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The Boy Next Door
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The Boy Next Door LGBT Contemporary When Lowell moves back to his hometown to take care of his ailing mother the last person he expects to see living in the house next door is his childhood friend Jase grown up now a

  • Title: The Boy Next Door
  • Author: Kate McMurray
  • ISBN: 9781607379362
  • Page: 455
  • Format: ebook
  • LGBT Contemporary When Lowell moves back to his hometown to take care of his ailing mother, the last person he expects to see living in the house next door is his childhood friend Jase, grown up now and attractive than ever Jase had starred in many of Lowell s teenage fantasies, but Lowell is convinced Jase is straight And yet, as they rekindle their friendship, itLGBT ContemporaryWhen Lowell moves back to his hometown to take care of his ailing mother, the last person he expects to see living in the house next door is his childhood friend Jase, grown up now and attractive than ever Jase had starred in many of Lowell s teenage fantasies, but Lowell is convinced Jase is straight And yet, as they rekindle their friendship, it begins to look like Jase might not be so straight after all.Jase has problems of his own his troubled ex wife has allowed him full custody of their daughter on one condition he never exposes her to his affairs with other men The arrangement works just fine until he starts falling for Lowell and a whole new world of possibilities opens up for him But how can he have a relationship with a man and still keep his daughter Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable Male male sexual practices.

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    1. Kassa says:

      The Boy Next Door is a cute premise that just didn’t capture my attention. The characters have some good depth and the writing is perfunctory. There are several themes that are likely to appeal to fans and some nice use of tension. The conflict is kept real and believable throughout the story, so much so I didn’t actually buy into the happy ending and resolution. Unfortunately there are many issues left hanging as well with the hope that together the two men can get through them. Unfortunate [...]

    2. Melissa Mendoza says:

      Title: The Boy Next DoorAuthor: Kate McMurrayPublisher: Dreamspinner PressReviewer: MelissaRelease Date: January 25, 2016Genre(s): M/M RomancePage Count: 141Heat Level:3 flames out of 5Rating:4 stars out of 5Blurb:When Lowell moves back to his hometown to take care of his ailing mother, the last person he expects to see living in the house next door is his childhood friend Jase, grown up now and more attractive than ever. Jase had starred in many of Lowell's teenage fantasies, but Lowell is conv [...]

    3. Cole Riann says:

      Second Read - 6/7/13Review posted at The Armchair Reader for Kate McMurray Week!I tried to read this book once before. It wasn't too long after I first read Kindling Fire with Snow, which I really liked. And… I couldn't make it through the book. Ultimately, I DNFed it and went on. I think, though I remember little of the reason now, I didn't have any real hangups with the book, I just couldn't get into it. And now that I've read all of Kate's backlist, I was eager to try it again. Chances are [...]

    4. Ami says:

      Lowell returns to Greenbriar after 16 years to take care of his mother. The first day he gets to his house, his realtor (and friend) tells him that his neighbor is Jason "Jase" Midland and his daughter, Layla. Jase had been the star of so many Lowell's teenager's fantasy. What will happen now that they're adults and Lowell finds out the real reason why Jase's marriage falls apart.This is the kind of story I enjoy I love how "down-to-earth" it is. This kind of setting can be boring, because it' [...]

    5. Heidi Cullinan says:

      This book has a lovely tossed salad of tropes mixed up with some new twists, excellent storytelling, and a refreshing voice. The Boy Next Door was my first Kate McMurray, and I quickly went out and read everything else she'd written after reading this.It's a book about family, about coming out, about coming home, about hard decisions and falling in love. The characters are real and distinct but allow a reader to insert herself into the scene a little and feel resonances in her own life. The situ [...]

    6. Arthur says:

      The theme (childhood friends become lovers) is my favorite. To a degree, the author tried to make the problem real. However, the solution that she offers doesn't seem to be one. I'm tired of reading this 'gays v. non-gays' mentality. Apart from the closest friend that the MC has from the beginning, it seems all non-gays try to do harm to the MCs. The ones that seem sympathetic happens to be gay also! The ending is HFN, not HEA. If I knew it's HFN, I wouldn't have bothered to pay six bucks.

    7. Breann says:

      I liked the premise. The writing was good. But I was left feeling underwhelmed by Lowell and Jase's romance.

