Claudia Dain
To Burn
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To Burn Claudia Dain turns up the heat with To Burn Hatred is the first thing to flare between Melania a noble Roman lady and Wulfred the Saxon warrior who has captured her father s villa on the outskirts

  • Title: To Burn
  • Author: Claudia Dain
  • ISBN: 9780843949858
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Claudia Dain turns up the heat with To Burn Hatred is the first thing to flare between Melania, a noble Roman lady, and Wulfred, the Saxon warrior who has captured her father s villa on the outskirts of the Roman Empire.At first Wulfred thinks of her only as a captive, a slave, for he s never known a woman worthy to be called an enemy But Melania s spirited defense soonClaudia Dain turns up the heat with To Burn Hatred is the first thing to flare between Melania, a noble Roman lady, and Wulfred, the Saxon warrior who has captured her father s villa on the outskirts of the Roman Empire.At first Wulfred thinks of her only as a captive, a slave, for he s never known a woman worthy to be called an enemy But Melania s spirited defense soon wins his respect, even as her fiery beauty fans the flames of the passion between them into an irresistible inferno.As the sun sets on the Roman Empire she reveres, Melania s only hope for preserving the remnants of that glorious civilization is to tame the handsome barbarian who has claimed all she possesses And if scholarly logic alone fails to persuade him she is prepared to use other means.

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      385 Claudia Dain
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    1 Blog on “To Burn

    1. SmittenKitten says:

      Melonia hates all things Saxon. Wulfred hates all things Rome. Melonia, daughter of the Roman villa attacked by Saxons, is hiding underground, so the leader Saxon warrior Wulfred tries to smoke her out so that he can kill her. She resigns herself to dying and will not come out, so Wulfred pulls her out. He decided rather than killing her immediately, to take out his revenge on Rome by making her suffer. He makes Melonia his slave. However, nothing works as he plans. Melonia is strong willed and [...]

    2. Susan (the other Susan) says:

      Saxon goes all barbarian on his Roman captive. As fabulous as that sounds, it wasn't Wouldn't it be great it Claudia Dane wrote a new version of this, now that she's become a polished writer? I'd line up to read that. Issue: hero comes across as kind of a doofus. I don't know about you, but I don't think there's such a thing as a sexy doofus.

    3. Lover of Romance says:

      Melania is a roman, after her villa is attacked and her father killed she is taken captive by Wulfred, a Saxon warrior. Wulfred despises the Romans, after suffering great at their hands he vows vengence. Killing and rampaging any Roman in his way, as it is with his fellow Saxon's. However when he is faced with this Roman beauty, she is different and is definitely intrigued. At first Melania is bitter again Wulfred, always standing up to him in a very violent way. As time continues however, there [...]

    4. Mara says:

      I've read Claudia Dain's Courtesan series, but this book was different in several ways. Obviously, the time period here is the Dark Ages, when Britain was a Roman colony, and Saxons and other Germanic tribes ransacked the area while fighting the Empire. This was a fascinating period in history, and I liked that the author had set her story there. However, there weren't as many historical details as I would have liked. I was able to imagine the setting a bit better thanks to stuff I remembered fr [...]

    5. Elle says:

      This story does some things that I love, delving into a historical period that isn't often featured in historical romance, and, at the end, touching on some of the religious changes that were such a profound part of history, and yet are so seldom even acknowledged in our PC world. For that reason, I recommend the story, even though it didn't fully engage my emotions. There was plenty of material that should have done so, and in the end I was caught up, but I think the relationship started on one [...]

    6. Koxecho says:

      I really enjoyed this book. At times I found all the similar sound names of Wulfred's Saxon buddies hard to tell apart but all in all I was impressed with the story and the characters. I've never read anything like it. I'll be keeping this book to read again. Dain has an interesting writing style and a good use of language. I liked that the story was atypical of most historical genre romances. Also I think that the author did a good job of researching the period and proving rich details. I espec [...]

    7. Johanna Panko says:

      Thanks to the author for a copy to read and review. Loved it! The dance between Melania and Wulfred was ripe with such a violent anger towards each other. Melania seeking death instead of slavery at the hands of a Saxon. Her rich noble Roman blood beckons her to resist the huge Saxon that invades her home and kills her father. I enjoyed the read but I'm not a history buff and I didn't really care if the period fit the book or not. My interest was the strife between characters, and I'm a big fan [...]

    8. MonaSWrites says:

      Well what to say. As I'm fond of Historical Romance genre this book is something different which I'd been reading till now. In many ways it's different and of course a dark one. This was my first experience to read a love story between Roman and Saxon and thoroughly enjoyed keeping the logic of modern era away from mind though I liked the story certainly. A love story between Wolfred and Melania and both stubborn in their particular way. Loved writer's writing a lot.

    9. Rachel says:

      I read this in my early 20's, days after breaking up with my boyfriend of two years (the longest relationship I had had at that point in my life). There is nothing award winning about this book, but it was fun and diverting enough to engage me despite the drama lama taking place in my own life at that time. I'll probably be partial to it because of that.

    10. Mugdha says:

      the book is nice enough, but requires a bit too much patience to plod through the story. The author's note was given at the back of the book (was it only my copy), but the scenario didnt make much sense until i read it. Wud have been grt if that bit of history could have been covered with a few well-chosen para at the beginning.The story doesnt grip, though the storyline itself is nice.

    11. Anne says:

      I didn't care for the characters that much, they were so adversarial, until the very end. Didn't really see the love growing. But it was a good story. I wish a group of people had been sent from the villa before the story ended, felt like that was missing. 3.5 stars.

    12. Julie says:

      I have read this book at least 5 times, and so needless to say it is forever on my keep shelf. It will forever be a favorite and one I continually go to whenever I just need a good story to engage in :). I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a stubborn barbarian ;)

    13. Asti says:

      Caludia Dain's historicals I've read so far had always been different from those of other writers.So is this one.Charmingly set up in early medieval (a very uncharming period by logic), Dain brought out a lot in the the couple, a Roman heroine and the Saxon hero.

    14. April Brookshire says:

      The best part of this book was the heroine's constant insults to the hero. I couldn't help laughing every time she called him "imbecile." I don't know if I've read anything other book about the period in time when the Roman empire was falling to barbarians. It was interesting.

    15. Tammy says:

      Bored me, couldn't finish it even after months of trying

    16. Nicki Jacobs says:

      Steamy and hard to put down!

    17. Eastofoz says:

      An excellent viking story! This is one alpha you won't want to miss!

    18. Kim says:

      An nice piece of fluffy fun. Not historically believable, and the characters seemed a bit one sided, but a fun read since my mind has succumbed to what my family affectionately calls "baby brain."

    19. ibNell says:

      Melonia is strong willed, which is ok - but she became very annoying. The book was lacking at times, but I really enjoy Wulfred and the story’s ending was great. So it gets it 2 stars.

    20. Stephanie Bolen says:

      Interesting choice of time period typical enemies to lovers story, had some unique elements. Overall, cute read.

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