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Hannibal A scrupulous astutely evaluative account of Rome s greatest foe the Carthaginian general who became master of well nigh the whole of Italy Livy but couldn t hold it down Bradford Nelson The Shield t

  • Title: Hannibal
  • Author: Ernle Bradford
  • ISBN: 9780333281918
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A scrupulous, astutely evaluative account of Rome s greatest foe the Carthaginian general who became master of well nigh the whole of Italy Livy but couldn t hold it down Bradford Nelson, The Shield the Sword etc necessarily draws on Polybius Livy for much of his story Hannibal s desire to avenge Carthage for Roman high handedness at the close of the 1A scrupulous, astutely evaluative account of Rome s greatest foe the Carthaginian general who became master of well nigh the whole of Italy Livy but couldn t hold it down Bradford Nelson, The Shield the Sword etc necessarily draws on Polybius Livy for much of his story Hannibal s desire to avenge Carthage for Roman high handedness at the close of the 1st Punic War, his daring approach thru the Alps, his overwhelming victories at Lake Transimene Cannae, the terror he struck in the Romans, the awe he inspired in his Gallic allies who composed most of his forces But His ultimate aim, it would seem, was no than a return to the status quo before the 1st Punic War He d no goal beyond abasing the Romans regaining lost territory When Rome, defeated, refused nonetheless to surrender, he was faced with something quite novel that he had neither the men nor the equipment to deal with a war of attrition against a politically well balanced republic Bradford describes Hannibal s long years ranging about Italy with dwindling forces until finally he had to withdraw to Africa only then met defeat on the battlefield He picks up what he can about Hannibal s subsequent exile from Carthage flight from one to another Eastern refuge On points of special interest like the celebrated crossing of the Alps he works in recent research findings Gavin de Beer s prominent among them for breadth, he calls upon the best historical scholarship Simply as a concise, authoritative summation this is presently the Hannibal book a useful antidote, in particular, to Leonard Cottrell s dramatic, highly speculative Hannibal Enemy of Rome 61 Bradford, however, also asks the big questions not only why Hannibal didn t ultimately triumph, but what difference it would have made if he had The longterm answer is none Carthage had neither the manpower nor the culture to loom large in the march of history An interesting little book better than it needed to be Kirkus edited

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    1 Blog on “Hannibal

    1. Esteban del Mal says:

      Hannibal ad portas!Translation from Latin, "Hannibal is at the gates!" An expression used by Roman parents to frighten their children into obedience.*****Hannibal was born six years before the end of the First Punic War to a distinguished Carthaginian family, the Barcas (a name that means "Thunderbolt" in the Punic tongue). The first Punic War is a war which saw the mercantile city Carthage humbled by the fledgling Roman Republic for control of the northern and western Mediterranean. The year of [...]

    2. Sean Chick says:

      A relatively easy and thoughtful account of Hannibal's life, dominated as it is by his failed war against Rome. The book is full of pathos and tragedy, but also shades of gray. One thing I gleamed is that Hannibal's army, by living off the land (looting), discouraged people from abandoning Rome. Napoleon had similar problems with his army. Hannibal's army was in essence a massive raiding party able to win great victories.

    3. Dan says:

      This is the best biography of Rome's greatest antagonist, to date. Bradford is a vital companion to Livy in understanding the Punic Wars, through the eyes of its great champion.

    4. Leroy Erickson says:

      If you are interested in ancient history, you might be interested in this very good biography of Hannibal. It tells about his time in Spain, his march over the Alps into Italy, the details of all of his time in Italy, his return to Carthage, and a very brief recounting of his later years. The author doesn't attempt to hide the fact that he has pulled all of his details from previous historians. In fact, he in many cases tells which source he used and why he chose the source that he did when mult [...]

    5. Robin says:

      I hardly ever read non-fiction, so this was a refreshing change. The style is engaging and not at all boring, since some history books can be a bit dry. I found it on the shelf of an AirBnB I stayed in recently in Valencia, and then bought it so I could carry on reading. Before if you'd said the name 'Hannibal', I'd have thought you were talking about the psychopathic serial killer, so at least now I feel a little bit less ignorant.

    6. Louis C Smith says:

      Extremely well written exposition of a brilliant warrior who was conceptually not prepared for his military successes.

    7. Erik Graff says:

      After the only Loyola University Chicago graduation I ever attended (not my own), I picked up a discounted computer game based on the Punic Wars at a downtown Chicago software store. When, a few months later, I was laid off after fourteen years there, I, too depressed to do much else, played the stupid game again and again. This and the nagging shame of knowing a lot of Roman imperial history, but virtually no history of the Republican period, got me to pick up Bradford's biography of Hannibal a [...]

    8. Karen says:

      * Top 10 Greatest Leaders of All TimeThe Leader: Hannibal BarcaThough Carthage eventually lost the Punic Wars, Hannibal still managed to defeat a Roman army twice the size of his. Known today as Rome’s greatest enemy, Carthage’s military leader continued to survive in enemy territory for 15 years. But what people really remember is that he traversed the Pyrenees and Alps with a cavalry that included war elephants. Yes, pachyderms. His tale of endurance and fortitude in Ernle Bradford’s Han [...]

    9. Hadrian says:

      Pretty good biography of a fascinating figure. Author only uses Roman sources, but tries his best to balance their interpretations. Could have used a little more detail with the famous battles (and some better maps) but still a fairly interesting book.

    10. Jason says:

      Enjoyable window into ancient history The author paints this period of ancient history vividly. You won't find overarching themes or insights that leave you with any sense of wonderment. But you will have enjoyed a well written readable story.

    11. Mark Dunstan says:

      An excellent book that was the introduction to Hannibal and the Second Punic War for me, and led to my deeper study of the general and wars between Rome and Carthage.

    12. Matthew says:

      Enjoyable and engaging look into the man behind a name that I had often heard, but had little previous insight into.

    13. Ahmad says:

      Ernie Bradford manages to show the human side of one of history's greatest generals as well as a concise account of his major battles.I loved the beginning and the ending even more.

    14. Richard Cubitt says:

      Excellent overview. Not that much detail.

    15. Neil Munday says:

      A glimpse into the well of a man, a master strategist.

    16. Wassim says:

      Superb book about Hannibal. Totally fired my imagination over the Punic Wars and the people and places.

    17. Steph says:

      Informative read about an amazing ancient military leader. Didn't provide quite the human social perspective I was hoping for, but still a good read.

    18. Dr. says:

      A well written and short history of the Second Punic War.

    19. Richard Kravitz says:

      Basic Military biography. Interesting. I used to be fascinated with Hannibal back in middle school (late 60's--early 70's) and wanted to reconnect.

    20. Lorraine says:

      A good history - very interesting view of warfare.

    21. Carl says:

      Fascinating, keeps your attention.

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