Jill Churchill
In the Still of the Night
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In the Still of the Night Lily Brewster and her brother Robert have all the appearances of being filthy rich even though the family fortune went out the window with the crash of But thanks to great uncle Horatio who lef

  • Title: In the Still of the Night
  • Author: Jill Churchill
  • ISBN: 9780380802456
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Lily Brewster and her brother Robert have all the appearances of being filthy rich, even though the family fortune went out the window with the crash of 1929 But thanks to great uncle Horatio, who left them Grace and Favor Cottage, a huge mansion on the Hudson not far from Franklin Roosevelt s Hyde Park, the Brewsters live in the style to which they had become accustomed Lily Brewster and her brother Robert have all the appearances of being filthy rich, even though the family fortune went out the window with the crash of 1929 But thanks to great uncle Horatio, who left them Grace and Favor Cottage, a huge mansion on the Hudson not far from Franklin Roosevelt s Hyde Park, the Brewsters live in the style to which they had become accustomed with a few troublesome limitations.To make sure Lily and Robert didn t go back to being society bums, crafty old Horatio attached some strings to his bequest and a penny pinching attorney to manage the funds Now the poor Brewsters have to actually work for money to survive, and Lily comes up with a brilliant scheme They can turn a profit while they hobnob with their society friends, luring them to Grace and Favor for a paying weekend with the promise of big name celebrities as guests If Sinclair Lewis hadn t been working on a new book, he might have joined the party if Amelia Earhart hadn t been busy planning her cross Atlantic flight, history might not have its own unsolved mystery And if the Brewsters celebrity society bash hadn t been short on luminaries and long on snide barbs and open hostility among the guests, the glittering, glamorous affair might not have turned into a whodunit with one guest dead, one missing, and Lily and Robert chasing a murderer who is ready to strike again.

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    1 Blog on “In the Still of the Night

    1. Annette says:

      Jill Churchill writes a mystery with humor and such clever dialog that it keeps the reader turning pages. This is one of her vintage mysteries in the Grace and Favor series.Lily and Robert were once wealthy people. They lived in NYC and lived a life that most people could only imagine. Then the stock market crashed, their father took his own life and Lily and Robert became paupers. Then they inherited a mansion in upstate New York and life became something completely different once again.Grace a [...]

    2. Joshua Ian says:

      3.5 stars. I actually found the story of this second installment more enjoyable than the first, but it honestly suffered for lack of a different/better editor. These types of cozy mysteries are my escapist "mind-candy" reads so I usually overlook typical editorial problems like misspelled or left-out words, misnaming a character, etc. But the first third of this book had a LOT of repetitious information. The author introduced some character backstory through little asides during dialogue which s [...]

    3. Paula says:

      This is the next book in the series after Anything Goes and, like the previous book, it features Lily and Robert Brewster, a brother and sister who have inherited a large house in the middle of the Great Depression, but not the money to keep it going and live in the style to which they used to be accustomed.This time around, they hit on the idea of trying to make some cash by inviting well-known people to stay and then getting other people to pay to spend the weekend with them. After a couple of [...]

    4. Michelle says:

      This is the first I read of the Grace and Favor books, book 2 I believe. It was the only one at the nearest library they had (the other one had most of the others). This one got me hooked, but it isn't my favorite, Someone To Watch Over Me is my favorite. The plot of this one, if I remember (being a few months ago that I read the one's I've read) was pretty good. It wasn't the easiest one I've read, so that's good. Again, as with the other Grace and Favor books, you get a bit of a history lesson [...]

    5. Cheryl A says:

      This second installment of the Grace and Favor mystery series, featuring Lily and Robert Brewster, socially elite siblings fallen on hard times, was as pleasant as the first. Lily and Robert have inherited a mansion on the Hudson, but must reside in the home for 10 years in order to qualify for the remaining estate With a lack of funds for personal expenses, Lily hits upon the idea of hosting social gatherings where guests pay for a weekend with a celebrity.Lily's first celebrity is reclusive au [...]

