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Muis Elizabeth en haar zestienjarige dochter Shelley beiden slachtoffer van dagelijkse pesterijen en psychologische mishandeling besluiten zich terug te trekken in Honeysuckle Cottage In dit mooie en idy

  • Title: Muis
  • Author: Gordon Reece Inge de Heer
  • ISBN: 9789041416766
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Paperback
  • Elizabeth en haar zestienjarige dochter Shelley, beiden slachtoffer van dagelijkse pesterijen en psychologische mishandeling, besluiten zich terug te trekken in Honeysuckle Cottage In dit mooie en idyllische arbeidershuisje op het Engelse platteland denken ze eindelijk hun problemen achter zich te kunnen laten Ze wanen zich veilig in hun kleine wereldje vol boeken en muzElizabeth en haar zestienjarige dochter Shelley, beiden slachtoffer van dagelijkse pesterijen en psychologische mishandeling, besluiten zich terug te trekken in Honeysuckle Cottage In dit mooie en idyllische arbeidershuisje op het Engelse platteland denken ze eindelijk hun problemen achter zich te kunnen laten Ze wanen zich veilig in hun kleine wereldje vol boeken en muziek Maar op een nacht gebeurt er iets dramatisch waardoor er iets in Shelley knapt Muis is een meeslepend psychologisch drama over een sterke moeder dochterband Deze thriller stelt scherpe en uitdagende le kwesties aan de kaak De rechten zijn verkocht aan dertien landen.

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      317 Gordon Reece Inge de Heer
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    1 Blog on “Muis

    1. karen says:

      sarah montambo is not a mouse.but shelley and her mother are doormatsry bright, but by whatever fluke of nature or nurture, passive, timid, and the type to scurry away from any conflict: miceelley is bullied at school. and i mean BULLIED. by her former best friends, turned in late adolescence into a pack of vicious bitches. it goes beyond dog-poop in the bag and hair-pulling, this, and culminates in an act that is so horrific, even cast-iron stomach karen had to take a moment. is it over the top [...]

    2. Gray Cox says:

      What the heck did I just read? This was weird. 😮

    3. Blair says:

      I didn't actually mean to start reading this immediately upon taking it out of the library, as I already had two books on the go; but then I began to read the first page and before I knew it, five chapters had gone by. The story is narrated by fifteen-year-old Shelley, who lives in an isolated country cottage with her mother Elizabeth. In a fast-moving, immediately engrossing start, we learn about their background and how they have come to lead such an isolated existence. They are, as Shelley ex [...]

    4. Jennifer says:

      This was an obvious, unsubtle attempt at a thriller. It is a nasty, poorly constructed and uninspired piece of work. Reece spends almost the whole novel attempting to frustrate the reader with the inadequacy and weakness of his main characters, piling the most unlikely and outrageous ill luck on them. The reader is supposed, of course, to sympathise with these poor sods, but Reece so poorly overplays this mediocre and unoriginal idea that s/he (the reader) simply becomes angry at the sledgehamme [...]

    5. Dolceluna says:

      E poi, ecco spuntare dal nulla questi libri-spettacolo, scritti da perfetti sconosciuti eppure assolutamente stupefacenti, tanto da entrarti nelle viscere, da mozzarti il fiato, da spingerti a divorarli tutti in un colpo solo, per non disperdere nemmeno un poco di quel gusto che la loro lettura ti reca."Topi" è proprio uno di questi, un dono che il mio destino mi ha regalatorchè confesso che se l'occhio non mi fosse caduto sulla sua scheda di Anobii non l'avrei mai e poi mai scoperto. E invece [...]

    6. Tomoko Miyakoshi says:

      Oh my. One of the best and hooking books I've ever read. I was engrossed in the story, start to finish. I just couldn't stop. Don't get me wrong, this is a dark psychological thriller, and can sometimes make you squirm and want to shut the book because you are afraid of what is going to happen. I think what I really liked about it was that it was narrated by a 15 year old girl that lost her voice due to being a victim of violent Bullying acts. I didn't always agree with Shelley and her mother's [...]

    7. Rebecca says:

      Well written but completely bizarre in regards to plot.Shelley and her mom have had it rough. After being battered by Shelley's dad, he leaves to hook up with his mistress taking most of the money with them. Shelley's mom gets a job as a lawyer but it isn't a very good position because she's been out of work for 15 years. In the meantime, Shelley is horribly bullied by three girls at her school who, in the final incident, set her on fire in the bathroom.Okay, this is where the book gets really w [...]

    8. Sue Smith says:

      This book really floored me. It was such a mixture of emotions actually - anger and fear, amazement and horror - they all added up to being really uncomfortable reading it. Gordon Reece really makes you squirm in your seat. This is a book that shakes a nasty situation in your face and makes you touch it. It's like going by a really bad traffic accident on the highway and not being able to look away, even though you know you're going to regret it later because those images will be burned into you [...]

