderful! I love this series!

    20. Nicol says:

      Love, Love, LOVE this whole series!!!

    21. Joan says:

      Absolutely LOVE these books. A Must read series!

    22. Rach says:

      My favorite book of the series!

    23. Darlene says:

      A Tangled WebJordan and Charlotte's story could be anyone's. Trying to live a life is difficult and will not end well. Christians should be examples for others, not stumbling blocks. Jordan and Charlotte both had lessons to learn and to understand life is not about them but is totally about God.

    24. Brittany says:

      Sweet, easy to read books. The whole series is delightful.

    25. Donna Ruckart says:

      This whole series is great!

    26. Donna Engler says:

      Really an engrossing bookI had read one other book in the Chop Chop series before this onet sure which one, but it was when David was first in Mexico, prior to he and his wife's adopting any children.Anyway, I liked it (the first one) very much and liked this one equally as much, if not more so. Jordan and Charlotte couldn't be more different, yet their story couldn't be more fascinating. It was full of surprises, some suspense and altogether a very enjoyable read. I highly recommend it. Equal p [...]

    27. Sylvana Zammit says:

      Another great book from L N Cronk. Enjoyed reading it. I recommend it to all age groups.Great story and very well told. Characters seem very real.I had already read the first and second books in chop chop series. All great books. Well done to the author. Looking forward to read the rest of series.

    28. Sue says:

      I enjoyed this look back at the romance between Jordan and Charlotte. Because chunks of their story was told in the earlier books through David, those are hinted at here with more in depth explanations and further development of their adult lives. That makes the story a bit choppy, changing the flow of time.

    29. Mrs. Gayla D. Turner says:

      "Captivating"I have not read any of the other books in this series prior to this book, so I'm not sure of what I missed, but I did enjoy reading this book. It held my interest and kept me wondering about Charlotte & Jordan's relationship.

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