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I'm Fast!
September 07, 2019 Comments.. 931
I m Fast From Kate and Jim McMullan the popular creators of I Stink and I m Dirty now a streaming animated series comes an irresistible read aloud about trains a perennial kid favorite WHEELS on the RAILS A

  • Title: I'm Fast!
  • Author: Kate McMullan Jim McMullan
  • ISBN: 9780061920851
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From Kate and Jim McMullan, the popular creators of I Stink and I m Dirty now a streaming animated series comes an irresistible read aloud about trains, a perennial kid favorite.WHEELS on the RAILS, ALL night long, Racin and a rumblin the FREIGHT TRAIN song Chooka chooka chooka chookaMeet one hard workin freight train He s got to get to Chicago on time and nothing isFrom Kate and Jim McMullan, the popular creators of I Stink and I m Dirty now a streaming animated series comes an irresistible read aloud about trains, a perennial kid favorite.WHEELS on the RAILS, ALL night long, Racin and a rumblin the FREIGHT TRAIN song Chooka chooka chooka chookaMeet one hard workin freight train He s got to get to Chicago on time and nothing is going to stop him Mountains Not a chance Cows Out of his way, ladies He s going to get there and fast

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    1 Blog on “I'm Fast!

    1. Matt says:

      A zippy red sports car and a freight train. Who would win a race between the two? You'd be surprised, as Neo surely was in this story. The book explores the ins and outs of freight trains, as well as some of the 'shortcuts' in their arsenal on the way to Chicago. Neo loved the story, but wanted more information on how trains get so fast.

    2. Kimberly says:

      I wasn't blown away by this one, but I have to take the kids' opinions into view--and they LOVED it. Even the two little guys with Autism who don't usually care about storytime were practically in my lap (I guess wheels really are part of the Y chromosomeoy) and all of the kids wanted to join in making noises, counting the train cars, etc. When I said, "The End!" a first-grader said, "I LOVE that book!" So, there you have it. Rave reviews from the tiny humans is worth a whole star upgrade in my [...]

    3. Jennifer Heise says:

      A little red car challenges a freight train to race to Chicago. The friendly, sportsmanlike freight train accepts, and chants through the journey, from loading the cars to arriving in the freight yard-- and offering the car a ride home. A frolicking, fun run through a picture book, with rhyming, rhythmical text that makes it one of the best in this series.Some things rang untrue (truckers riding *in* their trucks on the train? pizzas in a box car, not a fridge car?) and one or two were confusing [...]

    4. carrietracy says:

      We hid this from the kid until we can return it to the library. He loves anything with cars and trains, but this doesn't make any sense and lacks any real continuity or plot. The pictures are cute though?

    5. Elisabeth says:

      Not the best book in the "I'm" book series but a freight train and race car together in ONE book?! Some little ones are about to have their MIND BLOWN. :)

    6. Vivian says:

      This may be my TOP CHOICE of TRAIN picture books to share in a pre-school age library story time.There's a race between a hot red car and a train.The train first hails the YARD CREW to load the FLATCAR (lumber), the GONDOLA (bricks), the COIL CAR (steel), the TANK CAR (gas), the GRAVEL BIN, etc.I love all the phrases, such as THROTTLE UP! ROLL! and the onomonapia such as "chooka chooka chooka chooka and vvrrrrrooooommmmm! While chugging along more cars are introduced -- the AUTO-RACK (cars), FRE [...]

    7. LynnDavidson says:

      This is one of a series. In this book a car challenges a train to see who can reach the same destination first. The author uses short phrases and great action words. Very nice illustrations. This is a fun story for young readers.

    8. Michelle says:

      I will never understand the popularity of these books, but my son loves them.

    9. Deb says:

      I checked out several McMullan books from the library. This is my favorite so far. I like the race aspect of the plot, the educational aspect, and the sound effects. Alena likes them too.