    8. Matthew Lee says:

      So.I didn't like this one as much as some of her others. The second main character was just annoying and I didn't feel bad about what was happening to him

    9. Erica Chilson says:

      I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads 3 Stars. Katie McMurray is a new-to-me author, and I found the writing style enjoyable to read, but found a few scenes redundant in nature, slowing the pacing down to a crawl at a few parts. Lowell buys a new home in his hometown to be near his ailing mother, only to discover he inadvertently moved in next door to his childhood friend. Lowell and Jase’s friendship had fallen apart in junior high, with Jase moving toward being [...]

    10. The Novel Approach Reviews says:

      The Boy Next Door is a book about second chances—for Lowell, a second chance at connecting with his childhood best friend, who he’d lost touch with after leaving his small Connecticut hometown. For Jason, it’s a chance to be with someone he could truly love.Lowell returned to a city which was basically a great big closet full of skeletons for him. Primarily, he’d escaped an abusive father who beat him, and his mother. But he also escaped a town not so open-minded about gay people. And pe [...]

    11. Les Joseph says:

      I always enjoy a really good coming home story mixed with a second chance at love. When a kid is involved? Well, I'm going to be all over that for sure so I was really excited when I saw the blurb for Kate McMurray's new book, The Boy Next Door. This isn't REALLY a new book, since it's a re-release first published back in 2011, and as such, it was a bit of a let down seeing as how the plot and attitudes in much of the book felt a bit dated. Kate's writing as always shines through, but I have to [...]

    12. Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews says:

      A childhood fantasy can’t be the love of your life, can he? That's what Lowell thought when he moved back to his hometown to take care of his ailing mother. Lowell’s childhood friend Jase just happens to be his next door neighbor. But life has certainly changed for both men as Jase is now divorced with a young daughter. As the two men reconnect, Lowell and Jase face a lot of obstacles that test their newfound friendship and romance. The Boy Next Door is a sweet romance with the familiar and [...]

    13. S.M. Harshell says:

      **I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.**Lowell loves living in the city but has to move back to his home town to care for his mom after his father's death. The town is very small and conservative, not extremely gay friendly. The house he buys just happens to be next to his childhood friend and crush. Jase married his college sweetheart because he thought that's what was required of him as a man. After having a daughter and trying to make the marriage work, he [...]

    14. jules0623 says:

      I liked the blurb, the writing was good, and the characters weren't cardboard cut outs despite the check list of m/m fiction cliches that I was able to tick off here. Jase, in particular, was a character who didn't suddenly accept his sexuality with open arms, he struggled with it, and I liked that until his loyalty to his ex and determination to stand by a promise he made to her turned him into a bit of an asshole. He blamed Lowell for all his problems, made excuses for himself and his ex-wife [...]

    15. Jodi Ciorciari-marinich says:

      I really liked this story. I havent read anything from her before but will definitely be reading more. I enjoyed the way she told the story of 2 friends from school who grew apart once Lowell came out. Lowell's home life wasn't great and as soon as he could left home and never looked back. . Jase was the loved jock and after college got married and had a child. Jase knew all along he was gay but one night hook ups was all he wanted. Lowell moves home when he dad dies and he needs to take care of [...]

    16. Chris says:

      Good m/m romance about a designer who moves from NYC back to his small Connecticut hometown to keep an eye on his mom after his dad dies. He discovers that the house he just bought is next door to the guy he had a crush on in high school, who's now divorced with a six-year old daughter.

    17. Fernanda Parente says:

      one of the sweetest book I read this year

    18. Crystal Marie says:

      The Boy Next Door by Kate McNally is a childhood friends to adult lovers story about Lowell and Jase, two gay men dealing with a conservative small town and family in their own ways. Lowell by remaining out and proud, as he had since high school, and Jason is firmly in his closet. While the two men rekindle their friendship, Lowell operates under the assumption that Jase is straight, until he confesses otherwise. Now the two men must decide what’s worth sacrificing in the name of love.I wanted [...]

    19. Louan says:

      I like it when someone gets a chance to reunite with an old crush, I can live vicariously through them. Not that I think I'd even want to hook up any of my old crushes *what was I thinking* okay back to the review. Kid was cute, ex wife was a bitch, and I think the bartender was banging the mechanic but don't quote me on that. Nice addition to have Lowell rebuilding his relationship with his mom.

    20. Suze says:

      This definitely feels like a series in the making - Neal and Sam sound like they have interesting stories to tell and Jase and Lowell must have more to tell too.A fairly straightforward tale of Lowell returning home after his fathers death to find his mother changed. His neighbour is a childhood friend and crush but recently divorced with custody of his child - and a neurotic ex.The story proceeds as expected - they dance, the ex gets made then even, there are recriminations, words are said, fri [...]