    6. Anne Hawn Smith says:

      Robert and Lily have a great idea for earning some money. They've invited a special guest to Grace and Favor, a reclusive author, and then invited paying guests who wish to attend his lectures, share meals with him and, in general, get to know him better. This book was filled with interesting characters and plot twists and turns. I'd say this is the best of Jill Churchill's that I have read. The characters are better drawn and more interesting. Lily's idea for the " resident author" weekend seem [...]

    7. Kimberly Ann says:

      This is the 2nd in the series (which I thought I had & went crazy looking for) which I purchased: Lily & Robert have decided to make a go of their inheritance by turning Grace & Favor Cottage (Manor) into a B&B where paying guests can meet & spend time w/ famous personages. Their first famous guest is a well known author (who went to war & came back a very changed man) & his Aide de Camp. Their other guests consist of a young man Lily broke off with, his sister, a fri [...]

    8. Melva Clark says:

      This was a fun read. It was like reading one of the Miss Marple Books. The. main characters live in a mansion they have inherited. They invite paying guests to meet a great author. It is then that the fun begins. Jill Churchill has given us great characters in a fun setting.

    9. Jonathan says:

      Very good, I will read the next one!

    10. Pat says:

      Lily Brewster and her brother Robert have all the appearances of being filthy rich, even though the family fortune went out the window with the crash of 1929. But thanks to great-uncle Horatio, who left them Grace and Favor Cottage, a huge mansion on the Hudson not far from Franklin Roosevelt's Hyde Park, the Brewsters live in the style to which they had become accustomed--with a few troublesome limitations.To make sure Lily and Robert didn't go back to being society bums, crafty old Horatio att [...]

    11. Geordie says:

      This was a fairly fun book to read, good prose and interesting characters, unfortunately the ending was a let down. The murder mystery had to be the easiest to solve I've ever seen in a book for adults, and it relied mainly on the interpretation of a word with two meanings - and that word was repeated again and again and again, as if the author were holding the readers' hands. On top of which, the murder happened just as a friend of the protagonists was installing intercoms throughout the house, [...]

    12. Dharia Scarab says:

      Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here's the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end. I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won't be reading any more from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won't go out of my way to read more, But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I'd pick it up.4 stars I really [...]

    13. Val says:

      First attempt at reading this author and I have already fallen in love with the characters. Brother and sister have gone from super rich to super poor; a result of the stock market crash and their father committing suicide. The series is set in 1930s. A rich uncle has left them his entire estate and businesses on the condition that they actually work for their living for 10 years. They can live in the mansion but cannot sit on their laurels. They decide to have a celebrity weekend, charging peop [...]

    14. Connie says:

      This is #2 in Grace and Favor Series. It would be considered a historical cozy. I enjoyed this one, but it seemed to go on and on for me. I sort of had this one figured out about mid way, however there was a twist that I wasn't expecting. I like the characters of Lily and Robert and feel they have a bunch of stories to tell. The setting is beautiful and I can see how something of this nature could happen in a small town. I would think it would be very difficult to go from being very wealthy to w [...]

    15. George says:

      Hudson River Valley mystery at the start of the Great Depression. Young Lily and Robert Brewster, sister and brother, used to be wealthy until their family's fortune was lost in the stock market crash. After barely making ends meet for a couple of years, they inherit a Hudson River mansion from an uncle. The inheritance comes with a lot of strings so they have to continue making their way in the world. Lily decides to use the home as a site for inviting paying guests for themed activities to ear [...]

    16. Dolly says:

      I really enjoyed the first Grace and Favor mystery, a mixture of historical fiction and a suspenseful mystery. So when I found this second book in the series, I decided to read it right away. I thoroughly enjoyed the motley characters in this second book and I will definitely look for more stories in this series. The depression-era background and the inclusion of events that occurred at the time (like the Lindbergh baby kidnapping) lend a note of authenticity to the tales. I enjoy learning more [...]