    10. Heather says:

      Pre-K or toddler storytime book. So many good sounds to make!

    11. David says:

      I'm Fast! by Kate McMullan, illustrated by Jim McMullan is the tale of a race from Sacremento to Chicago between a red car, and a train pulling freight.After agreeing to a race, the train engine hooks up to freight cars including a flatcar, gondola, coil car, tank car, hopper, freezer car, boxcar, stack-car, and auto-rack. They cross a mountain, encounter snow, travel through the night, scatter cows, cross a bridge, and pull into Chicago with the train there first!The text uses a large, bold fon [...]

    12. Whitney says:

      Things get heated up in quickly the book, I'm Fast!, whenever a speedy little car and a train decide to race one another to Chicago. Each page shows a different car that train has to pull. The train even transports pizza and ice-cream bars, which is always a favorite food with young readers. The train is competitive as he is racing to beat the little car zipping through all the turns. The train ends up winning and instead of bragging about his accomplishment, he offers the car a ride on his boxc [...]

    13. Asho says:

      So, I have no idea what happens in this book because my 18 month-old and I only got as far as the fourth page, which shows the train entering a tunnel in the desert. When I tried to turn to the next page, my son turned the page back to that one. So I re-read it, and attempted to turn the page again. No dice. My son shrieked "Noooooo!" and insisted that we were done turning pages. I spent the rest of story time pointing labeling various elements on the page as he happily pointed to the train, the [...]

    14. babyhippoface says:

      First Kate & Jim McMullan brought us I Stink!, followed by I'm Dirty!, I'm Bad!, and I'm Mighty! Now they've brought us the story of a train who's really, really fast. And it's pretty cool.Engine decides to race Little Red Car to Chicago when he's challenged, but first he has to load his freight. He's got a gondola car full of bricks, a hopper full of gravel, a flat car of lumber, a coil car with steel, a freezer car loaded with ice cream bars, and more. There's even a car loaded with cars!D [...]

    15. Laura Simon says:

      This book is about a train and a car. The two decide to race to Chicago. The train loads all of his different cars and is ready to go. The train gets to take shortcuts through mountains while the car has to go over. The train makes it through snow just fine, but the car has a tougher time. The train talks about all of his different cars. He has stack cars, freezer cars, gondolas, and many more. The train ends up winning the race to Chicago. The train gives the car a ride back instead of racing a [...]

    16. Erin says:

      If I had a nickel for every time I read this book to my sonI'd have enough for something out of the gumball machine. That's a lot of nickels for a library book. I'm not sure what he loves most about these books. He loves trains, cars, and loader buckets. He has started to tell me to go faster when I drive and never seems satisfied by my speed. He always makes me list all the types of train cars. I have to say this has taught me a lot about trains too. I think he also likes the weird train sounds [...]

    17. Rachel says:

      My son really liked this one, though I think most boys would as it is a race between a sports car and a train. You would think the train would be slower because of the different freight it has to pick up before it can start, but it has some tricks up its sleeve. Even though the car is faster and lighter, it comes in second. My son and I loved the illustrations and no wonder as this done by the same husband and wife team that did the rhyming trash truck book “I Stink!”, which my son also love [...]

    18. Linda Silva says:

      This is a cute story of a car and freight train who race each other to Chicago. It explains different situations that each one goes through that delays their journey but can also be advantages to one or the other. When the winner emerges, a challenge is issued for the trip back. They work together going back! This is just a fun book for younger children with lots of fun words, not in sentences, of noises that trains and cars may make. I would use this just as a fun read and to teach cooperation. [...]

    19. Carol says:

      From Rhu, my six-year old son: I think it was hilarious and it was funny at the end because the train won and the car lost. I like when the car got stuck in the snow and in traffic while the train passed by.From Rhu's Mommy: A cute little book especially for little boys who love trains and great sounds. We loved the page that named all the cars of the train (and read it several times!). The writing is simple and the illustrations good, which makes it a great book for toddlers and up. It is reall [...]

