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The Rogue's Princess
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The Rogue s Princess year old Mercy Hart is the daughter of one of London s richest cloth merchants Kit Turner is an actor the illegitimate son of the late Earl of Dorset A chance encounter finds Kit falling for t

  • Title: The Rogue's Princess
  • Author: Eve Edwards
  • ISBN: 9780141337340
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1586 16 year old Mercy Hart is the daughter of one of London s richest cloth merchants Kit Turner is an actor the illegitimate son of the late Earl of Dorset A chance encounter finds Kit falling for the beautiful Mercy s charms, but their love is forbidden If Mercy chooses Kit she must renounce her family name leave her home.

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    1. Sophie says:

      I really loved the first two books, The Other Countess and The Queen’s Lady, so I fully expected to feel the same way about The Rogue’s Princess. And I did!Of all of the Lacey brothers we’ve heard from so far, I think that Kit may be my favourite. I thought that it would take a lot to knock kind and gorgeous Will of the top spot, but Kit, with his flowery and poetic way of speaking. I’m a sucker for a silver tongue! But it was his unwavering dedication to Mercy that really got me. Even t [...]

    2. Tasha says:

      One of the things I like about these books is that while each of them largely revolves around the main female character, it's the boys who link the stories together. In the previous books, we've seen Will, the young Earl of Dorset fall in love with a girl of no fortune and his brother, James, fall for the lady Will was suppose to marry. This time it's their half-brother Kit's turn to fall in love with the 'wrong' girl.Mercy comes from a strictly religious background which she takes to another le [...]

    3. ALPHAreader says:

      Christopher ‘Kit’ Turner is the illegitimate Lacey brother. For years he thought himself a cast-off of their father’s ill-favour; the forgotten son and family secret. Kit was forced to find his place elsewhere in the world, and so he sought solace and fame on the stage. Years later he is a London favourite – a marvel for the ladies and money-maker for his kind manager. But recent events have conspired to reunite Kit with his three brothers – Will, James and Tobias. While he shares an u [...]

    4. Kirsty says:

      The Rogue's Princess is the latest in Eve Edward's Tudor series. Each book focuses on a different brother of Lacey family, this one in particular focusing on the illegitimate half brother Kit Turner.I am pleased to say that this instalment is as good as the other two in the series and I already have a new Lacey brother to swoon over in Kit. He is just as gorgeous as the brothers in the previous two books so be prepared to fall in love all over again. The main storyline follows Kit as he tries to [...]

    5. Rebecca Pates says:

      When I found out in about April 2011 that there was going to be a third book in this series now named The Lacey Chronicles, I knew I had to get it and read it as soon as possible. So I pre-ordered it as it was half price and it was delivered over at the end of August, a couple of days before the release day. I was rather happy really. Due to commitments to other things, this is the first chance I've had to read this book and BOY, IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT. Warning: I will be gushing on how much I lo [...]

    6. Stephanie says:

      This third instalment of the Lacey family tales follows the story of the Lacey boy's illegitimate half brother Kit who was estranged from the family after their father died and enjoys a life on stage as a player at Richard Babbage's famous company whilst Mercy Hart is the daughter of a well respected London tradesman who belongs to the Puritans. All the unwritten laws of society declare that they cannot be together- is there love strong enough to overcome this and sacrifice part of themselves fo [...]

    7. Christina (A Reader of Fictions) says:

      Eve Edwards' Lacey Chronicles offer up historical romance for a young adult audience. I enjoyed both the previous two novels in the series, and was eager to break into this one. As with the rest of the series, The Rogue's Princess is a quick, light, romantic read, full to the brim with love, betrayal, drama, and sumptuous clothing. This series is perfect for fans of light historical romance. Though this is a series, each novel stands alone well. There is no need to read all of them or to read th [...]

    8. Jessica says:

      Historical romances are one of my favorite genres, but I never read YA historical romance all that often. So when I saw The Rogue Princess, I was super excited to get into it and see if I would enjoy it as much as I enjoy the adult version of the genre. Mercy is the sixteen-year-old daughter of a very rich, very religious, cloth merchant. Growing up in such a strict household, Mercy has led a life of respecting God and making it her mission to adhere to her religious laws. Kit, however, is quite [...]

    9. SJH (A Dream of Books) says:

      This series about the Lacey brothers is one of my absolute favourites! The books may be set in the past but they feature wonderful characters and stories that literally pulse with life.'The Rogue's Princess' follows the Laceys' illigitimate half-brother Kit Turner, a player in the theatre. Some what flamboyant and a bit of a loveable rogue with an eye for the ladies, Kit becomes a reformed man when he meets the pure and innocent Mercy Hart, the daughter of a rich cloth merchant. However, Kit has [...]