    9. Maree Kimberley says:

      A very ordinary book that celebrates victimhood and justifies violence and psychopathic behaviour with some of the most godawful writing I've come across. Seriously, what 16 yo girl in the middle of a hostage situation would start reflecting on "all the deities of middle class culture"?The protagonist was a boring prat and so was her insane mother. The constant description of them as 'mice' in the first quarter of the book did nothing to gain my sympathy, and the mother went from a weak, gutless [...]

    10. H.J. Harper says:

      Every so often I'm lucky enough to come across a book that I like to call a 'stop-misser', i.e. when I'm reading it on the tram or the train, I'm so engrossed that I almost miss my stop.So when I was nose-deep in Mice, wanting (needing) to find out what happened next, and I looked up to see the Latrobe st stop was passing me by, I knew I had a freaking excellent book in my hands.For some reason when this was first sold to me I had it in my head that the characters were actual mice. Clearly my at [...]

    11. Roya says:

      Shelley and her mother avoid conflict at all costs and steer clear of anything that could lead to it. They tread softly. Silence and classical music are their favourite sounds. People treat them like doormats, but they don't seem to mind. They're mice - quiet and timid.After a messy divorce and Shelley being brutally bullied in school, they move to the countryside. Everything is just as they imagined it. Shelley's homeschooled and her mother has a longer commute, but they've finally found their [...]

    12. Silvana (Por detrás das Palavras) says:

      Não parti para esta leitura com grandes expetativas. Olhei para a sinopse, olhei para o tamanho e fiz o meu julgamento. Felizmente, acabei por julgá-lo mal. Não é um livro para cinco estrelas, porque tem alguns traços de previsibilidade dos acontecimentos. Contudo, consegue manter-nos muito presentes na leitura e é preenchido por muitos momentos de suspense. Shelley passou por momento extremamente complicados. Sofreu de bullying na escola. Acho que esta parte não foi tão desenvolvida com [...]

    13. Melissa says:

      This is pretty standard (view spoiler)["We killed someone so now what do we do with the body?" fare. (hide spoiler)] I'm interested in the concept of women as mice. Women who work harder for less money and are sexually harrassed by their bosses because they're too mousy to stand up for themselves. Girls who get savagely abused by their classmates but never tell anyone about it because they're mice. Women who seclude and immerse themselves in secret cottages and music and books and art because th [...]

    14. Reeda says:

      Mice, as the title implies, refers to those meek and non-confrontational people who hide behind their daily lives letting others take advantage of them. Shelley and her mother are two such people and when an extreme case of bullying at school leads to an ultimate horrible act, Shelley and her mother flee to the countryside to hide and just get away from it all. Life is wonderful for a time, but what happens when the someone decides to not be mouse anymore? A terrifying incident changes mother an [...]

    15. Beth says:

      3.5 starsIt seems weird for me to describe "Mice" as a disappointment when I'm giving it such a high rating and there was so much about it I liked. But this is because, in the beginning, I really thought "Mice" was going to be a five-star read. There was so much about it to love and Gordon Reece's writing was fantastic - literary but not pretentious, complex but not convoluted, detailed and vivid. Reece really captures the realistic, not over-the-top awfulness of Shelley and her mother's world. [...]

    16. Mish says:

      Shelley is a 16 years old student, lives with her single mum, Elizabeth whose husband left her for a younger woman. Shelley said she inherited her mum’s personality; timid, placid and will shy’s away from any confrontation. She describes herself as being a mouse. In Shelley’s senior years at school, she was a victim of a severe case of bullying, inflicted on her by her former friends. Shelley kept all this hidden from her mum for years, not wanting to add any additional worry to her due to [...]

    17. Vicky (A Backpack Full of Adventures) says:

      My original review was posted at booksbiscuitsandtea/Having received a review copy of this book, I was really excited about picking it up and reading it because it sounded really promising. As those of you who follow my reviews might know, I absolutely love murder mysteries - I have some kind of an obsession with crime fiction, in fact. Even though Mice is actually a thriller - a genre I haven't actually read before - it was right up my street. It's one of those books that you're simply unable t [...]

    18. Keith Chawgo says:

      'Mice' was recommended by a fellow Good Reads friend Karen, who writes some of the best reviews and gives an incredible reflection on what she reads and insightful view on the books that she has read. I strongly urge anyone to add her to your friends list just for the reviews that she writes. Moving on to the review. 'Mice' is a truly absorbing book that deals with bullying in its many different forms and how two women deal with it and decide that enough is enough. The story is written from a fi [...]