    20. Dana Beyer says:

      Make the train & car like people, stage a race across U S from California to Chicago is fun and all too realistic from the tunnel into the blizzard! As one who's entertainment as a child was watching the train go by fascinated by all the cars and what they transported from lumber to coal, the tanker car, and caboose! I would highly recommend this educational journey and then finding A spot to do take the children train watching . A freebee to slow your pace down enjoy a good ole days pastime [...]

    21. Laura says:

      Another library book my son adores. I'm not super fond of the story (nothing wrong with it, not offensive or anything) simply because it doesn't flow as well as most of the other storybooks we read together. It uses lots of onomatopoeia. The illustrations are very cute and the red car looks a lot like Lightning Mcqueen, so he tends to choose this as one of his bedtime books over most of the other ones on the shelf.

    22. Angie says:

      I liked it. I LOVE the cover.I can even see reading it to some PreK or Kinders. As we all know they are fascinated by trains and cars.Plus the kiddos would enjoy helping with the sound effects.Could this be a "flannel" story? I follow Flannel Friday on blogs and Pinterest because I think the idea is so fun. I just don't ever DO them. But I can totally see the value in practicing the retelling skills.

    23. Kerry (The Roaming Librarian) O'Donnell says:

      This is great for any kid who's interested in cars, trains, and other things that go! McMullan has a great rhythm to the text of the story, with the train chugging along and the car 'vrooooooming' across the pages, this will keep any kid's attention. The colors on the page are bright, and there are plenty of spots of information for a reader to learn all kinds of things about freight trains. This one is definitely a keeper!

    24. Marcie says:

      Fun for preschool and K. Could also be used for onomatopoeia and other figurative language. I can't imagine that that Kindergarten train lover, there is at least one every year, wouldn't enjoy this.Kids liked this the best of all I read today. I think it was because they recently did writing activities on Shark vs. Train and they made the competition connection immediately. I liked it better each time I read it.

    25. Amber says:

      I didn't Love it but my son who is 4 absolutely does. He has asked to read it over and over even sharing it with Nana. A cute little train engine and fast red car decide to race to Chicago. It does have all kinds of fun vocabulary and the train is even hauling ice cream and pizza. Which gives the littles plenty to think about. The train ends up winning but instead of being a show off he gives Little red a ride back.

    26. Melanie says:

      Car wants to race Train. Sure? Yep! Ok, here they go! Up and over hills, through snow, traffic jams and stuck at train crossings. Kids will love racing with the two as they try to beat each other to Chicago.Not a great read-aloud as there is moveable text all over the pages making it difficult to read aloud. Great for one-on-one reading.

    27. Miranda Middleton says:

      Some notes:-Onomatopoeia -Different colored text to indicate/distinguish character-Text interacts with pictures-Consistent plot and story line-Introduces types of "boxcars"-Great for audience interaction because of the richness in soundI would use this:- to introduce onomatopoeia- as a focus for "types of transportationmoral: Rivals become teammates

    28. Katie says:

      All about trains, which makes it the perfect fodder for a 2-year-old. This train has some swagger while racing a hot rod across the country. Naturally, the train wins. What! What! Not as awesome as I'm Dirty (not enough growling sounds), but definitely the same swagger. The 2-year-old wanted to read it again, even though she was already asleep.

    29. Alicia Evans says:

      A car and a train decide to race to Chicago. Who could possibly win?! It's a cute premise and there is a lot of vocabulary, but there isn't a lot of realistic discussion about how there's no way that the car would win. It would still work to promote conversation and could connect a train and car talk, but it wasn't the most entertaining read for me.

    30. Mary says:

      A car and a train race to Chicago. The whole book is about the train, and of course the train wins, but it is a great book to share with kids to introduce them to the names of different types of train cars. The poor car is shown in some of the pictures in backed up traffic or stopped at a train crossing.

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