    10. Sya says:

      As with her earlier Elizabethan stories (The Last Countess and The Queen's Lady), Eve Edwards has kept her story deceptively simple and, at heart, rather predictable. Kit and Mercy are clearly destined to be together and there are no real surprises in store on that count – however, it is the subtly clever roads that Edwards leads her characters down that make her stories so completely readable. While it could be argued that the romance in The Rogue's Princess is rather rushed, it's speedy comm [...]

    11. Amanda says:

      After enjoying the simple romance of The Other Countess and The Queen's Lady, I thought The Rogue's Princess would be a worthwhile read. Even though it's not out in the U.S. yet, I was able to find a decently-priced copy on American soil, so I decided I might as well give it a try.The Rogue's Princess follows the adventures of Mercy Hart, the daughter of a rich London merchant, and a man who strictly follows the new Puritan religion to the letter. With such a strong religious background, it's di [...]

    12. Savannah says:

      I just fell in love with this book. It was absolutley amazing. It was the first period book i became addicted to. Even though i read the 3rd book before the first few. Set in Elizabethan England it seems to paint a perfect picture of what life was like with the same ideas thought of at the time. An enchanting love story with shocking sections others beautiful. A great variety of chapters. I also love the puritin angle used. Deffintaly will continue reading the Lacey brothers series. It may not b [...]

    13. Clodagh says:

      It's funny reading this now, because I read Other Countess and Queen's Lady ages ago, so Will, Ellie, James and Jane are all strangers to me. But now I've read this and Queen's Lady, Other Countess seems a bit pathetic, which is funny cos when I read that I loved it. I hope she writes one about Tobias, cos he's my favourite Lacey brother. (Blushes) I never liked Kit before reading this but he's grown on me, and I don't really like Will. But James and Tobias are cool.

    14. Marie says:

      T'was not as good as the other books

    15. Ashley says:

      I don't remember reading the first two books of this series, and I only read this one to finish it. I know I should have been firmly on Mercy and Kit's side, but they seemed ridiculous. I think I would have liked it better if they didn't seem so foolish.First of all, the prologue seems like an after thought. As if the author completed the book but needed to explain aspects of her characters behavior. It was unnecessary.Kit. The only thing good about him seems to be his looks. He's a liar from th [...]

    16. Alicia says:

      I think this one is my favorite in the chronicles.

    17. Elsie says:

      Very cute!Ok, I don't read tons of YA romances, too corny. But the books in this series were fun. I like all the brothers, Will, James, Tobias, and Kit. Kit and Tobias' story was especially fun. This book was just cute.

    18. Sara Grochowski says:

      I often read adult historical romance, but it wasn't until I read Eve Edwards' The Other Countess, the first in the Lacey Chronicles that I really liked YA historical romance. I quickly fell in love with Edwards' writing, which manages to stay surprisingly true to history while adding a contemporary undertone that seems to alleviate the dryness that can easily dissuade readers (like me) from picking up historically accurate novels.This particular installment of the Lacey Chronicles focuses on Ki [...]

    19. Gayatri Somaiya says:

      England, 1586Mercy Hart, daughter of one of London's wealthiest and most devout cloth merchants, is expected to marry her equal in rank and piety. Certainly not Kit Turner, a lowly actor and playboy, who also happens to be the late Earl of Dorset's illegitimate son. But when a chance encounter throws them together, Kit instantly falls for the beautiful Mercy's charms . . . and Mercy can't deny the passion that Kit stirs within her. She seems ready to defy her father's wishes--ready to renounce h [...]

    20. Amy says:

      This book is the third in the Lacey Chronicles by Eve Edwards. It follows along after The Other Countess and The Queen’s Lady, this time focusing on the illegitimate son of the late Earl of Dorset (the first two followed his sons Will and James).The book starts off with an earthquake which causes Mercy to believe it is her fault because she wasn’t really listening to her father’s prayers. It seems silly, but she is ten at the time and is from a God-fearing family.I am not too fond of books [...]

    21. Rosy says:

      This review was written for The Review Diaries: reviewdiaries/201Eve Edwards Elizabethan romance series – how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.1) The research that has gone into these. So often historical romance these days is riddled with modernisms, that make you feel like you’ve just been catapulted back to the twenty first century at a most unfortunate moment. Edwards has done so much research it makes my head spin. Not only are the clothes and speech spot on, but the whole feel of [...]