    19. Barbara says:

      I won't repeat the many comments that have already been made, but I will say my main problem was with the characters themselves. Having been abused at school when I was 13 years old, I was not troubled by the daughter's shut-down and desire to hide out in the country. But I have a HUGE problem with the mother. She went through law school, or the British equivalent, and was almost immediately on track for a partnership in her firm. Then she walked away from that and everything she'd worked for, b [...]

    20. Michelle says:

      It seems I might be in the minority, but I felt only lukewarm about this book. There were parts of the book that glued my attention to the pages, but then there were more parts where I couldn't stay interested. I didn't particularly like Shelley or her mother and felt myself almost rooting for them to get caught in all of their crazy escapades. I also didn't like that because they used to be "mice", they are now somehow justified in their violent behaviors. **Received this book in the First Read [...]

    21. Michelle says:

      I didn't dislike this book, I HATED it. It sucked me in and had me completely connected to the characters and then took such a twist that I was physically ill at the thought of finishing the book. An argument could be made that something that I react so violently to is worth more than one star, but I wish I could give it less.

    22. Lisa says:

      this is the second time in a week that a book has made me scared to sleep. i'm literally afraid to turn off my lamp now. review to come.********4 and a half starsMice. You were one of the creepiest books I've ever read. I will say that I probably haven't read that many creepy books in my life. (Actually, I just went on listopia and looked up "disturbing", and on the list titled "the most disturbing book ever written", I read 49 out of 100. Mice was not in the top 100.)This is one of those books [...]

    23. Alja Katuin says:

      2.5 sterren.Hij was absoluut niet slecht, maar gewoon gigantisch afgeraffeld en langdradig. Niet echt iets wat ik andere mensen, vooral niet-lezers, zou aanraden.

    24. Stephanie (Stepping out of the Page) says:

      I finally feel as though I can stop holding my breath now that I've finished reading Gordon Reece's debut novel, Mice. It was the title that made this appeal to me at first as it seemed quite strange, especially teamed with the cover photograph. I just had to see what this was all about. Now I'm not usually excited by the thought of crime or thriller based books, but this one had me gripped! This is a novel that will appeal to older teenagers and adults alike.There are two main characters in thi [...]

    25. Ian Tymms says:

      I didn't like this book and I don't feel I have a right to be overly critical of a book unless I can put in the time to explain why - so here goes.This is a YA book and, whilst I'm not of the opinion that YA literature should shield readers from the harsh realities of the world, I do believe that it has a moral responsibility to treat difficult issues with complexity and insight. As the narrator of the novel notes:"So much of what Mum was was made up of what she'd read. Is that what our middle-c [...]

    26. Bibliophile says:

      I didn't buy the basic plot of this book: that teenager Shelley and her mother, spineless doormats, commit a criminal act and then try to hide it. Reece describes them as "mice" over and over again (really, every other goddamn page), but it just doesn't ring true. Mother mouse is supposedly a former top lawyer, who left her job at her husband's request and then got screwed when he left her for a thirty year younger woman. Now, I know a lot of lawyers and there is no way you get to be a high-powe [...]

    27. ★ Jess says:

      Pre-reading thoughts: Picked this up at a Borders closing down sale for $11It sounds interesting & has some good reviews. Definitely excited to read this at some stage. After finishing thoughts: I spent ages trying to figure out if this book deserved three or four stars. It was a slow at the beginning, but the ending was full of suspense. It was a pretty basic plot: at some parts I didn't care what was happening, at others I was literally screaming at the characters, telling them what to do [...]

    28. Adam says:

      I am really going to make more of an effort to write these reviews, because at the moment all the books I'm reading are very good! I loved this book and read it in only one day, my fastest ever read!!! It was so interesting and exciting, I really liked it. The fact that the story could have happened to anyone fascinated me most, the fact that I was just as relieved when the police never showed up made me realise how well written this book was. I loved the last line: '''No' I purred'', the consta [...]

    29. Luvish says:

      I think this was a really good book due to the engaging plot and the way Gordan Reece showed Shelley's character and how it relates to the idea of Mice! The story is written in such a sophisticated way that made me want to continue reading the book! I wasn't familiar with Gordan Reece's style of writing but after reading this book, I feel like reading some of his other books!

    30. Ileen says:

      La prima di copertina riporta il parere di Repubblica: “Topi è un thriller psicologico di magistrale fattura”. Ma anche no. Prego definire thriller psicologico, magistrale fattura e poi, forse, ne possiamo parlare. Ma per ora, anche no. Mi dispiace, ma per me questo libro non sa di niente e, soprattutto, non ha né capo né coda. A cominciare dal titolo, estrapolato dalla psicologia spicciola (di chi poi) e adoperato fastidiosamente ed alternativamente per indicare persone timide, ritrose, [...]

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