    21. Sadonna says:

      This story was a little bit predictable to me, but overall a decent read because the writing style was engaging. Jason and Lowell were childhood friends who grew apart. Lowell was the abused and out son of the town drunk while Jason was the star baseball player. Fast forward 16 years and Lowell comes home and buys the house next to his former friend's partents house. Hmmm - and now the friend lives there. The story revolves around the rekindling of their friendship and then something more. Turns [...]

    22. Nerine Petros says:

      The Boy Next Door is a story based on childhood fantasy. Those love stories or wishful thoughts we have either heard about or felt towards that special someone, but never had the guts to do anything about. It's about acknowledging and facing the past that we may have left behind but could never quite outrun, and finally facing truth.Lowell feels almost resigned to the next stage of his life. The one where he returns to a previous phase and revisits those haunts of his childhood home, along with [...]

    23. Mari Cardenas ~ Bayou Book Junkie says:

      Lowell returns to his hometown after his abusive father dies to take care of his mother and coincidentally ends up buying a house right next to his childhood friend and first crush, Jason. Jason is straight, though, so nothing will come out of them being friends again, or so Lowell thinks.Jason is gay, but he's not happy about it or willing to come out of the closet anytime soon, especially considering he has a 6-year old daughter and a homophobic ex-wife to put first. His attraction to Lowell i [...]

    24. MorganSkye says:

      From the blurb we know that Jase is in the closet (at least to the world and as it turns out NOT to himself.) Lowell has been out and proud since high school and that was the main reason for the two boys to lose touch with one another. Jase, the jock, couldn’t handle his feelings for another boy.Now Jase is divorced, but forced to stay in the closet or risk losing his daughter to his evil ex. Lowell wants to be with Jase, but can’t be forced into a secret relationship.Jase has to decide – [...]

    25. Deanna says:

      This is only the second book I've read by Kate McMurray. I was really hoping to enjoy this one as much as I did Put in the Field, I wasn't disappointed. This is a great story. Lowell return to town after the death of his abusive father so he can help take care of his aging mother. He buys a house right next door to his elementary school friend Jase. Jase is recently divorced, raising his daughter on his own because his ex-wife is a flake. Their marriage ended because Jase couldn't hide the fact [...]

    26. Curtis says:

      Lowell moves back to his hometown after his father dies so he can help out his mother. Coming back brings up a number of old memories, some of which hit him with a rush when he realizes his next door neighbor is Jase, an old friend and longtime crush. But Jase is straight, divorced, and a single father. All Lowell can hope for is to rekindle their friendship and to keep all of his other feelings buried deep, deep down where they can't get him into trouble. After an odd night out with Jase, thoug [...]

    27. Natosha Wilson says:

      s book is a book full of anguish, wanting, second guessing, fear, heart break, and love.I was completely captivated by this book. From the very beginning of Lowell and Jase's reunion all the way to the end. These two men feel so much for one another from almost the beginning of their reunion and more time is spent together I believe it gets harder and harder for them to deny those feelings. But as with any good book their are major obstacles standing in their way. The main two being Jaces ex wif [...]

    28. Lynnette Hartwig says:

      First let me say that I really love this authors writing style and this particle book was so amazing good that I just flew right through reading it. I love when the MC’s are childhood friends that and they manage to make a new relationship work, even if it’s a HFN ending. Don’t get me wrong they had their problems in the beginning, Jase being found out and Lowell with his issues about his father. I immediately fell in love with Lowell and Jase and it was great to see where the author choos [...]

    29. Raevyn says:

      Lowell and Jase were friends as kids, but that friendship fell apart in their teen years. Lowell was abused by his father, an art major and very out, while Jase was a jock and very closeted. Lowell returns to their home town and happens to move into the house next door to Jase and his daughter. Things heat up between them and seem to be going okay, even with the fear Jase deals with about being found out. Something major happens and Jase and Lowell have to reevaluate their relationship.I liked t [...]

    30. Kristian Erdmann says:

      Jace and Lowell have known each other for years and were once close but drifted apart when they were still young. Lowell moves on next door to Jace when he comes back home to take care of his mother. This is a story of a man who knows he is gay and sleeps with man but would and can never come out, but his childhood friend coming home changes everything. Their story is full of ups and downs and Jace really struggles to accept his new self and his ex wife does not make it easy. This story depicts [...]

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