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The Angel of Darkness and The Alienist
January 24, 2020 Comments.. 661
The Angel of Darkness and The Alienist None

  • Title: The Angel of Darkness and The Alienist
  • Author: Caleb Carr
  • ISBN: 9780316644990
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Unknown Binding
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      249 Caleb Carr
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    1 Blog on “The Angel of Darkness and The Alienist

    1. Irene says:

      Read the Alienist first and them this. Love this author

    2. Marc Estes says:

      Great follow up to an even greater book!

    3. Aditi says:

      I tried and tried to finish this book. But after three months of falling asleep, I just can't I loved "The Alienist," and this book has an equally interesting story, but MAN is it sloooow. Too slow for me. Also, it has a lot of typos/grammatical mistakes, which are a big turn off and a big contradiction to the book's otherwise immaculate diction. Maybe someday I'll finish it.or the ending.

    4. Kara says:

      This is actually two books. The Alienist is one of my favorite historical mysteries. The characters and story are very well developed and of their time. I liked the sequel, but not quite as much. The change of narator was not as strong. I always wanted another sequel from the female character's perspective.

    5. Donna says:

      As always a great story combined with factual history thrown in to give an indepth depiction of the period. Carr delves into the underbelly which was the hardscrapple New York City streets. A tour de force which is hard for other authors to attain. My only wish is for this author to write more books!!!!! Bravo!

    6. Mary Van De Walle says:

      Five stars for the pure candy corn delight of a read that is "The Alienist". Can't say the same for the sequel which is also part of the set, "Angel of Darkness". However, if you ever felt like you were a member of the Blood Hound Gang then The Alienist is the book for you.

    7. Adriana says:

      I didn't have any expectations when I picked up this book but I really liked it. Carr really draws the characters beautifully and the setting is as clear as can be. Haven't read Angel of Darkness yet.

    8. Stacey says:

      The Alienist is one of my all time favorite books. Mr. Carr casts an amazing picture of Teddy Roosevelt's Manhattan, at a time when the serial killer phenomenon was just being noticed in the civilized world. Very compelling thriller, with a very vivid depiction of historical Manhattan.

    9. Amber Yates says:

      Good but not as good as The Alienist

    10. Lauren Arbolino says:

      The Alienist is one of my favorite reads and rereads. If you like a mystery and a psychological thriller, this is historical fiction at its best.

    11. Neva says:

      The Alienist is probably my favorite book of all time!!

    12. Randy Carlson says:

      Read both - you won't be disappointed.

    13. Eric says:

      The Alienist is an awesome historical fiction detective novel set in turn of the century New York. The sequel, Angel of Darkness, proved he was a one-hit-wonder

    14. Lynn Mclaughlin says:

      Loved this one too! Haven't read anything else by him that even approached these first two. ( The Alienist & The Angel of Darkness)

    15. Karen says:

      Not as good as the alienist

    16. Guy says:

      Loved these 1800's era CSI books.

    17. Grace says:

      Not as good as the Alienist but it was satisfying.

    18. Robert says:

      This is actually two books. I read The Alienist and loved it. I am currently reading Angel of Darkness and can't put it down!

    19. Kristin Schneidler says:

      Waiting for a third Kreizler book someday

    20. Shari says:

      The Angel of Darkness by Caleb Carr (1998)

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