    22. marta says:

      Eve Edwards w każdym tomie Kronik rodu Lacey przybliża losy innego z braci. Jednak w Grze o miłość to nie najmłodszy Tobias będzie głównym bohaterem, a jego przyrodni brat – Kit Turner. Jako syn z nieprawego łoża nie cieszył się przywilejami hrabiowskiego syna, a los skierował go na drogę aktorstwa. Mercy Hart jest córką bogatego kupca, zagorzałego purytanina i człowieka o bardzo sztywnym kręgosłupie moralnym. Pech chciał, że na swojej drodze spotkała aktora, lekkoducha [...]

    23. ☕ Kimberly says:

      I have not read the other books in the Lacey Chronicles and was pleased that each works well as a standalone. The Rogue’s Princess shares the tale of Mercy Hart and Kit Tuner. Set in 1586, this historical romance beautifully captures the tone of the times and the power of young love. While the tale was predictable the characters themselves were delightful.Mercy Hart is the daughter of a deeply religious and wealthy cloth merchant. She strives to be pure in the eyes of the lord and to subdue he [...]

    24. Crystal (Kris) says:

      A true rogue, Kit won my heart with his Player's heart. He's flamboyant in his manner of dress and speech, and I would probably laugh at his outrageous outfits if I saw him in person, but I do love a good rogue. One of my favorite literary guys of all time is a rogue from a book set in a historical setting--George from Tamora Pierce's Song of the Lioness quartet. Kit is a gallant hero. He's kind and brave. No matter what is said of him, he stays true to his heart be it acting on the stage, disci [...]

    25. Stephanie says:

      This was a cute series – but I actually considered putting it down because the books didn’t really draw me in as much as I had hoped. The first book was definitely the most interesting one only because I liked Ellie a lot. I thought she had a lot of spunk and character even though she was raised by a crazy man who only sought after one thing – the success of alchemy. Plus the relationship between her and Will was intriguing because he hated her in the beginning but slowly fell in love with [...]

    26. Gretchen Hohmeyer says:

      When people tell me they have some YA historical fiction for me, I instantly jump for it every time. Sadly, a lot of the YA hisfic romance that I read falls into way too many romantic clichés for me to be happy. This one was no different.The main character of this story is a young girl named Mercy Hart, who is as innocent as a child when it comes to the ways of romance. Her love interest is Kit Turner, an actor with some roguish ways, who also happens to be the illegitimate son of an earl so he [...]

    27. Tammi says:

      This ended up being my least favourite of the books in the Lacey series. While these books have always been very light, 16th-cent. romcoms, The Rogue's Princess felt insubstantial. I think it was the lack of any compelling stakes. In The Other Countess, extreme poverty was looming over Ellie and in The Queen's Lady, Jane's in-laws were literally after her blood, so there were some serious matters to balance all the froth. Here, the only prominent threat for most of the novel is Mercy's disapprov [...]

    28. Adrienne Amborski says:

      Set in Elizabethan England, The Rogue’s Princess continues the Lacey Chronicles by Eve Edwards. Mercy Hart is the sheltered sixteen year old daughter of a pious and wealthy merchant of London. The handsome Kit Turner is the illegitimate son of the late Earl of Dorset and a flamboyant actor in the Theatre group of London. Upon meeting at a dinner party the romantic sparks fly between this unlikely match. Innocent and naïve, Mercy is torn between obeying her father’s wishes to marry Righteous [...]

    29. Anita says:

      I was intrigued by this book, because it was compared to Philippa Gregory’s writing, and I’ve always loved her books. I’m not sure I would go that far, however. Where Philippa Gregory goes rather in depth in the intrigue as a well as emotions, Eve Edwards kept everything pretty surface level. Instead of feeling like I was involved in the story, I felt more like I was watching it from a distance. I would have liked to have felt more emotion from both Kit and Mercy, it doesn’t work to just [...]

    30. Becky says:

      When I first started The Rogue's Princess, I was hesitant. I was not liking the "historical" presentation of Puritans. All the details felt too on-the-surface and not quite genuine. I wasn't sure I was going to like Mercy Hart or her family. But. Once Mercy goes to her friend Ann's house for supper and meets Kit Turner (Christopher Turner), a player (actor) we first met in The Queen's Lady, I stopped caring. What Edwards does really well is right distracting--absorbing--love stories. If you beli [...]

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