    17. Lucy says:

      2nd in series. Lily Brewster and brother Robert have inherited an estate in New York State with conditions. To make money for upkeep they start a paying weekend houseparty for society people who want to get together with celebrities. But one of the guests is murdered and another is missing. Another mystery to solve in the finance-strapped 1930s.A fun and fast read. Interesting and rarely-visited time setting.

    18. Mailis Viiand says:

      The facts or clues were told over and over again, sometimes from different view points,sometimes by Lily who just went around, met someone told them all she knew, moved on and met someone else and told them all she knew again. It was just frustrating, because as a reader, you think, yes i know that already. I think the killer and motive were quite obvious. I like the setting and it has promise, but this one was a box of boring to me.

    19. Elizabeth says:

      This is the second book in the Grace and Favor series.Lily and her brother Robert decide that they need to find a source of income. They decide to host a weekend with a famous author and invite guests who will pay for the pleasure of spending the weekend with an author.This is your classic "drawing room mystery" formula.Though it was predictable and I guessed what was going on very early in the book, I still really enjoyed it and thought it was well done.

    20. Mary says:

      Lily and her brother Robert, have inherited a mansion and enough money to keep it up, but nothing extra. In order to make money for themselves so that they can one day actually have the money and the house, they bring in a special, famous guest (a writer by the name of Julian West) and paying customers, their former, wealthy friends. But things go wrong from the first and a series of unfortunate events happen.

    21. Diana Petty-stone says:

      Second book is this cozy mystery series. Brother and sister inherent a fortune, including a mansion in rural New York State but they have to live in it for 10 years and can only leave it for a few days each year. They also have to provide an income to support themselves which is tricky since they were brought up in richness until the crash of 1929 when they found they had no working skills. Funny, quirky and a good read! Can't wait to start the next one.

    22. Harry Lane says:

      Series based on the premise of a pair of poor rich kids struggling to comply with the unusual and strict conditions of an inheritance, who also happen to get themselves involved in murder. The stories are set in the early years of the depression, and are populated with interesting and well-drawn characters. This installment is a good read.

    23. Sharon Zink says:

      Sometimes Ann Rule tries to hard to make a crime fit a book-length manuscript. I am always ready for her books to end. I listened to this book on CD. It's a good story, but I bet it made Lewis County Police Department in Washington State mad and embarrassed. They deserved to look bad. Even I know better than to make the mistakes those detectives made at the crime scene.

    24. Jodi says:

      Meh. The premise had so much potential, but turned out to be simply dull. I had to force myself to finish. I love a good mystery but I will have to look elsewhere for a new series to try. On the front of this book, a reviewer proclaimed, "Agatha Christie is alive and well and writing under the name of Jill Churchill." Hardly.

    25. Lisa says:

      In an effort to earn money during the depression while staying in mansion they've inherited as required, Lily and Robert decide to have an event to raise money. They invite a famous author and several paying guests. They don't know each other, or do they? One is murdered and the rest is. Enjoy!

    26. Kyrie says:

      It's the continuation of Robert and Lily's adventures in running a boarding house, and trying to make money in other ways, such as having a paid weekend party for their former friends who still have money.

    27. Sallie says:

      I kinda had the mystery figured out, but not the murderer, early on but still enjoyed this book a lot. I like the setting, the time period (1930s) and the references to President Hoover and Gov. Roosevelt and the views of each by the characters.

    28. Linda says:

      Missing this in my collection-- glad to have -- now complete-- good series-- this one had some historic information, but the others have more. WWI details were grim but accurate. Mystery falls in the cozy category. Have enjoyed the series but there are only a few.

    29. Loretta says:

      Jan 2011, reread Oct 2014

    30. Carol says:

      Part of the Grace and Favor series. Good light reading.

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